Walter Wilson Scroggins1

M, #37695, (1916 - 1977)
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  • Name Variation: Walter W Scroggins.5
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  1. 37695.
  2. [S93] 1930 Federal Census, National Archives T626, Roll 537, ED 57-8, Sheet 13A
    * Ancestry Images Online: ILT626_537-0762
         267, 283, Scroggins, Bertha, Head, R-1500, f,w,32,wd, IL, IL, IL, None
         -----, Walter W., Son, m,w,13,s, IL, IL, IL
         -----, Nelson E., Son, m,w,10,s, IL, IL, IL
         -----, Melvin T., Son, m,w,8,s, IL, IL, IL
         -----, Arthur L., Son, m,w,4-1/12,s, IL, IL, IL
         -----, Helen, Daughter, m,w,2-8/12,s, IL, IL, IL
         -----, McCarty, James, Boarder, m,w,54,D, IL, US, US, Power Man, Electric Railroad.
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