Bobbie Eugene Brown1

M, #19712, (1923 - 2002)
  • Reference: [19172:J] (SP:J486)




  • Name Variation: Bob Brown (J486), 19712.

Children of Bobbie Eugene Brown & Wanda Stewart

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  1. [S60] E-mail: From: Ruth Blankenbaker <e-mail address>
    Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 17:26:43 -0400
    Subject: Supplement to - RecentlyUpdated
    To: e-mail address
    Hello John,

    I was reviewing some of the data related to my father's family and note =
    that Joan Case has provided you with miss-information related to the =
    children of Della Opal Scrogin and Homer Cecil Brown:

    Children with Homer Cecil Brown :
    Living Brown 6
    Living Brown 6
    Opal Irene Brown (J484) (26 Aug 1916 - Jan 1994)
    Jesse Edsel Brown (J485)+ (13 Apr 1919 - 7 Dec 2001)5
    Ara Belle Brown (4 Sep 1921 - 4 Sep 1921)6
    Bob Brown (J486)+

    They only had the four children. I'm not sure where Joan came up with =
    the two "Living Brown" children. That is not correct.

    Also, "Bob Brown (J486)" was legally Bobbie Eugene Brown. Bob was born =
    30 Jul 1923 in Marrowbone Twp, Shelby Co, IL and died on 23 September =
    2002 in Greenup, Cumberland Co, Illinois. He is buried in Harmony =
    Cemetery, Greenup, Cumberland Co, IL.

    p.s. My Aunt Wanda, wife of Uncle Bob Brown, gave me her Brown/Scrogin =
    photo album. There are several photos of various Scrogin family =

    Ruth E. Brown Blankenbaker
    4601 Common Vista Cir
    Indianapolis, IN 46220.
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