Carrey Winston Scroggins

M, #40724, (1918 - 1996)
  • Reference: [40724:C]




  • Name Variation: Winston Scroggins.8

Child of Carrey Winston Scroggins & Johnnie Russell

Children of Carrey Winston Scroggins & Minnie Thompson

  • Last Edited: 21 Dec 2007


  1. [S1586] 1930 Federal Census, National Archives, T-626, Roll 1394, ED 5-9, Sheet 6A, (12 Apr 1930)
    Ancestry Images Online: NMT626_1394-0227
    Dwelling, blank, Family, 140, Head: Bert Scroggins
    34. Scroggins, Bert, Head, m,w,43,m,18, TX, MO, AR, Proprietor, Camp Ground
    35. -----, Mary E., Wife-H, f,w,43,m,18, TX, TN, TN, None
    36. -----, Opal, Daughter, f,w,22,m,18, TX, TX, TX, None
    37. -----, Orna Fay, Daughter, f,w,18,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    38. -----, Lorna May, Daughter, f,w,18,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    39. -----, Loyd, son, m,w,14,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    40. -----, Winston, Son, m,w,12,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    41. -----, Evert, Son, m,w,10,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    42. -----, Beatrice, Daughter, f,w,5,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    43. Owens, Dave?, Brother, m,w,27,s, TX, TN, TN, Foreman, Garage
    [plus 2 lodgers].
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  3. [S6] AnyBirthday, before 2005 (No longer online),
    C     W     SCROGGINS     09-JUN-18     548 4TH ST     Willows     CA     95988
    C     -     SCROGGINS     09-JUN-18     714 HUMBOLDT AVE 401     Willows     CA     95988
    MINNIE     -     SCROGGINS     29-JUN-29     548 4TH ST     Willows     CA     95988.
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  5. [S1587] 1920 Federal Census, National Archives, T-625, Roll 1820, ED 146, Sheet 4A, (13 Jan 1920)

    Dwelling, 59, Family, 59, Head: Elihu B. Scroggins
    9. Scroggins, Elihu B., Head, m,w,34,m, TX, TX, TX, Farmer, General Farm
    10, -----, Mary E., Wife, f,w,34,m, f,w,11,s, TX, AL, AL, None
    11. -----, Opal, Daughter, f,w,11,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    12. -----, Golden, Son, m,w,9,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    13. -----, Oma, Daughter, f,w,8,s, TX, TX, TX, None
    14. -----, Lona, Daughter, f,w,8,s, TX, TX, TX, None.
  6. [S50]….
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  8. [S2182] Red Bluff Daily News
         , Minnie Scroggins, 12 Nov 2007.
    MINNIE SCROGGINS            
    Minnie Scroggins, 78, finished her work for her percious Lord on November 17, 2007.

    She was preceded in death by her husband Winston Scroggins in 1986, and her son Carrey Scroggins in 1967.

    Minnie leaves daughters, Sadie King of Red Bluff, Beatrice Casey and husband Ron of Red Bluff, sons Dan Scroggins and Carla Olmsted of Lake California, Kevin Scroggins and wife Michelle of Wheatland, CA. Minnie has 11 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

    She was loved by all who knew her and she shared her faith in Christ Jesus to anyone who would hear.

    A memorial service will be held in her honor on Sunday, November 25th at 1:00 P.M. at Sabbath Community Christian Church, 705 South Jackson.

    Published in the Daily News on 11/21/2007.