Melvin Lee Scroggins1

M, #23927, (1950 - 1998)
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Child of Melvin Lee Scroggins

Family: Melvin Lee Scroggins & Vicky L. (--?--)

Family: Melvin Lee Scroggins & Judy M. Baker

Family: Melvin Lee Scroggins & Oleta A. Sale

Family: Melvin Lee Scroggins & Janice R. Parsons

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    Author: michael w. (scroggins)-ransom
    Date: 30 Jan 2000 2:51 AM
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  4. [S1912] TX Birth Index (RW), URL:,
    Name:      Melvin Lee Scroggins
    Date of Birth:      19 Jul 1950
    Gender:      Male
    Birth County:      Dallas
    Father's name:      Melvin Gleen Scroggins
    Mother's name:      Anita Faye Marriott
    Roll Number:      1950_0012.
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