Jacquelyn Katherine Lunog1

F, #44613, (1945 - 2007)
  • Reference: [44613:P] !Placeholder2016 !FaG:74039970



  • SSN*: 1964, Social Security "Jacquelyn Katherine Lunog," SSN.
  • Residence*: Ca. 2007, 15820 Meadowview Dr, Buchanan, Berrien Co, MI, 49107.


  • Name Variation: Jackie K.
  • Married Name: Jacquelyn Katherine Scroggins (Lunog).1

Family: Jacquelyn Katherine Lunog & Jerry G Scroggins

  • Last Edited: 18 Feb 2016


  1. [S3078] Ancestry.com, Social Security Applications,
    Name:      Eddie L Scroggins
    [Eddie L Burke]
    Gender:      Female
    Race:      White
    Birth Date:      1 Dec 1934
    Birth Place:      Andalusia, Alabama
    Father Name:      George M Burke
    Mother Name:      Nobie Biggs
    Citizenship or Alien Status:      U.S. citizen.
    Death Date:      16 Aug 2007
    Claim Date:      3 May 1975
    Type of Claim:      Duplicate SSN - change or replacement.
    Additional Information:      Duplicate request; evidence of identity only submitted.
    Notes:      07 Dec 1993: Name listed as EDDIE L SCROGGINS.