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This site contains additional information about our families, some historical pictures and commentary about the movement of the family and how it might have been affected by historical events.

Where special information is known about a family member it's noted. The source of the information, whether historical document or electronic file, is noted as well.

Most of the information on people in the family lines has come from others' research  and has been gleaned off of the web. I've verified very little at this point, so consider this second source information at best. I've tried to give credit where it's due; if I missed someone, let me know, and I'll correct the problem.

The purpose of this site is to link associated information into the family history. Please let me know if a link is down, or you have corrections or additions for the site.

Thanks, Sondra
This site is dedicated to our parents...without them we wouldn't be here!
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Richard Allen Prowett, now deceased. Photo Courtesy of L. Smallman
Marge Miller nee Fuecker and Fred D. Miller Jr, now deceased.
Linda Moon Prowett Smallman.