Sedgebrook - Lincolnshire

The History of Sedgebrook Village [Lincolnshire] and its inhabitants.

Church of St Lawrence.

This Sedgebrook site was born out of a theory that my TURNEY family ancestors from Nottingham MAY
have come from Sedgebrook in Lincolnshire sadly I haven't been able to prove it.

Whilst trying to prove the link I have collected much material which may be of help to others so here it is for you to look through.
If you find anything of interest don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to have feed back from viewers.
The more information I have the bigger the site will become.

Chestnut House Stables, photograph taken by James Brown

Please get in touch if you have any contributions or questions.

Browse through the census years and see if any of your family are here. Some of the families have been in the area for many years, yet others seem to be "just passing through".

Please feel free to use any of the material on these pages if it will help you in your research, however whilst I have tried my best to be as accurate as possible, the usual problems of deciphering old and faded writing may well have made some of the material flawed. I cannot be held responsible for this. If you find mistakes and would like to tell me I will consider making changes. This material is given freely to those who wish to use it but I do not give permission for it to be used in any way for profit. Neither do I give permission for it to be incorporated into other web sites.

The Grammar School

Elizabeth Hampson

Silver Jubilee Chestnut 1935

Names from the Parish Register: The parish register was a project that I undertook mainly seeking out my TURNEY family but all the while being drawn into the mystery of the families who lived in this village. It was only a logical conclusion that after transcribing the parish records I would then go on, with the help of my husband, to record the Memorial Inscriptions from the church.

The War Memorial: was provided by Lincolnshire Family History Society for which I owe my thanks. I will look up any names you may find in the parish register if you email me.

Directories: To fill in a few gaps you should find further details of Sedgebrook inhabitants listed in the Directories and Topographies to provide a general word picture of the area.

Church of St Lawrence:A List of Ecclesiastical notes about the church and the vicars. Some of the TURNEY family were churchwardens over several generations and here you will find the Vicars and churchwardens who served St.Lawrence's Church over the years.

Census: The 1881 census is available on the FamilySearch web site so is not covered here.
There is however a list of Sedgebrook born people who were living away from "home" in the 1891census. Search through all the census years for your ancestors.

Wills: For a relatively small cost a will can be downloaded from the National Archives. The information that a will has the possibility to provide you with is quite incredible, much of my research has been helped through these wills. Of course it is always possible that a will tells you very little but my experience on the whole has been very sucessful.

Quarter Sessions: Taken from various Newspapers, reports of the darker side of village life.

Stray Marriages of Sedgebrook Inhabitants:if anyone has any additions I will add them to my list.

Married in Sedgebrook: found elsewhere. I took a few marriages that I had transcribed (up to 1837 only) and looked for them in the census. Here are the results, judge for yourselves, remember to check the entries to be sure you have picked up the correct people, don't take my word for it.

Letters from Jamaica:These letters were written by Benjamin Turney of Sedgebrook who went as a Slave Doctor to Golden Grove Sugar Plantation, St Thomas in the East, on the Island of Jamaica. Read his accounts of the Hurricanes and his work with the slaves.

Sedgebrook School,. I have had several people asking me where the records can be found for the school. I believe the records back to the early 1900's are kept at the Allington with Sedgebrook CE Primary School. Here are listed some of the previous scholars and their further education.

The Morris Saga - a PDF book on CD about Martha Turney of Sedgebrook and her husband John Morris and their family. It covers the years 1764-1891. Another little gem of history that has unfurled itself from the newspapers and archives. Contact me if you wish to buy a copy.

Newspaper Births, Marriages and Deaths, Wills and Obituaries of Sedgebrook born people.

Contacts: How about advertising your research interests to other readers of my site, I have set up a Noticeboard and Contacts page, you can have your say here. If you have any questions you need answering maybe give them an airing on this page, who knows where the answer may come from.!!.

Finally, and nothing to do with the content of this web site. I have been working on a history of Lady Susan Gordon, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Gordon. Susan was born in 1773 and in 1793 marrried William the 5th Duke of Manchester. There are many references to Susan in the newspapers for her early years when she was coming out into society and for her early married life when she became the Duchess of Manchester, but she is believed to have been cast out of society for alledged irregularities in her life style. She lost her home, her children and I personally think, her mind. Could these stories be true ?. Would I be able to discover the truth ?. Would I be able to discover a dark secret that did indeed link into the Nottingham Turney family via marriage ?. This will be made available as a PDF file if anyone wishes to buy a copy.

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