Ocy Delmar Scroggins1

M, #30311, (1910 - 1989)
  • Reference: [30311:N]




  • Name Variation: Osa D. Scroggins.

Family: Ocy Delmar Scroggins & Alma (--?--)

Children of Ocy Delmar Scroggins & Ilean Estelle Looper

Child of Ocy Delmar Scroggins

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    HH & Family No.: 29" "27,
    Head: Charles Andrew Scroggins
         *Scroggin, Charles A., Head, m,w,23,m1,2, AR, AR,AR, Laborer, Railway [service?]
         *-----, Celey M. D., Wife, f,w,19,m1,2, 2 children, 1 living, AR, GA, AL
         *-----, Osa D., Son, m,w,2/12,s, AR,AR,AR.
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    SCROGGINS       OCY       DELMAR       1910       01       30       SPICER             MALE       AR       FRESNO       1989       03       29       445108278       79       0.
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    HH & Family No.: 112" "110,
    Head: Charles Andrew Scroggins
         *Scroggins, Charley, Head, m,w,34,m, AR, US, US, Farmer
         *-----, Blanch, Wife, f,w,27,m, AR, US, US
         *-----, Delmar, Son, m,w,m,9-11.12,m, AR, AR, AR
         *-----, Ruby E., Son, m,w,,7-4?/12,s, AR, AR, AR
         *-----, Henry, Son, m,w,2-2 or 7.12,s, AR, AR, AR
         *-----, Thay, Son, m,w,?/12,s, AR, AR, AR.
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    HH & Family No.: 10 & 11,11" "10,
    Head: Charles Andrew Scroggins     7,7.
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    SCROGGINS      OCY      LEE      06/11/1930      LOOPER            M      OKLAHOMA      FRESNO            09/22/1993      445-28-3248      63 yrs.
  9. [S2360] Facebook: Cindy Scroggins to John M. scroggins-
    Cindy Scroggins November 10 at 7:58pm
    I see you have my oldest daughter as a friend, and my husband's cousin Rick also. We have a nephew, John Scroggins born in 1968. My husband, Carl Ray Scroggins was born February 8, 1941 so he is a little older than you. We have been married since Dec 1965 - 44 years.

    Cindy Scroggins
    John M. Scroggins November 10 at 9:23pm
    How are we related?

    I'm not quite certain because I'm not exactly sure where your husband fits.

    Looking at the Scroggins family as one huge jigsaw puzzle (actually it is 3 or more puzzles, but that's a long story), I keep trying to fit more pieces into place.

    Rick Scroggins and I are probably 6th cousins. Sherman Scroggins and I are 8th cousins.

    I assume that your husband is a grandson of Charles Andrew Scroggins, f so, he and I are also 6th cousins. I've been comparing notes with Rick's daughter, Melissa.
    Cindy Scroggins November 10 at 10:26pm
    He is the son of Ocy Delmar who was the oldest son of Charles and Blanche Scroggins. Rick is the son of Randy Scroggins, youngest brother of Ocy Delmar.

    Carl was born in Sand Springs OK but moved to California in 1948 with his 5 siblings, mother and father shortly after Charles and Blanche moved out to the Fresno area (Parlier).

    Carl thinks you have the same forehead and hairline as many of the Scroggins.

    I haven't been in contact with Melissa - I know she is working on the family tree for the Scroggins side. I have records back to the late 1400s for my mother's maternal and paternal families. It is quite interesting as they were "Dam Yankees" living in New Hampshire for at least 8 generations.

    Where were you born? Do you have any children?

    We have four daughters - One is Carl's from his first marriage, and then he and I have three. We have 3 granddaughters from his first daughter and 2 great grandsons and 1 great granddaughter, we have 3 birth grandsons and 1 step grandson from our three daughters. We are blessed that all three of our daughters live within 3 miles and we see the little guys almost daily.

    Keep in touch and maybe we can figure all of this out. Sherman had me google the Scroggins name. Quite interesting.

  10. [S2014] CA Marriage Index (Ancestry), URL: http://www.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=1144&enc=1,
    Name:      Ocy L Scroggins
    Age:      37
    Est. Birth:      abt 1930
    Spouse Name:      Gay N Sherwood
    Spouse Age:      24
    Est. Spouse Birth:      abt 1943
    Date:      9 Dec 1967
    Location:      Los Angeles City.
  11. [S6] AnyBirthday, before 2005 (No longer online),
    OCEY     D     SCROGGINS     01-JAN-10     765 2ND ST     Parlier     CA     93648.