Henry V. Scroggins1

M, #40210, (1903 - 1924)
  • Reference: [40210:0]



  • Residence*: Bet. 30 Sep 1923 and 1 Jul 1924, and Petronela Parsons, Oatman, Mohave Co, AZ.2
  • Occupation*: 1 Jul 1924, Occupation, Gold miner, U.S. Mining Co.2


  • Related* (Brother): Of Ben B. Scroggins, Brother

    Name: Michael Coffey
    My Email: Email Me
    Who do you need info on: Melvin Coffey

    What State/County: Springfield, MO
    What year: Born Appox. 1913
    Their Spouse: Noma Scroggins

    What do you want to know about this person: Info. on his side of family. Comments:
    He moved to California in late 1930's. Had brother named Homer and others not named that also moved to California. Worked for a railroad company. Died in mid 1950's.

Family: Henry V. Scroggins & Petronela Parsons

  • Last Edited: 4 Mar 2004


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