Eliza Ann Vinson (F207)1

F, #237, (1839 - 1928)
  • Reference: [237:L] (SP:F207) !FaG:17003468




  • Married Name: Eliza Ann Ward (Vinson).

Children of Eliza Ann Vinson (F207) & John A. Ward

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  1. 237.
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    Dwelling, 1, Family, 1, Head: Carroll Vinson (F204)
         1, 1, Carroll Vincen, 23, m, Farmer, 400, TN
         Mariah Vincen, 16, f, IL
         Minerva Vincen, 18, f, IL
         Eliza Ann Vinson, 11, f, IL
         Jane Davis, 45, f, TN
         John M. Davis, 23, m, School Teacher, IL
         2, 2, Amos Sawyer, 37, m, Farmer, 800, NC
         Delasa Sawyer, 34, f, NC
         Hosa Sawyer, 9, m, IL
         Abner H Sawyer, 7, m, IL
         Sarah J. [I?] Sawyer, 5, f, IL
         Woodberry Sawyer1, m, IL
         Samuel [???????], 16, m, Farmer, NC
         Polly Sawyer, 16, f, NC.
  5. [S1] Date: 14 Oct 2002
    To: e-mail address
    From: "John M. Scroggins" <e-mail address>
    Subject: Re: Sarah Jane Ward

    I have posted the following reply to your GenForum query, and within a day or two, I will be add some of this information to my site at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~scrogginsdata/…. If you are looking for the Sarah who married Cope, you might try Marty Crull who seems to be the expert on Jersey County; I can't guarantee that his e-mail still works.


    According to Ellen DalPozzo, "Scroggins in Macoupin, Montgomery, & Madison Counties Illinois" (privately published, 1994), p. 43, Sarah J. Ward, daughter of John A. Ward and Eliza Ann Vinson, died single in Navarro County, Texas, 3 Mar 1935. DalPozzo gives her birthdate as 6 Mar 1857, but it is shown in the LDS Ancestral File (RRZ8-MQ) as 6 Mar 1867.

    This Sarah is listed with her parents in the 1880 census as age 23. That would indicate (1) 1857 is more likely the correct year, and (2) this is not the Sarah who married a Cope in 1876.

    Also, this Sarah appears to be the Sarah, age 62, listed with her mother, Ann, age 80, and brother (close to unreadable, but not William) in the 1920 Navarro County census (NARA T-625, roll 1836, ED 139, sheet 14B).

    There are 3 files at Rootsweb WorldConnect/Ancestry World Tree that list a Sarah Jane Ward, born in Calhoun County, Illinois, in 1857, who married Edmond Cope. I looked for this couple on the LDS 1880 census CD, but did not find a definitive match. The closest I could find was:

    Census Place: Richwoods, Jersey, Illinois
    Source: FHL Film 1254216 National Archives Film T9-0216 Page 150C
    Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
    Edward COPE Self M M W 35 IL
    Occ: Laborer Fa: IL Mo: IL
    Sally COPE Wife F M W 25 IL
    Occ: Housekeeper Fa: IN Mo: IL
    Alevina COPE Dau F S W 4 IL
    Fa: IL Mo: IL
    COPE Dau F S W 1 IL
    Fa: IL Mo: IL

    I would guess that this is probably the couple; looking at the actual microfilm might help make a determination.

    Anyway, my conclusion is that Sarah Jane Ward, daughter of John A. Ward and Eliza Ann Vinson and granddaughter of John Vinson and Jane Scroggins, is NOT the Sarah Jane Ward who married Edmond Cope.
  6. [S89] LDS 1880 Census, Census Place:     Dorchester, Macoupin, Illinois
         Source:     FHL Film 1254232 National Archives Film T9-0232 Page 158C
    Census Place:     Dorchester, Macoupin, Illinois
         Source:     FHL Film 1254232 National Archives Film T9-0232 Page 158C
         Relation     Sex     Marr     Race     Age     Birthplace
         John A. WARD     Self     M     M     W     44     IN
         Occ:     Farmer     Fa: VA     Mo: KY
         Eliza A. WARD     Wife     F     M     W     40     IL
         Occ:     Keeping House     Fa: KY     Mo: TN
         Sarah J. WARD     Dau     F     S     W     23     IL
         Occ:     School Teacher     Fa: IN     Mo: IL
         Mary E. WARD     Dau     F     S     W     19     IL
                   Fa: IN     Mo: IL
         John H. WARD     Son     M     S     W     18     IL
         Occ:     Works On Farm     Fa: IN     Mo: IL
         Jonathan G. WARD     Son     M     S     W     14     IL
         Occ:     Works On Farm     Fa: IN     Mo: IL
         William R. WARD     Son     M     S     W     13     IL
         Occ:     Works On Farm     Fa: IN     Mo: IL
         Dempsey WARD     Son     M     S     W     10     IL
         Occ:     Works On Farm     Fa: IN     Mo: IL
         Minervia WARD     Dau     F     S     W     8     IL
                   Fa: IN     Mo: IL
         Lore E. WARD     Dau     F     S     W     3     IL
                   Fa: IN     Mo: IL.
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