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The Baptismal font in the church - Photograph, Copyright J. Hannan-Briggs & Licenced for re-use under the Creative Commons Licence.

Daily News London Thursday May 27th 1847
Parry May 22nd at Warwick, the wife of Rev T. Parry, Rector of Sedgebrook, of a son.

Lincolnshire Chronicle Friday 21st December 1849
Parry On the 5th instant at Sedgebrook Rectory, Mrs Parry of a son.

Morning Chronicle Monday May 3rd 1852
On the 29th ult. at Barrowby Rectory, the wife of the Rev. George Earle Welby of a daughter.

Grantham Journal Sep 20 1856
On Tuesday last, the wife of Mr Wm Handley, Postmaster, Sedgebrooke, of a daughter.

Belfast News 24 August 1889
Field, August 19 at Sedgebrook Rectory, Grantham, the wife of the Rev. Henry C.B.Field of a daughter.

Morning Post 10 March 1891
Field, on the 4th inst., at Sedgebrook Rectory, Grantham the wife of the Rev Henry C.B.Field of a son.


1804 Monthly Magazine & British Register. Lincolnshire (no date)
At Sedgebrooke Mr Morton of London to Miss S Turney.

The Times Newspaper Tuesday August 11th 1789
On Tuesday, John Morris Esq., of Gracechurch-street, London, to Miss Turney, of Sedgebrook, near Grantham, Lincolnshire.[ Martha Turney]

New Monthly Magazine Vol 4 1815 � (no Date)
At Stonesby � Mr A King to Harriet, 2nd daughter of Mr Burroughs of Sedgebrook near Grantham.

Stamford Mercury Fri 2nd March 1821
In this city on Tuesday last Matthew Scoley, Gent, to Miss Ward dau of the late Mr Joshua Ward farmer and grazier of Sedgebrook near Grantham.

Stamford Mercury Fri 31 March 1826
Yesterday at Oakham (by the Rev Robert Synge) Mr William Shipman of Sedgebrook near Grantham to Harriet 4th daughter of the late W Keal Esq of Oakham.

Stamford Mercury 27 Nov 1835
On Thursday the 12th inst at Sedgebrook mear Grantham, Mr Samuel Ward, farmer of that place, to Mrs Elizabeth Bonner, relict of Mr Robert Bonner, farmer of Carlton�Moorland

Stamford Mercury Fri 25 November 1836,
On Wednesday last at Sedgebrook Mr E Brewster to Miss Ward, both of that place.

Stamford Mercury Friday 5th January 1838
--------- at Sedgebrook Mt John Mucklow, Grantham to Miss Ann Exton, Straw Bonnet Maker of Sedgebrook.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 17th May 1839
Yesterday (Thursday) at Sedgebrook (by the Rev W Noble) Mr George Summers of Claypole to Jane second daughter of Mr Glazier of Grantham

Lincolnshire Chronicle June 9th 1848
At Allington, on the 1st inst, Mr R Robinson of Sedgebrook to Maria, 3rd daughter of Mr Hoyes of the former place;- also Mr R H Caparn of Hemingby, to Emily 4th daughter of the above Mr Hoyes.

Stamford Mercury Fri 3rd August 1849
At Gt Gonerby on the 23rd ult Mr Sam Streeton, miller of Sedgebrook to Charlotte only daughter of Mr Joseph Dorman, cottager of the former place.

Stamford Mercury 31 October 1851
At Sedgebrook on the 17th inst (by the Rev A Wilson � Rector) Mr John Jackson of Skirbeck quarter, Boston to Caroline dau of the late Mr Chas Tunnard of Skirbeck.

Lincolnshire Chronicle Fri 4 June 1852
At Trinity Church, Skirbeck on the 27th ult (by the Rev Dr Roy) Mr Ralph Alderson to Mary, daughter of Mr Thomas Caunt of Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal 23rd February 1856
At Barrowby on the 19th inst Mr James William Burton, cordwainer, Sedgebrook to Mary Ogden of Barrowby.

Grantham Journal 8th November 1856
At Belton on the 6th inst (by the Hon & Rev R Cust) Mr Wm Monks, farmer of Sedgebrook and eldest son of Mr W Monks of Great Gonerby Grange to Louisa only daughter of Mr John Long, farmer and innkeeper of the former place.

Grantham Journal 2nd January 1858
On Thursday the 24th ult John Dennis to Miss L Mowbray only daughter of R Mowbray of Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal 2nd October 1858
At Sedgebrook on the 29th ult Daniel Daybell, farmer of Bottesford to Miss Burton of Coxe�s Walk, Sedgebrook. Soon after the marriage ceremony the happy pair started for London en route to Brighton.

Leicestershire Mercury 2nd October 1858
On the 29th ult at Sedgebrook by the Rev B Malty, Mr Daybell of Bottesford to Emily, eldest daughter of the late Mr Jos Burton of Ulceby by Alford.

Grantham Journal Saturday 12 July 1862
At Sedgebrook on the 10th inst (by the Rev A Wilson) Mr James Cox, farmer of Gonerby to Miss Elizabeth Ward.

Grantham Journal 20 February 1864
At St Mary�s Church, Nottingham on the 13th inst. Mr George Gibson, shoemaker of Sedgebrook to Charlotte Sharp of Nottingham.

Nottinghamshire Guardian 28th October 1864
On the 24th inst at St Matthews Church, Nottm, Mr John Jackson of Sedgebrook, Lincs to Miss Ann Buckland of Nottingham. Lincolnshire Chronicle 22nd September 1865
On the 12th inst at Elm near Wisbech George Wm eldest son of George Robinson Esq. of Sedgebrooke Lincolnshire to Harriet, 4th daughter of William Moore Esq. of Elm House Wisbech.

Stamford Mercury Fri 18 Dec 1868
At the parish Church, Fenton, on the 26th ult (by the Rev T Collis), Mr Thos Exton of Sedgebrook to Miss Curtis Reynolds of Fenton.

Grantham Journal 27 February 1869
HANDLEY-BURROWS At Muston on the 22nd inst by the Rev Johnson, Mr Andrew Handley wheelwright of Sedgebrook to Miss Mary Burrows of Muston.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 5th November 1869
Richard Robinson Esq jun. of Sedgebrook to Bertha Beata, 5th daughter of the the Rev Canon Drake, M.A., Rector of Sedgebrook & Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen.

Nottinghamshire Guardian 14 April 1871
At the parish church Syston, by the Rev Prebendary Gilbert, vicar, Mr William Bull, farmer of Sedgebrook to Miss Margaret Duff of Syston.

Pall Mall Gazette - London Saturday Sept 23rd 1876
Grantham Journal 26 April 1873
ROBINSON _ SIMONS At Sedgebrook Church on the 14th inst. (by the Rev J Parker) Mr Henry Robinson, joiner of Woolsthorpe to Miss Fanny Simons of Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal 22 May 1875
ELLERBY-NORTH At Sedgebrook on the 18th inst (by the Rev Canon Drake) Mr W Ellerby of Spilsby to Miss Emma North of Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal 1st January 1876
SAUNDERS � GREEN, on the 27th ult at the PC Sedgebrook (by the Rev Canon Drake) Mr William Saunders of Grantham to Betsey 2nd daughter of Mr William Green of Sedgebrook Mill.

Grantham Journal 10 June 1876
ATKINS � AUKLAND � At Sedgebrook on the 6th inst., (by the Rev Canon Drake, Mr Henry Atkins, of The Riddings, Alfreton, Derbyshire to Miss Fanny Aukland at Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal Sept 30 1876
ROBARTS � ROBINSON � on the 21st inst at Pyrton, Oxfordshire, Joseph Howard Robarts of Brannox Town, Co. Kildare, Ireland, third son of Henry Robarts Esq., of Stamford Hill, London to Margaret eldest daughter of the late John Robinson Esq. of Segebrook

Nottinghamshire Guardian 5th December 1879
On the 1st inst at Sedgebrook by the Rev Canon Drake, William Smith, signalman of Newark to Annie Parker of Sproxton Leicestershire.

Grantham Journal 4 March 1882
NORTH � WOODWARD At ST Saviour�s Church, Nottingham on the 20th ult., (by the Rev P Rediont) Alfred 4th son of Mr J North of Sedgebrook to Sarah Brida 3rd daughter of Mr J Woodward late of Bingham.

Grantham Journal 8th December 1883
ROBINSON � At the Mill Farm, Sedgebrook on the 3rd inst Richard Robinson aged 64 years. Deeply Regretted.

Grantham Journal 19 April 1884
MORRISS � AYTO, at the Parish Church Midhurst, Sussex, on the 17th ult Mr John Morriss of Havant to Margaret 4th dau of the late Mr George Ayto, farmer of Sedgebrook.

The Ipswich Journal Saturday October 3rd 1885
FIELD-WOODHAMS, 30th ult. at St Peter's, Hammersmith, by the Rev J.A. Nash M.A., Rector of Lowestoft, uncle of the bride, the Rev Henry C.B. Field, M.A. Curate-in-Sole-Charge of Sedgebrook, Grantham, only son of Henry W Field, Esq., of Munster Lodge, Teddington, late of her Majesty's Mint, to Annie, 4th daughter of the late D.T. Woodhams, Esq., Solicitor.

Grantham Journal February 5th 1887
JOHNSON � NORTH, At Derby on the 29th ult (by the Rev F Lyall) Mr Fred Johnson to Eliza North, both of Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal 10 Nov 1888
NORTH �SCHOFIELD at the Commercial Road Chapel Spittlegate on the 6th inst., (by the Rev W L Spooner), Mr James North of Sedgebrook to Mrs Rosa Schofield of New Somerby.

Grantham Journal April 9 1904
SMITH - JACKSON At the Wesleyan Chape, Grantham on the 6th inst (by the Rev T Grant Tyler) Wm Thos Smith, Harlaxton to Mary Elizabeth Jackson of Sedgebrook.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 11 December 1903
At Newark on the 3rd inst. James North of Sedgebrook to Ann Howitt of Allington.

Grantham Journal 9th January 1904
Wedding � A very pretty wedding took place at Silk Willoughby on Wednesday, the 23rd ult., between Miss Ada Simpson, second dau of Mr Edward Simpson and Mr Frederick Tinkler, second son of Mr John Tinkler, Sedgebrook. The vicar, the Rev F C Blyth, performed the ceremony. The bride was attired in a dress of grey cashmere prettily trimmed with white silk, and wore a wreath and orange blossom. The bridesmaid was Miss A Tinler, sister of the bridegroom, who wore a dress of nun�s veiling trimmed with cream insertion, and a large black picture hat. The bride was given away by her father, and Mr H Simpson, brother of the bride, was best man. When leaving the Church, Mr & Mrs F Tinkler were met with showers of confetti. They were the recipients of many presents.

Grantham Journal 9 April 1904
Smith-Jackson � At the Wesleyan Chapel, Grantham on the 6th inst (by the Rev T Grant Tyler) Wm Thos Smith, Harlaxton, to Mary Elizabeth Jackson of Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal Sat 17 September 1904
Marriage of Mr W G Kemp � A very pretty double wedding was solemnized in the Parish Church, Kirton Lindsey, on Wednesday Sept 7th. A this was almost a unique occurrence in the town, and both the brides were well known, the Church was filled to overflowing with spectators. The persons who entered the holy estate of matrimony on this occasion were the Misses Amy and Maud Duckering, first and third daughters of Mr & Mrs C E Duckering, of Cliffe, Kirton Lindsey and Mr C Brown of Hound House, Southampton and Mr W G Kemp, only son of the late Mr and Mrs G Kemp of Sedgebrook, Grantham. (Full description of the gusts and presents in the newspaper).

The Times Newspaper, Monday September 17th 1934
Mr P.S.Buxton & Miss J.V.Pease
The marriage took place on Saturday at St Mary's, Gainford of Mr Peter Stapleton Buxton, son of Major G.C. Buxton of Sedgebrook Manor Grantham and of Clare, Countess Cowley of Seagry House, Chippenham, Wilts and Miss Julia Victoria Pease, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs Claud E Pease of Selaby, Gainford Co. Durham. The Rev Humphrey Barclay officiated assisted by the Rev R.A. Bidwell.

The Times Newspaper November 16th 1962
The marriage took place yesterday at St Michael's, Chester Square, of Mr Thomas A.H. Beddington, of Sedgebrook Manor, Grantham, Lincolnshire, son of the late Mr Gerald E Beddington and the late Mrs Beddington, and Miss Doreen Roy of 23 Caroline Terrace, S.W.1. Daughter of the late Brigadier General and Mrs J.W.G. Roy. The Rev. C.E.M. Roderick officiated.
The bride was given away by Major R. Kay Knowles and Major R.M. Snagge was Best Man. The honeymoon will be spent in Rome.


The Times Newspaper Thursday Dec 10th 1818.
On Tuesday the 8th instant, at her son's Feltham Vicarage (after a lingering illness of 20 months), in the 57th year of her age, Mrs Morris [nee Martha Turney] of Church-street, Windsor, relict of John Morris Esq., formerly of Feltham-hill, Middlesex.

Stamford Mercury Fri 23rd June 1820
On Sunday last at Sedgebrook near Grantham in her 32nd year of her age Mrs Shipman, wife of Mr William Shipman, grazier.

Leicester Chronicle 5th May 1832
On Tuesday last at Sedgebrook near Grantham, Harriet the wife of Mr W Shipman and daughter of the late Mr Keal, surgeon of Oakham

Stamford Mercury 8th July 1836
In London on the 28th ult in her 86th year, Mrs Turney, relict of Mr John Turney formerley of Sedgebrook near Grantham.

Lincolnshire Chronicle Fri 6th Nov 1840
At Sedgebrook on the 17th ult aged 70, Henry Handley, lately a school master at Fiskerton near Lincoln.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 29th January 1841
At Sedgebrook on the 13th inst. Mr John Laughton, formerly a farmer at Syston Heath near Grantham, aged 73.

Stamford Mercury Fri 27 May 1842
Mr Joseph Ward�s Affairs
All persons having claims against the estate of the late Mr Joseph Ward of Sedgebrook, farmer, at the time of his decease, are requested to forward an account of the same that they may be discharged; and all whose persons who stood indebted to the said Mr Ward are requested to pay the same forthwith.
William Hoyes, George Robinson � Executors.

Leicester Chronicle 3rd May 1845
On the 25th ult at Muston near Belvoir Castle, after a short illness, in his 80th year Mr Joseph Scrimshaw late of Sedgebrook Mill.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 8 August 1845
At the Deanery on the 2d inst, the Very Rev George Gordon D.D. Dean of Lincoln, Rector of Sedgebrook and Vicar of Horbling, in the 82nd year of his age.

Leicestershire Mercury 11th November 1848
Mr Thomas Dennis after a lingering illness of 4 years, leaving a widow and family. His remains were interred by the Foresters of Court Granby, Woolsthorpe on the 30th ult when the brethren attended in appropriate order - for more details see the newspaper.

The Derby Mercury Wednesday February 11th 1852
All persons having any Claims or Demands upon the estate and effects of THOMAS HUBBARD, late of Allington in the county of Lincoln, Merchant, deceased, are requested immediately to forward particulars of their respective claims, to Messrs JOHN, GEORGE, and RICHARD ROBINSON, all of Sedgebrook in the said county, Farmer, the executors of the said deceased, or to me, at my Office, in Grantham, in order that the same may be examined, and if found correct, discharged. And all persons indebted to the said deceased, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their respective debts to the said Executors, or to me, as above. By order of the Executors, GEORGE HEALY, Grantham 3rd Feb 1852 - Solicitor

Morning Chronicle Saturday October 9th 1852
On the 4th inst. at Barrowby near Grantham, William Edy Esq., of Kirton Holme in c. Lincs and late of -------? in his 90th year.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 13th May 1853
At Bottesford on the 10th inst. suddenly, Mr Shipm000000000000000000000an, formerly of Sedgebrook, aged 63.

Lincolnshire Chronicle Fri 24 March 1854
At Grantham on the 15th inst Frances youngest dau of the late Mt John Turney of Sedgebrook aged 67.

Lincolnshire Chronicle Fri 20th October 1854
At Sedgebrook on the 12th inst Mr John Robinson aged 40. Deeply Regretted.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 3rd November 1854
Estate and Effects of John Robinson late of Sedgebrook in the county of Lincoln, farmer and grazier deceased are hereby requested to send particulars therof to me and all persons indebted to the said John Robinson at the time of his decease are requested to pay the amount of their respected debt.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 30 May 1855
At Sedgebrook Grantham on the 16th inst aged 24 Henrietta Exley, wife of Mr Burton and daughter of Mr Upton, Raithby near Louth. On the 13th Catherine Mary and on the 18th Annie her twin children.

Nottinghamshire Guardian 11th October 1855
At Sedgebrook on the 9th inst Catherine the beloved wife of Mr Edmund Brewster

Grantham Journal Sat March 15 1856
At Sedgebrook on the 26th ult William Turney aged 63. He was followed to the grave by his mother, 93 years of age who is remarkably hale and hearty.

Grantham Journal 25th Dec 1858
On the 12th inst Ann Hendley, relict of the late Jonathan Hendley of Sedgebrook , aged 67 years.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 7th January 1859
At Sedgebrook on the 3rd inst. Alice the wife of Mr William Handley, postmaster, aged 41.

Grantham Journal 26 March 1859
March 22nd at Sedgebrook Hall, Louisa [aged 23]the beloved wife of Mr William Monks, farmer and daughter [only child] of Mr John Lang of Belton.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 27th January 1860
At Sedgebrook on the 23rd inst. Charles North aged 75.

Stamford Mercury 30 Aug 1861
At Sedgebrook on the 21st inst Richard Hubbard eldest son of Mr Rd Robinson aged 4 years.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 18th September 1863
On the 7th inst at Barrowby, Mr T Turney, Blacksmith, aged 28.

Stamford Mercury 6 May 1865
BURROUGHS � At Sedgebrook on the 20th April, Mary Ann only daughter of Mr Mark Burroughs, aged 16 years.

Nottinghamshire Guardian Fri 10th Aug 1866
At Sedgebrook on the 31st ult Rebecca Pulling aged 78.

The Gentleman�s Magazine 1866
In London, aged 31, Henry Charlton Staunton, esq., of Staunton Hall, Notts. He was the third but eldest surviving son of the late Rev. William Job Charlton Staunton, by Isabella, only dau. of the late Very Rev. G. Gordon, D.D., Dean of Lincoln. He was born at Sedgebrook, in the year 1834, educated at Grantham School and at St. John's College, Cambridge, and was a magistrate for the county of Nottingham. As the deceased was unmarried, he is succeeded in the family estates by his brother Francis, rector of Staunton, who was born in 1839, and who, says the Stamford Mercury, "should the Prince of Wales visit Belvoir Castle in March next (as it is reported he will do), will have to perform, as representative of the Staunton family, a very ancient custom.* It is this�that when any of the royal family honour Belvoir Castle with their presence, the chief of the Staunton family is required personally to appear and present the key of the stronghold of the Castle (called Stannton's Tower) to the royal visitor. The ceremony was performed by the late Rev. Dr. Staunton, in virtue of his tenure of the manor of ' Staunton,' commonly called 'Castle Guard,' with an appropriate speech to the Prince Regent (afterwards George IV.), when his Royal Highness honoured the Duke of Rutland with his presence at the christening of the present Duke, Jan., 1814. The same ceremony was performed when the Duke of Gloucester visited Belvoir Castle in 1833."

Grantham Journal 8 August 1868
At Sedgebrook on the 31st ult., Mary Turnery [sic] aged 77. [should read TURNEY]

Grantham Journal 6 June 1868
At Sedgbrook on the 22nd ult Mr John Allen of the Red Cow Inn, Sedgebrook aged 66 years.

Grantham Journal 6 June 1868
At Sedgbrook on the 24th ult Mary Ann dau of the late Sarah Ann Ryder aged 5 months.

Grantham Journal 22nd August 1868
On the 9th inst at Sedgebrook, Charles, infant son of Mr Benjamin Green.

Stamford Mercury 22nd January 1869
At Foston, on the 14th inst. Mr James Jackson late of Sedgebrook aged 74.

Grantham Journal 23 January 1869
JACKSON � At Foston on the 14th inst, Mr Jas Jackson, late of Sedgebrook, aged 74.

HANDLEY � At Sedgebrook on the 14th inst., Martha, infant daughter of Mr John Handley.

Stamford Mercury 5th March 1869
At Sedgebrook on the 23rd ult Eliz Ayto aged 36.

Grantham Journal 20 March 1869
VIRDEN � on the 1st inst., Thomas, son of Mr Stephen Virden, of Sedgebrook Mill Cottage, aged 1 year and 9 months.

Grantham Journal 26 June 1869
CAUNT � At Sedgebrook on the 20th inst Mrs Elizabeth Caunty, aged 75.

Nottinghamshire Guardian Friday 2nd July 1869
At Sedgebrook on the 20th June Mrs Eliz Caunt aged 75.

Grantham Journal 9 April 1870
RICHARDS � At Sedgebrook on the 5th inst., Elizabeth wife of Mr Joseph Richards, formerly of Little Gonerby, Grantham, aged 85.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 15th April 1870
At Sedgebrook on the 5th inst Elizabeth, wife of Mr Joseph Richards aged 85.

Grantham Journal 31 December 1870
AYTO � At Sedgebrook, on the 24th inst., George Wm, infant son of George and Sarah Ayto.

Grantham Journal 28 January 1871
AUKLAND � at Sedgebrook, on the 22nd inst., Mr John Aukland, aged 84.

Grantham Journal 7 January 1871
AYTO � At Sedgebrook on the 5th inst of a consumption Mr George Ayto aged 26.

Jackson's Oxford Journal Saturday April 15th 1871.
April 1st at Shirburn aged 21 years - Annie the 3rd daughter of the late Mr John Robinson of Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal August 26 1871
BREWSTER � At Sedgebrook, on the 17th of August, Mr Edmund Brewster, farmer and grazier, aged 71.

Pall Mall Gazette - London, Saturday August 12th 1871.
At Sedgebrook Station, on the Great Northern Railway yesterday a boy named Arthur Oakland was playing on the platform when he fell under the wheels of a passing express goods train and was killed instantaneously.

Grantham Journal 9 December 1871
CAUNT � At Sedgebrook on the 8th inst Mr Thomas Caunt aged 70.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 15th December 1871
At Sedgebrook on the 8th inst Mr Thomas Caunt, aged 70.

Grantham Journal January 6 1872
AYTO � CLARKE, at Sedgebrook, on the 26th ult., Mr Wm Ayto to Miss Ellen Clarke of Little Gonerby.

Grantham Journal 11th May 1872
AYTO � at Sedgebrook on the 7th inst Mr Geo Ayto aged 52 years

Grantham Journal 3rd August 1872
JOHNSON � on the 25th ult (accidently killed) near Sedgebrook Station Mr William Johnson of Grantham, 4th son of the late Jno Johnson of Culverthorpe in the 43rd year of his age.

Grantham Journal 22 March 1873
SOUTHERN - At Sedgebrook the 10th inst Tom Southern aged 7 years.
DENNIS � At Sedgebrook on the 14th inst Mr Matthew Denis aged 75 years
NORTH � At Sedgebrook on the 16th inst Walter Swain North aged 7 weeks.

Grantham Journal 12th April 1873
HANDLEY � At Sedgebrook on the 5th inst John Houghton Handley aged 1 year.

Derby Mercury - Wednesday July 23rd 1873
Robinson - July 5th at Darley Field House. John Robinson, late of Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire aged 73.

Grantham Journal Saturday 12 April 1873
HANDLEY � At Sedgebrook on the 5th inst John Houghton Handley aged 1 year.

Derby Mercury Wednesday July 23rd 1873
ROBINSON - July 5 at Darley Field House, John Robinson late of Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, aged 73 years.

Grantham Journal 4 April 1874
PASK � At Sedgebrook on the 25th ult., William Pask, aged 82.

Grantham Journal Nov 21 1874
GREEN � At Sedgebrook on the 13th inst., Mary daughter of Mr Benjamin Green aged 5 months.

Grantham Journal 26 June 1875
TURNEY - At Sedgebrook, on the 23rd inst., Nathaniel Turney, aged 45.

Grantham Journal 29 January 1876
ALDERSON � At Westerdale on the 22nd inst., ALICE MARY dau of Ralph and Mary Alderson late of Sedgebrook.

Grantham Journal April 15 1876
At Sedgebrook on the 14th inst Mary Gray aged 73 years.

Nottinghamshire Guardian Friday 21st April 1876
At Sedgebrook, Mary Gray aged 73 years.

Grantham Journal May 27 1876
HANDLEY � At Sedgebrook, on the 4th May, Susan infant daughter of John and Eliza Handley, aged 6 weeks.

Nottinghamshire Guardian Friday 29th June 1877
At Sedgebrook Mr Joseph Gray aged 73.

Grantham Journal 21 September 1878
BECK � At Sedgebrook, on the 17th inst, Sarah the wife of Mr John Beck, cordwainer aged 51 years.

Grantham Journal July 17 1880
ALDERSON � July 10th Mary, the beloved wife of Ralph Alderson of Westerdale, formerly of Sedgebrook. Friends please accept this intimation.

Grantham Journal 11 December 1880
HANDLEY � At Sedgebrook on the 17th June, Elizabeth Handley aged 68 years; and on the 4th December James Handley the beloved husband of the above, aged 69.

Grantham Journal 26th March 1881
CAUNT � At Sedgebrook on February 23rd Elizabeth Caunt aged 45.

Grantham Journal 4th February 1882
JOHNSON � At Sedgebrook on the 15th ult Arthur, infant son of William and Ann Johnson.

Bury & Norwich Post 1 Aug 1882
On the 25th ult at Sedgebrook Rectory, Grantham, aged 81, Mrs Eliza Gooding, of Southwold.

Grantham Journal 12 Aug 1882
BURTON � At the Rectory Farm, Sedgebrook on the 26th ult. Mr John Burton aged 71.

Grantham Journal 17 March 1883
GIBSON � At Ripley, Derbysire on the 6th inst., Lucy the wife of Mr William Gibson and 4th daughter of William & Rachel Green of Sedgebrook Mill, aged 24 years.

Grantham Journal July 7 1883
DENNIS � At Sedgbrook on the 22nd ult Sarah Dennis aged 73.

Grantham Journal 1 December 1883
GIBSON � At Sedgebrook on the 22nd ult Mr John Gibson aged 73.
HANDLEY � At Sedgebrook on the 29th ult Mr John Handley aged 80.

Grantham Journal 6th September 1884
NORTH � At Sedgebrook on the 31st ult Sarah wife of Mr James North, cottager aged 59.

Grantham Journal 28 November 1885
DEWEY � At Sedgebrook on the 12th inst., Ann, widow of the late John Dewey, aged 63.

Nottinghamshire Evening Post 16 September 1886
Death of a Detective
Ex Detective Sergeant Vessey, formerly of the Derby Borough Police Force died at sedgebrook near Grantham yesterday. Deceased joined the force on the 14th of February 1855 and was made a Detective Sergeant on the 1st May 1861 and superannuated on the 28th November 1877 owing to injuries received while arresting a man on the Nottingham road on the 29th June 1877. He was 61 years of age.

Grantham Journal 30 April 1887
WALLBANKS � At Sedgebrook Gate House, on the 21st inst. Mary Rose Wallbanks, wife of Mr C Wallbanks, aged 26 years.

Grantham Journal 17 September 1887
NORTH � At Sedgebrook on the 7th inst, Henry, and on the 9th Freddy, twin sons of James North junior.

Grantham Journal 8th October 1887
FIELD � On Saturday the 1st inst at Sedgebrook Rectory the wife of the Rev HCB Field prematurely of a daughter, stillborn.

Grantham Journal 17th December 1887
BURTON- At Sedgebrook on the 4th inst Rose Burton, 27 years.

Grantham Journal 21 July 1888
HANDLEY � At Woolsthorpe, Colsterworth, on the 14th inst., Frances, daughter of the late Mr Handley, schoolmaster, Sedgebrook, aged 67 years.

Grantham Journal 15 December 1888
BURTON � At the residence of his son, Abbey House, Sedgebrook, on the 6th inst., Mr John Burton, sen., formerly of Syston, Lincolnshire aged 80 years.

Nottinghamshire Guardian Saturday November 2nd 1895
KEMP- On the 26th ult. at the Manor House, Sedgebrook, Ellen the dearly loved wife of George Kemp, aged 48 years.

Worcestershire Chronicle 14th November 1896
DRAKE - M.A. Rector of Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire. Hon. Canon of Worcester & Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen, aged 83.

Daily News - London Wednesday November 23 1898
A sad death occurred at Newark yesterday during a meeting of the Claypole District Council. The appointment of Treasurer to the Council, for which there were 3 candidates, was under consideration and voting had reached the final stage, when a councillor, Mr Kemp, a farmer, of Sedgebrook was seized with an apoplectic fit and died almost immediately.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 11 December 1903
HANDLEY On the 16th inst at Sedgebrook, Sarah Handley the beloved wife of Frederick Handley late of Mill Street Oakham, after a long and painful illness.

Grantham Journal 26th March 1904
Handley � On the 16th instant at Sedgebrook, Sarah Handley, the beloved wife of Frederick Handley, late of Mill-street, Oakham, after a long and painful illness.

Grantham Journal 15 October 1904
In ever loving memory of Mary Lizzie, child of Wm and Alice Mapletoft, of Sedgebrook who died October 15th 1903. She will never be forgotten, Never will her memory fade, All our thoughts will ever linger, Round the place where she is laid.

Lincolnshire Chronicle October 28 1921.
John Robert Challands aged about 51, farmer and builder and contractor of Bottesford was knocked down and killed by the 5.5am train from Grantham to Nottingham.

Nottingham Evening Post Sat 1 Sept 1923
Nurse requires Situation, baby preferred, good references � Miss Whatton, Sedgebrook, Grantham.

Nottingham Evening Post Mon 19 July 1926
The death has taken place of the Rev Thomas Cranmer Ewbank, M.A. for 30 years Rector of Sedgebrook, Grantham. The deceased who had attained the ripe age of 78 had been in failing health for several years.

Nottinghamshire Evening Post 20 September 1926
The Will of a former Sedgebrook Rector, the Rev Thomas Cranmer Ewbank M.A. of Sedgebrook, Grantham, rector there since 1896, formerly headmaster of Halton House School, Newark, in his younger days a well known cricketer playing as wicket keeper for Sussex and who died on July 16th aged 78 left estate of the gross value of �4,861 with et personalty �4.437. Probate of his will has been granted to his widow Mrs Emmie Ewbank of the same address, the sole executor.

The Times Newspaper Friday December 7th 1928
CARTER - On December 4th 1928 at Sedgebrook Manor, Grantham, Margaret, widow of Charles Emanuel Frederick Carter in her 90th year.

The Times Newspaper Wednesday February 20th 1929
On February 18th 1929 at Sedgebrook Manor, Grantham, suddenly Duncan Douglas Stuart CARTER, late manager of the Midland Bank, Westgate, Grantham, in his 63rd year.

Nottingham Evening Post Mon 18 Feb 1929
Another well known figure in Grantham passed away suddenly from heart failure this morning, namely Mr Duncan Douglas Stuart Carter, of the Manor, Sedgebrook. Deceased who was in his 64th year entered Messrs, Hardy�s bank, West-gate, Grantham as a junior clerk in 1881, and when it was absorbed by the Midland Banking Co. Leicester, 32 years ago, he was promoted to the management, which position he held until his retirement last September. Mr Carter was for many years treasurer to the Grantham Corporation, to the Grantham Board of Guardians and Rural District Council, to the Belvoir R.D.C. and the Gratham Hospital, Grantham War Savings Committee and the South Lincs branch of the Red Cross. In his younger days he was an enthusiastic volunteer, and held a commission in the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, Lincolnshire Regt. He was a bachelor, and lost his mother only a few weeks ago.

Nottingham Evening Post Tues 2 July 1929
Mr Duncan Douglas Stuart Carter of the Manor House, Sedgebrook, Lincs, formerly of Grantham, late manager of the Midland Bank, Westgate, Grantha, who died on the 18th February last aged 62 years, left estate of the gross value of �13,332 15s 2d with net personalty �10,403, 9s 11d. The testator left his property to his sister Ellen Undine Sheldon Crozier, his mother, for whom he had made provision, having died in his lifetime.

The Times Newspaper - Friday Aug 4th 1944
BUXTON - Killed in Action, July 1944, Major Peter S BUXTON, Leicestershire Yeomanry, beloved husband of Jill Buxton, Selaby, Gainford, only son of Major Geoffrey Buxton of Sedgebrook Manor, Grantham, & Clare, Countess Cowley, Seagry House, Chippenham - no letters please.

The Times Newspaper November 3rd 1967
BEDDINGTON - On 1st November 1967 in hospital, as the result of a hunting accident Thomas Alfred Herbert (Tommy Beddington) of Sedgebrook Manor, Grantham beloved husband of Doreen. Funeral Sedgebrook Church 2.45 Monday November 6th.


23 Aug 1790:
I THOMAS TWELLS, clerk, rector of Sedgebrook in the County of Lincoln being in good health and perfect understanding do make this my last will and testament in the form following. First I give to God my soul in hope of a joyful resurrection through the merits of Jesus Christ my blessed redeemer and I ---- desire that my executors will set my body decently tho� plainly within the communion rails in the church of the parish church of Sedgebrook aforesaid and that as soon as conveniently may be after my demise all my just debts be fully paid and satisfied for which purpose subject and --- in my real as well as personal estate with the payment therof and subject thereto I dispose of my estate real and personal as follows. I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife SARAH TWELLS late SARAH CALCRAFT all my household furniture plate and linens � as also such chaise, chariot or carriages of that kind as I may be possessed of together with the --- for her --- use and benefit. I give and bequeath to my said wife SARAH TWELLS the house and lands at Abesthorpe ? in the parish of Southwell and county of Nottingham formerly Philip West�s during the term of her natural life. I also give and bequeath to my said wife SARAH TWELLS the houses and tenements lately the estate of Mr CHARLES HUDSON at Newark upon Trent in the said county of Nottingham during the term of her natural life. I also give and bequeath to each of my sisters AMY, CATHERINE, and MARY TWELLS the sum of �20 for mourning and whereas I propose now in my lifetime out of the very great esteem and friendship I have for JAMES COOK now of SEDGEBROOK and son of JOHN COOK of THORNINGTON in the county of ESSEX to transfer to him as soon as ----------- �2,000 bank stock in the three per cents consolidated. If I shall happen to die before such transfer is made I will that my executors do transfer to him the said JAMES COOK the aforesaid �2000 3 per cent consolidated for his ---- use and benefit as soon as conveniently may be done after my decease. All the rest of my estate real and personal whether houses, land or money in the --- which I may sit possessed of subject to the payment of such legacies as I have ---- already bequeathed or such as I may hereafter bequeath in this my last will wrote with my own hand or in any codicil which I may hereafter add thereunto and to the legacies herein after named by me given to my executors. I give and bequeath to JAMES COOK, son of JOHN COOK of THORNINGTON in the county of ESSEX ------ and to ---- CLAY of LITTLE NORMANTON in the County of DERBY, gentleman ---- executors and administrators in trust out of the ------- interest and produce thereof to pay to my dear wife SARAH TWELLS the yearly annuity of �2000 paid by 2 equal half yearly payments mainly as Old Midsummer and Old Christmas, every year during the term of her natural life and whereas my late brother JOHN TWELLS did by his will give and bequeath to each of my three sisters AMY, CATHERINE and MAY TWELLS the sum or annuity of �50 per annum during their lives and --- upon his estates which were given to me by his will. I will and desire that if any part of my three sisters aforesaid shall die that the annuity will be paid to the survivors or survivor of the --- during their natural lives. I likewise bequeath that after the decease of my said wife SARAH TWELLS the house and lands at Westhorpe aforesaid formerly Philip West�s to my sisters CATHERINE and MARY TWELLS or the survivor of them during the term of their natural lives and after the decease of my said wife SARAH TWELLS and my two sisters CATHERINE and MARY TWELLS aforesaid I give and bequeath the said house and lands at WESTHORPE to my cousin ROBERT BURKITT the younger of UPTON in the county of NOTTINGHAM and to his ---- for ----. likewise will that after the death of my said wife SARAH TWELLS my executors do pay or cause to be paid to each of my two sisters CATHERINE and MARY TWELLS the sum of �30 paid by half yearly payments being the interest of �2000 + --- per cent. During the terms of ---- natural lives. And I likewise will that after the decease of my said wifeSARAH TWELLS and my sisters CATHERINE and MARY TWELLS my executors do transfer �2000 stock in the three per cent consolidated to my cousin JOHN BIRKET aforesaid or to his heirs for their use and benefit for ever. And I also will that one thousand pounds stock in the 3% consolidated after the decease of my said wife and my said sisters be transferred by my executors to my cousin WILLIAM GILL of MAPLEBECK in the County of NOTTINGHAM his heirs or assigns for ever and I also will that after the decease of my said wife SARAH TWELLS my executors do transfer to each of the children of my cousin the REVD JNO LEONARD TWELLS of THAKEHAM in the County of SUSSEX as shall then be living the sum of �600 stock 3% consolidated for their sole use and benefit for ever. I also will and bequeath the following legacies to be paid by my executors after the decease of my said wife SARAH TWELLS namely to my cousin MARY BRETT ? late MARY BURKITT of UPTON aforesaid but now the wife of -------- BRETT of FLEDBOROUGH in the County of NOTTINGHAM �300. To my cousin GEORGE GILL of UPTON his heirs or assigns �100, to his sister ELIZABETH the wife of ----------------------------- of MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE formerly ELIZABETH GILL her heirs or assigns �100. To my cousin JOHN ROOTS of Old Montague Street, London Cheesemonger or to his heirs and assigns �100. To my friend REV W. CHARLES FOWLER of SOUTHWELL in the County of NOTTINGHAM �300. To my friend MATTHEW DOWNING of EASTHORPE in the parish of BARROWBY in the County of LINCOLN or to his heirs or assigns �100. To ELIZABETH the daughter of ROBERT CALTHORPE the elder of GrEAT GUNNERSBY aforesaid �300 and to MARY and SARAH CALCROFT the daughters of ROBERT CALCROFT the elder of GREAT GUNERSBY aforesaid each of them �100. I also give and bequeath to ROWLEY CLAY in the parish of LITTLE NORMANTON in the PAISH of CHESTERFIELD in the County of DERBY �1200 for his trouble in the execution of this my will. I also give and bequeath to my --- and ---- esteemed friend JAMES COOK son of JOHN COOK of THORNINGTON in the County of ESSEX after the decease of my wife SARAH TWELLS the houses and tenements at NEWARK upon trust in the County of NOTTINGHAM late Mr CHARLES HUDSON�s and to his sons for ever and I do herebye appoint him the said JAMES COOK after the payment of the several legacies herein mentioned my Residuary Legatee. And I also herebye constitute and appoint the aforesaid JAMES COOK son of JOHN COOK of THORNINGTON in the County of ESSEX and the aforesaid ROWLEY CLAY of LITTLE NORMANTON in the parish of CHESTERFIELD and county of DERBY Executors of this my last Will and Testament earnestly bequesting them to see this ----- fulfilled and executed with all the ease and attention in their power . In witness whereof I have to this my will contained in one sheet of paper set my hand and affixed my seal this fifteenth day of September in the Year of Our Lord 1780. THOMAS TWELLS

Signed, sealed published and declared by the said THOMAS TWELLS as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses hereunto.


This will was proved at London the 23rd day of August in the Year of Our Lord 1790 before the Worshipful George ------ Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oath of JAMES COOK one of the executors named in the said will to whom administration was granted of all and singular the Good Chattels and Codicils of the said deceased having first been sworn duly to administer power ----- of making the life ----- to ROWLEY CLAY the other executor named in the said will when he shall apply for the -----
Surrogate of the Right Honourable SIR WILLIAM WYNNE, Knight, Doctor of Laws.

5th April 1796 1 PG/2/1/17/18 Lincs Archives (1) Mary Leeson of Newark upon Trent, Notts., spinster, and Richard Fisher of the same, mercer, and Frances Fisher, his wife, late Frances Leeson, spinster, which Mary and Frances are the two surviving children and coheiresses at law of Edward Leeson late of Sedgebrook, grazier, deceased, and devisees in fee simple in reversion expectant upon the death of their mother, Hannah Leeson, which has happened, named in the will of the said Edward Leeson, who was the last surviving son and heir at law of William Leeson, sometime since of Harlaxton, grazier, deceased, William Leeson and Robert Leeson, the two other sons of the said William Leeson of Harlaxton having died without issue, which Edward Leeson was devisee also in fee simple named in a codicil to the will of the said William Leeson of Harlaxton, his father, deceased.

Lincolnshire County Concil: Joseph Burroughs LC Wills 1837/64 "In the name of God Amen. I Joseph Burroughs of Sedgebrook, in the County of Lincoln, schoolmaster, being of sound Mind and Memory, do make this my last Will and Testament, in mannor and form following. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Frances Burroughs the Prefs Bead; I also give and bequeath to my Son Joseph Burroughs my Watch. All the rest and residue of my Money, Goods , Chattels and Effects, of what nature or kind soever, I give and bequeath unto my Son Mark Burroughs and Daughter Charlotte Burroughs to be equally divided between them Share and Share alike; And I do nominate and appoint my Son Mark Burroughs and my Daughter Charlotte Burroughs Joint Executor and Executrix of this my last Will and Testament; hereby revoking and making void all former Wills by me made, and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I the said Joseph Burroughs have hereunto set my hand and Seal this fourteenth Day of August in Year of our Lord One Thousand and eight hundred and thiry three.
Joseph Burroughs
Signed, sealed, declared, and published by the above named Joseph Burroughs, as and for his last Will and Testament, in the Presence of us who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our Names as witnesses thereto:
I. C. Howsons
R. Goring
(sent by Denise Moore of Perth, Western Australia).

On the eighteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven Mark Burroughs and Charlotte Burroughs the Executors within named were only sworn and also made oath that the whole of the personal estate and effects of the deceased at the time of his death did not account in value to the sum of one hundred pounds.
before me
Wm Potchell
The testator died the 27th January 1837
Stamford Mercury Friday 17th February 1837
Sedgebrook, near Grantham. To Be Sold by Auction by W Wood.On Monday next the 20th day of February 1837 on the premises of the late Mr Joseph Burroughs the noted astrononical calculator, mathematician & Schoolmaster aforesaid. The whole of the said deceased's books, instruments, a part of the household furniture and other effects, also a good dairy cow in calf, time up on the 5th April, 2 cores of old hay, about 6 tons and a core of new ditto, about 2 tons the whole which may be removed off the premises. The sale to commence precisely at Eleven o' clock with the furniture. Grantham February 15th 1837.

The Gentlemans Magazine 1845
The will and codicils of the late Dr. Gordon, Dean of Lincoln, has been proved in Doctors'-commons, by J. Fardell, esq. one of the executors, �ho has sworn the personal property under �I40,000. The testator ratifies a settlement made on his marriage, devising certain estates at Lincoln to his sons and daughter. He bequeaths to his wife, Sanli Gordon, his house in the close of Lincoln, choice of furniture, plate, linen, china, fifty dozen of wine, and what she may wish to retain of his paintings, prints, books, and manuscripts, and the sum of �10,400. �100. of which she is to distribute to servants; to his son John Gordon, �4,000; to each of his curates at Horbling and Sedgebrook, 50 guineas and a mourning ring; to each of his executors, 100 guineas and a mourning ring; to Lincoln County Hospital, �100.; to Lincoln Lunatic Asylum, �100.; to Society for Relief of Distressed Clergymen at Lincoln, their Orphans and Widows, �100 ; to Lincoln National Schools, �100. After a few other legacies, the residue is bequeathed to his wife and children. The executors appointed in the will are Sarah Gordon, John Gordon, and John Fardell. It is dated 21st Feb. 1838

The Will of the Dean of Lincoln, the Rev Geo Gordon. The Times Newspaper November 1st 1845

Lincolnshire Chronicle 1st October 1847
Notice is herbye given, that William Shipman of Sedgebrooke in the county of Lincoln, farmer, hath by Indenture bearing date the 24th day of this instant September assigned all his personal estate & effects unto Robert Hand of Woolsthorpe in the said county, grazier & Edmind Fillingham King etc (for further details see the newspaper).

Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemists Vol 74-76
John Arthur Heald died 6th April 1950 in his 57th year. Educated at Sedgebrook Grammar School, Grantham, he entered University College, Nottingham in 1912. He enlisted in the Royal Engineers in 1914 and served in "E" Special Coy in France, being mentioned in despatches and was awarded the Military Cross.

The Times Newspaper 22nd August 1953
Professor S.P. Smith
Professor Stanley Parker Smith, C.B.E. died yesterday at Perth. He was 69. He was born at Grantham in 1884 and educated at Grantham Grammar School, Sedgebrook School and Armstrong College, Newcastle upon Tyne. From the day in 1905 when he was awarded the 1851 Royal Exhibtion research scholarship, his contribution to the store of knowledge of electricity was continually important. He held many posts, first as a designer, and latterley as a lecturer in engineering colleges, and in 1923 was appointed Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Royal technical college, Glasgow. There, over a decade of changing years he obtained all his honours his profession could give. His many publications included Electrical Equipment of Automobiles, Problems in Electrical Engineering and various manuals. Smith, at the invitation of the late Sir Edward McCall, came out of retirement in 1948 to found the north of Scotland hydro-electric board staff college at Faskally, Pitlochry. He leaves a widow and a son and daughter.

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