Ramona Mae Dickey1

F, #36359, (1932 - 2002)
  • Reference: [36359]




  • Name Variation: Ramona Mae Scroggins (Dickey).

Child of Ramona Mae Dickey & Ruben Harold Scroggins

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  9. [S60] E-mail: Date: 19 Apr 2014
    From: Tammy CHance <e-mail address>
    To. John M. Scroggins <e-mail address)
    Subject. Ruben H. Scroggins Family -
    Hi John , My father is Ruben Harold Scroggins and my mother is Ramona Mae (Dickey) Scroggins my name is Tammy Marie Scroggins (Chance). I was the only child born to my parents.I have two half brother's Harold Leroy Scroggins and Troy Lynn Sarver they was born to two different mother's but we all share the same father.I saw where you had posted that my half brother Harold was born to our father but that his mom was my mother Ramona Mae Scroggins and that is not true I was the only child born between Ruben and Ramona could you please correct that on the family history please .If you need any more family history please feel free to contact me I will help you as much as I possibly can.Also my grand father Luther's middle intial is B. Not V. So you will want to change that to. John may I ask how are you related to my family? I hope to hear back from you soon.Sincerely, Tammy (Scroggins) Chance.