Robert Lucas1

M, #40006, (c 1855 - )
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  1. 40006.
  2. [S1481] 1860 Federal Census, National Archives, M-653, Roll 1273, Page 210, (21 Jun 1860)

    HH & Family No.: 723" "726,
    Head: W. W. Scroggin
         Note: This 1860 census entry, spanning two pages, is really weird. Martha A. Lucas is most likely the daughter of Nathaniel Scroggins and Nancy English--the children ssem to match her Lucas children. It is hard to reconcile this completely with other information about Martha, but if this interpreatation is correct, it could be that:

         The enumerator took notes in the field and mangled his transcription when he returned to his home or office.

         The family was not home and a neighbor gave partially incorrect nformation to the enumerator.

         *W W Scroggin, 74, m, Farmer, $6000 real, $100 personal, Maryland
              [Note: it seems possible, even likely, that this entry refers to Nathaniel]
         *Martha A Lucas, 22, f, Kentucky
         *Nancy Ann Lucas, 7, f, Tennessee [Note: probably the Nannie in the 1870 census]
         *Robert " , 5, m, Tennessee [Note: not with the family in the 1870 census)
         *John " , 1, m, Tennessee [Note: consistent with the John in 1870]
         William D., 3, m, Tennessee, Trader, $2000 real, $200 personal, Georgia
         Note: name and age semi-consistent with the 1870 census, occupation, property, and birthplace suggest that the enumerator may have combined information about

    father and

    [S5] Birth and name information from census and other records:
    1860: c1854-1855, age 5, TN (Robert Lucas)
    1870: bot enumerated with parents.