Charles S. Scroggin1,2

M, #50917, (1856 - 1908)
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Children of Charles S. Scroggin

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  1. D33.
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  3. [S11] Shirley Brodersen Ross (Shirley Louise Brodersen), Humphrey Scroggin, p. 64.
  4. [S60] E-mail: Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 08:12:07 -0400
    From: "John M. Scroggins" <e-mail address>
    To: Shirley Ross <e-mail address>, Bill Scroggin <e-mail address>
    Subject: Christina Ann Wilson Nolin
    Christina Ann Wilson Nolin appears to be a great granddaughter of Charles Shelby Scroggin (D33)

    Her obituary identifies her parents as Paul Wilson and Barbara Scroggin.

    Paul Edgar Wilson's entry at Find A Grave says "he married Barbara Ann Scroggin, daughter of Vernon and Zelma Scroggin, who survives him of the home."

    Vernon S. Scroggin's entry at Find A Grave says he is survived by daughter, Mrs. Barbara Wilson
    and links to his father as
    Charles S. Scroggin (1856 - 1908)
    where Vernon is listed as the last child. Although Vernon is not in the list on page 64 of the book, the rest of the family in the book seems to be a close match to the Find A Grave entry.