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New Sweden Colony, ca. 1644.
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Johan Thorsson Schaggen (AFN:1TS4-1C7), was a tobacco planter at Christina (in modern Delaware) by 1644. There is little information about him in online sources; Peter Stebbins Craig has published information about him in several sources on the New Sweden Colony and offers for sale a 30 page report on Jonah and his descendants. Johan's sons apparently anglicized the name and it appears in both Delaware and New Jersey under various Scoggin and Scroggin spellings until the mid-1760's. Members of this group appear in the LDS Ancestral File under a variety of spellings, including Skagen.

One descendant family moved into York County (now Adams County), Pennsylvania by 1753. A new book, published in 2002, by Margaret B. Scoggins covers descendants of this family and includes the John Scoggin (AFN: 1PWD-4MJ) who lived in White County, TN, in the early 1800's, and progenitor of many researchers who have placed data online. There is also some information online about some of John's siblings.

Other than the family in York County, there seem to be few, if any, researchers actively pursuing descendants of Jonah Thorsson Schaggen beyond his grandchildren. It is likely that some moved west into Ohio. It is also possible that some moved southwest into the vicinity of Frederick County, Virginia. It also may be worth investigating the Cylvester Scoggins found in the 1790 census for Harford County, Maryland, and the Ann Scoggins found in the 1790 census for Frederick County, Maryland.

Solomon Scoggin may be a descendant of this family, but no specific connection has been demonstrated.

Solomon Scoggin, born ca. 1750, lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania, during the Revolution (Map, 6a); appears as Solomon Schoggan on the 1790 census for Newlin Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania; married 1792 in Frederick County, Virginia; died 1818 in Hamilton County, Ohio. Mark Scogin have more information about Solomon and descendants on their pages. Solomon seems to have lived both near the area settled by the New Sweden group and in an area where some of the Northern Virigina group lived.