Hannah Scoggan1

F, #8286, (1813 - 1840)
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  • Name Variation: Hannah 'Sarah' Scroggins.
  • Married Name: Hannah Paugh (Scoggan).

Child of Hannah Scoggan & Phreeborn Garrison Paugh

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    Here is my information. Can anyone help me fill in the blanks?

    Phreeborn Garrison Paugh (DOB abt 1790 - Switzerland) married Name Unknown (DOB abt 1795 - Kentucky )

    Had at least one son:

    Dr. Phreeborn Garrison Paugh (DOB 27 Dec 1809 - Bourbon County, Kentucky) who married Hannah "Sarah" Scroggins (DOB 16 July 1813) on 11 Aug 1831 in Lawrence County Indiana.

    They had at least one son: Henry Paugh (DOB bet 1832 & 1840).

    Hannah "Sarah" (Scroggins) Paugh passed on 13 May 1840 in Effingham County, Illinois.

    Dr. P.G. Paugh remarried 4 Oct 1840 in Effingham, Illinois to Eliza A. Cook (DOB bet 1814 & 1821 - Indiana).

    Dr. P.G. & Eliza A. (Cook) Paugh had two children that I am currently aware of: Dr. John Cook Paugh (DOB 10 Aug 1841 – Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana) and Laura Paugh (DOB abt 1862 - Effingham County, Illinois.

    Dr. P.G. Paugh was a noted physician and gained wide recognition for his contributions during the 1832 cholera epidemic.

    Eliza A. (Cook) Paugh passed in abt 1890 in Effingham, Illinois.

    Dr. P.G. Paugh passed in 1894 in Mason, Effingham County, Illinois.

    Their son, Dr. John Cook Paugh married Marian Woods (DOB 20 Jan 1839 – Indiana or Ohio) on 27 Jan 1870 in Effingham, Illinois.

    They had five children: (twins?) Garry B. (DOB abt 1871 – Mason, Effingham County, Illinois), Anna V. (DOB abt 1871 – Mason, Effingham County, Illinois), Wilber John “Will” (DOB 30 Oct 1872 – Mason, Effingham County, Illinois), Alice Elizabeth “Allie” (DOB 16 Jun 1876 – Mason, Effingham County, Illinois) and Albert (DOB abt 1877 – Mason, Effingham County, Illinois).

    Marian (Woods) Paugh passed on 30 Jan 1922 in Mason, Effingham County, Illinois

    Dr. J.C. Paugh passed on 23 Feb 1932 in Mason, Effingham County, Illinois after contracting pneumonia from a patient he had nursed for several days and nights.

    Alice Elizabeth “Allie” Paugh married Capt. John J. Burr (DOB 11 Feb 1876 – Illinois) on 3 Jul 1901 in Effingham, Illinois.

    They had five children: Marian Elizabeth (DOB 7 Dec 1902), Wilber John “Bill” (DOB 23 Jun 1905 – Nebraska), Ned Albert (DOB 2 Oct 1908 – Illinois), Garrison Richard “Garrie” (DOB 24 May 1912 – Casey, Clark County, Illinois) and Alice Elizabeth (DOB 23 May 1916).

    Alice Elizabeth (Paugh) Burr passed in 1936.
    Capt. John J. Burr passed 14 Apr 1957.

    Garrison Richard “Garrie” Burr married Mary ArMinnie Ward (DOB 2 Jan 1912 – Greenup, Cumberland County, Illinois) on the 24 May 1936 at her parent’s home in Greenup, Cumberland County, Illinois.

    They had five children: John Garrie (DOB 1937 – Chicago, Cook County, Illinois), Roger William (DOB 24 Oct 1940 – Chicago, Cook County, Illinois), Patricia Ann (DOB 17 Sep 1941 – Chicago, Cook County, Illinois), Mary Joan (DOB 1946 – Mercer County, New Jersey) and Barbara Alene (DOB 22 Oct 1948 – Mercer County, New Jersey).

    Garrison Richard “Garrie” Burr passed 12 Nov 1979 at Carle Hospital, Champaign, Champaign County, Illinois.

    Mary ArMinnie (Ward) Burr passed 20 Aug 1997 at home in Normal, McLean County, Illinois.

    Patricia Ann Burr married Ronald I Moncelle (DOB 31 Aug 1936 – at home in Lawndale Township, Illinois) on 31 Aug 1963 at the First United Methodist Church in Normal, McLean County, Illinois.

    They had two children: Teresa Renee “Teri” (DOB 5 Jun 1966 – Brokaw Hospital, Normal, McLean County, Illinois) and Mark Allen (DOB 11 Oct 1969 – Brokaw Hospital, Normal, McLean County, Illinois.

    ***Thank you in advance***

    Teri Moncelle-Colglazier.