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Searcey Family History

A family historical project devoted to the family history of
Searcey, Searcy, Sircy, Sersy, Cersy, Cerse 

and various additional spellings 

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Searcey Family Historical Project

Welcome to the Searcey Family Historical Project Home Page. This wonderful group has been formed and exists to help Searcey-Searcy-Sircy (and various additional spellings) descendants to find their family roots -- "Searc-ology". The Project will contain data on the ancestry, history, and heritage of the Searcey Family in America , and its ancestral Searcey Family. The goal of the Project is to collect the names and family relationships of all Sircy’s from the time of their immigration into America , as well as the earlier Searcy’s from which we all descend. The gathered information will be readily available to any Sircy descendant or researcher who is interested in his or her Searcey/Searcy/Sircy ancestry. We respect the desire for privacy for some living persons, and are quite willing to omit specific data on any living person who desires that for him/herself and his/her family members. But we would like to at least list their names in the proper order in the ancestral lineage in the project. And the Project is collecting information on the family histories of Searcey’s and Sircy’s, as well, from England and France , and to America.

I am searching for any Searcey-Searcy-Sircy Family researchers and descendants to contribute any information, records, clippings, and pictures to build a vast collection of Searcology names, dates, and places that comprise the history of the Searcey Family. The Project will continually be updated as contributors submit items. I encourage any Searcey-Searcy-Sircy descendant to please submit your family lineage data to the Project for inclusion.

One of our many goals is to inform members about their ancestors and to reunite our vastly scattered kin who have lost contact over the years. With everyone's help we may be able to fill in the many blank spots that researchers have in their work and possibly find those missing links that every family seems to have. We want this to be a clearing house for all descendants and preserve our wonderful family history for all that follow. 

Some of the pages that are currently in the works are Military, Biography's, Family Stories, Photographs, Government, Notables, Queries, and our Newsletter. The newsletter is currently scheduled to have its first edition distributed in May of 2008 and will be released on a quarterly basis. "Searchin' for Searcey's" will contain sections for queries submitted by members, ancestor information, current events such as births-marriages-obituaries, history tidbits, and various additional sections. The section that I am most excited about is the "Searcey Spotlight" that will highlight an ancestor in each issue. It will not necessarily be a family member that was a well known ancestor. They may be one that there has not been very much published information on or just plain has an interesting story to tell. This newsletter will not only be distributed to members but also to various state library's, genealogy societies, and history collections. The more contributions that are made, the more successful our project will be! 

Please feel free to call, write, or E-Mail Teresa Searcey-Casiano with your suggestions, additions, subtractions, questions, disputations, corrections, and recollections.




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