Lewis M. Scroggins1

M, #16833, (1909 - 1960)
  • Reference: [16833:3]




  • Name Variation: Lewis Mercer Scroggins Jr.
  • Name Variation: L. M. Scroggins (Jr. or II?) (Jr. or II?).
  • Name Variation: Louis Scroggins Jr.

Child of Lewis M. Scroggins & Wynona Patton

Children of Lewis M. Scroggins & Stella Clint Miller

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         -----, Essie [Easie?] R., Wife-H, f,w,43,m,23, TX, TN, TN
         -----, Lewis M., Son, m,w,19,s, TX, TX, TX
         -----, Firman Q [O?], Son, m,w,17,s, TX, TX, TX.
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         244,244, Floeker [?]
         * * *
         Mictchell, Vera, Sister-in-law, f,w,20,s, TX, TX, TX
         245,245, Scroggins, Louis M., Head, m,w,34, m1, 5, TX, AL, AL, Farmer, Farm
         -----, Effie, Wife, f,w,28,m1,5, TX, TN, TN
         -----, Louis M.Son, , m,w,9/12, s, TX, TX, TX
         -----, Erron T, Brother, m,2,[?], Wd, TX, AL, AL, Ranchman, Ranch.
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    Certificate:      25214.
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         -----, Vera [Nora???], Wife, f,w,30,m, TX, KY, KY
         Mitchell, Addie, Wife's half-sister, f,w,12,s, TX, US, US
         -----, Clay, Wife's half-brother, m,w,15,s, TX, US, US
         Scroggins, Lewis, Head, m,w,44,m, TX, AL, AL, Farmer, Stock
         -----, Essie, Wife, f,w,38,m, TX, TN, TN
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    SCROGGINS     L.     M.     JR     PATTON     WYNONA               L.     M.     SCROGGINS          1934     9     12     m     TAYLOR.
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    SCROGGINS     SARAH               STELLA     CLINT     MILLER          SCROGGINS     L.     M.          1946     4     19     f     TAYLOR
    Surname     Given     Middle     Suffix     M-Given     M-Middle     M-Surname     M-Suffix     F-Surname     F-Given     F-Middle     F-Suffix     Year     Mo     Day     Sex     County
    SCROGGINS     DOLORES               STELLA     CLINT     MILLER          SCROGGINS     LEWIS     MERCER     JR.     1939     5     3     f     TAYLOR.
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    Name: Lewis Mercer Scroggins
    Death date: 20 Aug 1951
    Death place: Monahans, Ward, Texas
    Birth date: 27 Jan 1876
    Birth place: Texas
    Age at death: 75 years 6 months 23 days
    Gender: Male
    Marital status: Widowed
    Race or color: White
    Spouse name:
    Father name: F. A. Scroggins
    Mother name:
    Digital GS number: 4167210
    Image number: 2415
    Collection: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976.
  14. [S50] Gathering Together, Abilene Reporter-News, 22 Feb 2004
         Gathering Together

    Community Editorial Advisory Board expands, as do terms and duties

    By Terri Burke
    February 22, 2004
    . . .
    Bette Scroggins was reared in Merkel and worked in banking and for the Canadian school district. Retired, Bette is the widow of a high school coach and has two children and four grandchildren. She is active in her church, where she teaches an adult Sunday school class.