Sedgebrook 1911 Census

SEDGEBROOK 1911 CENSUS Grantham Lincs Reg Dist Newark Notts

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RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN35 Cors Walk Sedgebrook
James Thomas Gibson/Son/Married 18 Years/M/43/1868/Farm Foreman/Great Gonerby Lincs
Mary Ann Gibson/Wife/Married 8 children 4 alive 4 dead/F/37/1874/Norwell Nottinghamshire
James Thomas Gibson/Son/Single/M/16/1895/Farm Waggoner/Sedgebrook Lincs
Herbert Hayward/Son/M/9/1902/Claypole Lincolnshire
Ernest Gibson/Son/M/3/1908/Hougham Lincs
Annie Elizabeth Gibson/Dau/F/1/1910/Sedgebrook Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN34 Sedgebrook Mill Cottages Grantham Lincs
Charles Birch/Head/Married/M/42/1869/Farm Labourer/Ryhall Lincs
Annie Birch/Wife/Married 14 years 3 children all alive/F/42/1869/Allington Lincs
Elsie Birch/Dau/Married/F/14/1897/Bassingthorpe Lincs
Enid Mary Birch/Dau/F/8?1903/Hougham Lincs
Lilian Annie Birch/Dau/F/1/1910/Sedgebrook Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN18 Post Office Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Richard Jackson/Head/M/39/1872/Sub Post Master/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook
Lucy Jackson/Wife/Marr 4 years 4 children 2 alive 2 dead/F/36/1875/Lincolnshire Thimbleby
Ernest Jackson/Son/M/3/1908/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook
George Jackson/Son/M/2/1909/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook
John Jackson/Father/Widower/M/82/1829/Old Age Pensioner-Carpenter/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN38 The Buildings Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
William Waring/Head/Married 22 years/M/50/1861/Horseman on Farm/Kegworth Leicester
Annie Waring/Wife/Marr 4 children all alive/F/42/1869/Carrington Leicester
George Waring/Son/M/12/1899/School/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
John Bell/Boarder/Single/M/19/1892/Horseman on Farm/Wellington Lincoln

RG14PN20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN39 The Buildings Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Robert Walter/Head/Marr 24 years/M/50/1861/Shepherd on farm/Easton Northamptonshire
Sarah Ann Walter/Wife/Married 4 children 3 alive 1 dead/F/54/1857/Kings Cliff Northamptonshire
Edith Annie Walter/Day/S/F/21/1890/Laundress Domestic/Clipsham Rutland
Tom Robert Walter/Son/Single/M/16/1895/Farm Labourer/Stainfield Lincolnshire

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN5 Abbey Farm Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
James Lamin/Head/Single/M/37/1874/Farmer/Harby Leicestershire
Frank Warren Lamin/Brother/S/M/21/1890/Farmer's Brother working on farm/Muston Leicestershire

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN36 Gate House Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Lewin Avery/Head/Married/M/55/1856/Gate Keeper/G.W.R. /Pickworth Stamford
Annie Avery/Wife/Married 35 years 11 children 8 alive 3 dead/Sedgebrook Grantham
Francis Lewin Avery/Son/Single/M/15/1896/Messenger G.W.R./Gt Gonerby Grantham
James William Johnson/Nephew/Single/M/23/1888/Painter/Sedgebrook Grantham

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN37 Keepers Cottage Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Frank Simmons/Head/Marr/32/1879/Farm Labourer/Cranwell Lincolnshire
Ethel Simmons/Wife/Marr 10 years 6 children all alive/F/32/1879/Mansfield Nottinghamshire
Ethel Maude Simmons/Dau/F/10/1901/School/Mansfield Notts
John Thurlby Simmons/Son/M/8/1903/Mansfield Notts
Phoebe Simmons/Dau/F/7/1904/Long Bennington Lincolnshire
Alice Simmons/Dau/F/5/1906/Long bennington Lincolnshire
Henry Simmons/Son/M/3/1908/Foxton Lincolnshire
Florence Mary Simmons/Dau/F/1/1910/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN1 Manor House Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Sarah Baker/Head/Widow/F/71/1840/Farmer/Leicestershire Muston
Elizabeth Baker/Dau/Single/F/39/1872/Housekeeper Domestic/Leicestershire Muston
Mary Ann Coy/Servant/Single/F/22/1889/General Servant Domestic/Lincolnshire Denton
Charles Henry Toffs/Servant/Single/M/16/1895/Groom & Cowman on farm/Leicestershire Muston

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN11 School House Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Amelia Coupland/Head/Widow/F/40/Elementary School Head Teacher/Lincs Silk Willoughby
Nora Coupland/Dau/Single/F/16/1895/Dressmaker/Lincs Huttoft
Donald Coupland/Son/Single/M/14/1897/School/Lincs Huttoft
Violet Bell/Servant/Single/F/24/1887/Housekeeper Domestic/Lincs Huttoft

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN33 Sedgebrook Mill Grantham Lincs
Thomas R Clarke/Head/Marr under 1 year/M/Farmer/Old Bollingbroke Lincs
Edith Jane Clarke/Wife/Marr/F/32/1879/Misterton Notts
Martin Luthen Brunton/Servant/Single/M/36/1875/Farm Waggoner/Castle Acre Norfolk
Emily Hutchanson/Servant/Single/F/40/1871/General Servant Domestic/Great Hale Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN42 Station House Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Horace Edmondson/Head/Married 11 years/M/34/1877/Stationmaster/Yorks Drighlington
Sarah Ellen Edmondson/Wife /Married 11 years no children/F/34/1877/Yorks Churwell
Ernest Tom Mingay/Visitor/Single/M/24/1887/Clerk/Northants Wakerly

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN2 The Rectory Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Thomas Cranmer Ewbank/Head/Married 29 years/M/63/1848/Clerk in Holy Orders/Surrey Richmond
Emma Ewbank/Wife/Married 29 years no children/F/53/1858/Rolleston Staffs
Ann Jane Silley/Servant/Widow no children/F/51/1860/Cook Domestic/Sedgebrook Lincs
Maud Johnson/Servant/Single/F/19/1892/Housemaid Domestic/Grantham Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN3 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Edward Topps/Head/Married/M/45/1866/Farm Labourer/Gelston Lincolnshire
Sarah Ann Topps/Wife/Marr 22 years 8 children 7 alive 1 dead/F/45/1866/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
Sidney Topps/Son//M/12/1899/School/Sedgebrook Lincs
John Edward Topps/Son/M/3/1908/School/Sedgebrook Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN4 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
George Cowdell/Head/Widower/M/63/1848/Farm Labourer/Lincoln Sibsey
Elizabeth Whatton/Dau/Married 16 years 4 children all alive/F/39/1872/House keeper domestic/Cambridge Thorney
George Whatton/Grandson/M/14/1897/Labourer/Lincoln Brauncewell
Arther Whatton/Grandson/M/10/1901/School/Lincoln Brauncewell
Lucy Whatton/Grandaughter/F/8/1903/Lincoln Sedgebrook
Ethel Whatton/Grandaughter/F/6/1905/Lincoln Sedgebrook

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN6 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Edward Tinkler/Head/Married/M/53/1858/Labourer/Leicestershire Muston
Priscilla Tinkler/Wife/Marr 25 years 3 children all alive/F/51/1860/Derbyshire Somercotes

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN7 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
John Topps/Head/Married/M/40/1871/Waggoner on farm/Muston Leicestershire
Ellen Topps/Wife/Marr 10 years 3 children all alive/F/38/1873/Muston Leicestershire
Arthur Topps/Son/M/9/1902/Muston Leicestershire
Aubrey Topps/Son/M/6/1905/Muston Leicestershire
Percy Topps/Son/M/1/1910/Muston Leicestershire
Herbert Topps/Son/M/14/1897/Cowman on farm/Muston Leicestershire

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN8 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Elizabeth Stennett/Head/Single/F/72/1839/Old Age pensioner formerly private means/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN9 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Fanny Handley/Head/Widow/F/44/1867/School Cleaner/Boston Lincolnshire
Lilian Handley/Dau/F/12/1899/School/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN10 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
John Tinkler/Head/Married/M/60/1851/Cowman on farm/Lincs Stroxton
Maria Tinkler/Wife/Marr 8 children 5 alive 3 dead/F/62/1849/Leics Knipton
George Albert Tinkler/Son/Single/M/24/1887/Brickmaker's Labourer/Leics Buckminster
Alice Maud Mary Tinkler/Dau/Single/F/19/1892/Elementary Assistant School Teacher/Leics Buckminster
Frederick William Whitney/Grandson/M/4/1907/Lincoln

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN12 Grammar School, Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Frank Upton/Head/Marr/M/54/1857/Head Master of Endowed Grammar School/Notts Radcliffe on Trent
Louisa Upton/Wife/Married 28 years no children/F/54/1857/Essex Birchanger
Frank Levey Faulkner/Nephew/Single/M/16/1895/School Boarder/Lancashire Ulverston
Edith Alice Mapletoft/Servant/Single/F/22/1889/General Servant Domestic/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook
Amy Turner/Servant/Single/F/18/1893/General Servant Domestic/Lincolnshire Marston

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN13 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
John Henry Draper/Head/Married/M/55/1856/Farmer/Silversides Lincs
Emma Eliza Draper/Wife married 29 years 9 children 7 alive 2 dead/F/52/1859/Kibworth Beauchamp Leic
George Arthur Draper/Son/Single/M/25/1886/Farmer's son working on farm/Sproxton Leic
Cecil Porter Draper/Son/Single/M/21/1890/Ironmonger's Assistant/Sproxton Leic
Ernest William Draper/Son/Single/M/18/1893/Farmer's son worling on farm/Sproxton Leic
Herbert Draper/Son/Single/M/16/1895/Farmer's son working on farm/Sproxton Leic
Marjorie Elizabeth Draper/Daughter/Single/F/13/1898/School/Muston Gorse Lincs
Ivy Sybil Draper/Daughter/F/10/1901/School/Muston Gorse Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN14 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
William Bullock/Head/Married/M/56/1855/Farm Labourer/Lincs Barrowby
Mary Bullock/Wife/Marr 34 years 9 children 8 alive 1 dead/F/55/1856/Lincs Stroxton
Frank Bullock/Son/Single/M/23/1888/Dairyman/Lincs Barrowby

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN15 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
George Moulds/Head/Marr 3 years/M/33/1878/Farmer/Ropsley Lincolnshire
Ada Moulds/Wife/Marr no children/F/25/1886/Denton Lincolnshire

RG14PN20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN16 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Tom Jordan Glover/Head/Married/M/45/1866/Farm Labourer/Chadwell Leicestershire
Jane Glover/Wife/Marr 17 years no children/F/44/1867/Claypole Lincolnshire

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN17 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Henry North/Head/Married/M/64/1847/Agricultural Labourer/Aisby Lincolnshire
Sarah Ann North/Wife married 39 years 3 children 2 alive 1 dead/F/57/1854/Spitalgate Grantham Lincs

RG14PN20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN19 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Richard Henry Dennis/Head/Married 5 years/M/40/1871/Farmer/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
Frances Dennis/Wife/Married 1 child alive/F/34/1877/Dry Doddington Lincolnshire
Lydia Fanny Dennis/Dau/F/4/1907/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
Thomas Daws/Servant/M/14/1897/Cowman on farm/Claypole Lincolnshire

RG14PN20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN20 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Richard Willows/Head/M/66/1845/Sweeper Rural District Council/Foston Lincolnshire
Rachael Willows/Wife/Marr 42 years/F/61/1850/Fulbeck Lincolnshire
Lucy Willows/Daughter/Single/F/34/1877/Dry Doddington Lincolnshire
Deborah Willows/Daughter/Single/F/30/1881/Dry Doddington Lincolnshire

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN21 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
John Whatton/Head/Marr/M/43/1868/Farm Labourer/Lincoln Sibsey

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN22 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
James North/Head/Married 7 years/M/64/1847/Farm Labourer/Muston leicestershire
Ann North/Wife/Married no children/F/59/1852/Dry Doddington Lincs
Joseph Howitt/Stepson/Single/M/15/1896/Horseman on farm/Allington Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN23 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
John Taylor/Head/M/43/1868/Horseman on farm/Gt Gonerby Lincs
Emily Taylor/Wife/Married 21 years3 children all alive/F/43/1868/Allington Lincolnshire
William Charles Taylor/Boarder/M/Waggoner on farm/Woolwich

RG14PN20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN24 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Harriet Burton/Head/Widow/F/81/1830/Old Age Pensioner/N.K.

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN25 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Joseph Mark Jackson/Head/Married/M/36/1875/Great Northern Railway Porter/Great Gonerby Lincolnshire
Eliza Jackson/Wife/Married 11 years 2 children both alive/F/33/1878/Allington Lincolnshire
Cyril Jackson/Son/M/10/1901/School/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
Gladys Mary Jackson/Daughter/F/7/1904/School/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Scott/Mother in law/Widow/F/78/1833/Old Age Pensioner/Dry Doddington Lincolnshire

RG14PN20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN26 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
John Handley/Head/Widower 2 children both alive - then crossed out/M/78/1833/Old Age Pensioner formerly farm labourer/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
William Handley/Son/Single/M/41/1870/Iron Stone Labourer/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Handley/Daughter/Single/F/37/1874/House Keeper Domestic/Sedgebrook Lincolnshire

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN27 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Emma Taylor/Head/Widow 8 children 7 alive 1 dead then crossed out/F/44/1867/Heckington Lincs
Emma Taylor/Dau/Single/F/21/1890/Oxcroft Derbyshire
George Taylor/Son/Single/M/15/1896/House Porter Domestic/Sedgebrook Lincs
Albert Taylor/Son/Single/M/13/1898/School/Sedgebrook Lincs
William Taylor/Son/Single/M/10/1901/School/Sedgebrook Lincs
Ada Taylor/Daughter/Single/F/8/1903/School/Sedgebrook Lincs
Maud Taylor/Daughter/Single/F/4/1907/School/Sedgebrook Lincs
George Slate/Boarder/Single/M/23/1888/Brick Maker's Labourer/Gonerby Lincs
Percy Holt/Visitor/Single/M/26/1885/Gardener Domestic/Denton Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN28 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
George William Newcombe/Head/Married/M/27/1884/Railway Signalman Gt Northern/Great Ponton Lincs
Annie Newcombe/Wife/Married less than 1 year/F/25/1886/Barrowby Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN29 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Samuel Nix/Head/Marr/M/36/1875/Shepherd on farm/Lincolnshire Aslackby
Sarah Esther Nix/WifeMarried 16 years 7 children all alive/F/36/1875/Lincolnshire Castle Bytham
George William Nix/Son/M/11/1900/School/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook
Charles Henry Nix/Son/M/9/1902/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook
Ernest Nix/Son/M/6/1905/Lincolnshire Casthorpe
Esther Mable/Daughter/F/4/1907/Lincolnshire Casthorpe
Edith Mildred Nix/Daughter/F/0/1911/Lincolnshire Sedgebrook

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN30 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
J Rhodes/Head/Married/M/32/1879/Farm Labourer/Notts Tuxford
Sarah Rhodes/Wife/Married 32 years 11 children 10 alive 1 dead/F/56/1855/Lincs Hougham
Herbert Rhodes/Son/Single/M/24/1887/Farm Labourer/Lincs Marston
Leslie Rhodes/Son/Single/M/15/1896/Cowman on farm/Lincs Gt Gonerby
Ivy May Rhodes/Daughter/F/14/1897/Lincs Gt Gonerby

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN31 The Chesnuts Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
John Bee/Head/Widower/M/67/1844/Farmer/Bolton Dene Yorks
Alise Maud Bee/Daughter/Single/F/28/1883/Housekeeper Domestic/Kilnhurst Yorks
Edith Redmill/Servant/Single/F/30/1881/Cook DomesticBarrowby Lincs
Emily Redmill/Servant/Single/F/15/1896/Housemaid Domestic/Barrowby Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN32 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Josiah Staples/Head/Married/M/53/1858/Farmer/Coleby Heath Lincoln
Mary Staples/Wife/Married 27 years 4 children all alive/F/59/1852/Navenby Lincoln
Rose Staples/Daughter/Single/F/1887/Farmer's daughter - dairy work/Navenby Lincoln
William Parker Staples/Son/Single/M/22/1889/Farmer's son-working on farm/Navenby Lincoln
Grace Emma Staples/Daughter/Single/F/20/1891/Farmer's daughter-dairy work/Navenby Lincoln
Florence Staples/Visitor/Single/F/16/1895/High Toynton Lincoln
Robert Warby/Seervant/Single/M/15/1896/Cowman on farm/Skillington Lincoln

RG14PN20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN40 Brickyard Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
Thomas William Jackson/Head/Single/M/42/1869/Brick & Tile Manufacture/Gt Gonerby Grantham Lincs
Ann Jackson/Mother/Wdow/F/73/1838/House keeper domestic/Gt Gonerby Lincs
Millicent Kate Jackson/Daughter/Single/F/32/1879/Assistant School teacher/Sedgebrook Lincs

RG14/20766 RG78PN1239 RD432 SD5 ED13 SN41 Sedgebrook Grantham Lincs
William Mapletoff/Head/Marr 29 years/M/52/1859/Farm labourer/Honington Leis
Alice Mapletoff/Wife/Married 4 children 3 alive 1 dead/F/60/1851/Syston Lincolnshire

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