Florence Scroggins

F, #36811, (1913 - 2005)
  • Reference: [36811:0] !FaG:148349966




  • Name Variation: Florence Marie Scroggins.
  • Name Variation: Leila Florence Scroggins, 36811.
  • Married Name: Leila Florence Gramm (Scroggins).
  • Married Name: Leila Florence White (Scroggins).

Children of Florence Scroggins & Jack White

  • Marr-Est. Date: Ca. 1931?, Jack White, 1st husband, 2 children, 1 apparently named Don White.
  • Divorce*: Jack White.

Child of Florence Scroggins & Kenneth Marsh Gramm

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    The marriage was the third for Kenneth, an accountant, and for Florence, the red-haired daughter of a tenant farmer and sometime Baptist minister from Alabama's Barbour County. Kenneth Gramm, serving in the Army, was stationed at Fort Benning.

    William Phillip Gramm was born at the base on July 8, 1942.

    His parents' marriage didn't last, at least not initially. They divorced. The senator said does not know when or why, only that they were separated when he was small.

    They remarried on June 5, 1945 before the same Opelika judge who married them earlier, court records in Lee County, Ala., show. Dad falls ill . . .
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