Pleasant S. Scroggin1

M, #3873, (1865 - 1917)
  • Reference: [3873:K] (HS:I72) !FaG:11289004




  • Name-HS: I72.14

Children of Pleasant S. Scroggin & Mary Ann Atkinson

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    Pleasant Scroggins
    Birth:           Dec. 19, 1865
    Illinois, USA
    Death:           Feb. 13, 1917
    Illinois, USA

    Pleasant was the son of James A. and Sarah Tatum Scroggins.

    Pleasant married Mary Ann Adkinson on March 10, 1886, in Saline County, Illinois.

    Jones Cemetery
    Saline County
    Illinois, USA

    Record added: Jul 4 2005
    By: Brenda Ossowski.
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    From Obituaries from The Daily Register, Harrisburg, Illinois, 1917, published by the Saline County Genealogical Society, 1996

    Harrisburg Daily Register - 21 February 1917

    Mitchellsville - Mrs. Robert Dawson and Ellen Reynolds attended the funeral of their brother, Pleas Scroggins, who was buried at the Jones cemetery on Eagle Creek.

    Harrisburg Daily Register - 24 February 1917

    Pleas Scroggins, brother of J. H. Scroggins, died at his home near Cobden, Ill., Feb. 12, and was brought back her for burial on the 15th. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Montgomery of Equality in the presence of a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends. Deceased leaves a wife and eight children - 3 girls and 5 boys; 1 brother and 3 sisters, to mourn his departure. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved.
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