Andrew Jackson Scroggins (H217)1

M, #26427, (1878 - 1957)
  • Reference: [26427:J] (SP:H217)



Family: Andrew Jackson Scroggins (H217) & Ollie Elizabeth Ann Brown

Child of Andrew Jackson Scroggins (H217)

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  1. 26427.
  2. [S27] WIlliam G. Scroggins, "Samuel Scrogin (D5)," Scroggins07.
  3. [S2262] Find A Grave, URL:, where XXXXXXXX is the number in the burial tag memo.
  4. [S60] E-mail: From: kim clark <e-mail address>
    Date: 29 Jan 2013, 12:08 am
    Subject: Searching for Scroggins info

    I am Kimberly Carpenter Clark, my Grandmother was Truda Corine Scroggins Carpenter. You have a photo of her tombstone on your blog post. She had 3 sisters Cletis Scroggins Cottrell, Bonnie Scroggins Johnson and Lulu Scroggins Wallace. Truda was born on January 12, 1914. She was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Scroggins that lived in Quail, TX. I don't recall his wife's name. They moved to New Mexico in 1921 or there abouts. Truda was 7 years old. Within a few years of the move her mother passed away. She was sent "home" for burial in TX. Andrew Jackson Scroggins is buried in the Alamosa Cemetery, Alamosa County CO. I have a plate that Andrew won at a Turkey shoot in Quail, TX. I also have Truda's baby doll that made the trip from TX to NM with her. I have a couple of quilts that Cletis made.

    Earlier in my life I was too busy with my own family to wonder about extended family especially those I had never know. Now that I have the time to be interested in all the information, I don't have family to ask as they are all deceased. I would like to leave all the information I can for my son, an only child, to have since he will receive my family mementos.

    Any information you could provide would be most helpful.


    Kimberly Carpenter Clark
    Granddaughter of Truda Corine Scroggins Carpenter.