Larry Wayne Scroggins1

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Children of Larry Wayne Scroggins & Deborah D. O'Neill

Children of Larry Wayne Scroggins & Linda Lauren Van Deventer

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    Deaths and funerals
    by Renee Medford

    Larry W. Scroggins

    California native

    CLYDE — Larry Wayne Scroggins, 52, of Clyde, died Sept. 22, 2002, at United Methodist Center in Cheyenne, Wyo. A native of Upland, Calif., he was the son of Willis Scroggins and Rosa L. Chadwick-Bezona. He attended school in Ontario, Calif. He was a member of Ninevah Baptist Church.

    Surviving are his wife Debbie Scroggins; three sons, Jason Smith, Jeff Scroggins and John O’Niell; three daughters, Sheri Garrison, Mindy Laesser and Jennifer Cameron; two sisters, Phyllis Glenn and his twin, Mary Jane Walker; a brother, Richard Scroggins; and five grandchildren.

    Graveside services were held in Highland Cemetery.

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    Birth Date:      14 Oct 1971
    Gender:      Female
    Mother's Maiden Name:      Vandeven
    Birth County:      San Bernardino

    Name:      Linda Lauren Vandeventer      
    Birth Date:      4 Dec 1951
    Gender:      Female
    Mother's Maiden Name:      Swiley
    Birth County:      Los Angeles.
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    Spouse Name:      Linda L Vandeventer
    Spouse Age:      17
    Est. Spouse Birth:      abt 1952
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    Name:      Linda L Vandeventer
    Spouse Name:      Larry W Scroggins
    Location:      San Bernardino
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    Gender:      Male
    Residence State:      California
    Spouse:      Deborah D Oneill
    Spouse residence state:      California
    Marriage Date:      22 Oct 1988
    Marriage County:      Clark
    Officiant Type:      Religious celebrant
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    Name:      Larry Wayne Scroggins
    Gender:      Male
    Race:      White
    Hispanic Origin:      Non-Hispanic
    Marital Status:      Married
    Social Security Number:      562802941
    Father's Last Name:      Scroggins
    Age:      52 Years
    Date of Birth:      6 Dec 1949
    Birth State:      California
    Residence County:      Haywood
    Residence State:      North Carolina
    Residence Zip Code:      28721
    Education:      11th grade
    Date of Death:      22 Sep 2002
    Death City:      Burnsville
    Death State:      Texas
    Autopsy:      Autopsy Not Performed
    Autopsy Findings:      Autopsy findings were not considered in determining cause of death
    institution:      Hospital Inpatient
    Attendant:      Physician
    Burial Location:      Removal out-of-state
    Recorded date:      26 Sep 2002
    Source Vendor:      North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics.
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