Solomon Scoggin1

M, #9990, (c 1750 - 1818)
  • Reference: [9990:1]




  • Name Variation: Solomon Scoggins.

Children of Solomon Scoggin

Family: Solomon Scoggin & Jane Taylor

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  3. [S60] E-mail: From: "Laura Shields" <e-mail address>
    Source: e-mail address
    Subject: Re: [PaOldC] Hopewell MM - Va
    Date: 26 Aug 2004
    Could you be so kind as to see if a Jane TAYLOR went MOU around Oct.2, 1792?
    I'm trying to pin down Jane's Taylor family by checking to see if they were
    Quaker. My Solomon SCOGINS left Chester Co. after 1790 and married Jane
    Taylor in Frederick Co. VA in 1792 -possibly a second marriage for both.
    They were married by Christian Streit. After that, they went on to Ohio.
    Thanks very much!
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