Sedgebrook Lincolnshire Inquests


Stamford Mercury Fri 14 Jan 1820
On the 8th inst. Another inquest was taken by the same coroner, (Thomas Clarke Gent) at Stathern on the body of Mr Thomas Shipman of Sedgebrook. It appeared in evidence, that the deceased had been at Stathern for some days, spending the Christmas holidays with his friends there: on Thursday evening the 6th inst. He retired to rest in a good state of health and spirits, but on the following morning was found a corpse in his bed. Verdict, died by the visitation of God. He was 38 years of age and formerly resided at Eaton Lodge.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 26th November 1841
On the 18th inst an inquest was held at Sedgebrook, before George Kewney, gent, coroner, on view of the body of Jane Green, aged 6 years. It appeared that the deceased was sitting near the fire in her father's house, when a lighted stick fell out upon her clothes, and burned her so as to cause her death. A neighbour who came to her assistance was severly burned in attempting to put out the fire. Verdict - accidental death.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 4th September 1846
At Sedgebrook on Saturday last before Mr Robert A White, Deputy Coroner, over the body of John Wing of Sedgebrook who died the preceeding day in consequence of an accident which befell him on the previous Tuesday. His servant was driving him steadily in his gig on the road from Eastorpe to Denton, when on a sudden his pony, which was subject to the megrims, darted off from the middle of the road over a stone heap on the other side of it, and threw both Mr Wing and his servant out of the gig. The latter was hurt, though not seriously, but his master, whose age was 67, was insensible and continued so, though life remained for 3 days. Verdict, accidental death.

Nottingham Advertiser November 17 1854
Sudden Death - Frances Hughes Booth was found, on Saturday morning, dead in bed by the side of Mrs Richards, of Sedgebrook, whom she was nursing in her confinement. An inquest was held on Monday, before Mr R A White, Esq., when Mr Richards stated that, on his being fetched by Mrs R because the deceased did not answer, he found her lying on her left side, with her left arm over her right shoulder; her countenance looked placid, as though she had died in her sleep. She was 49 years of age. Mr Kingston of Woolsthorpe, made a post mortem examination, and found that she died from congestion of the brain, arising from diseased heart.

Lincolnshire Chronicle Fri 13 Aug 1858
An Inquest was held by Mr White, coroner at Sedgebrook on Thursday 5th inst. touching the death of Thomas, son of Ralph Alderson, gamekeeper, 3 and a half years old. Mr Alderson has a fire at night near the wood a short distance from his house to keep foxes from the pheasants and deceased with an elder and a younger brother went out to play on Monday morning and Mrs Alderson soon after, hearing a louder screaming than usual went out to see what was amiss when the deceased came running to her with his clothes on fire. The children had probably been playing in the embers and so the childs clothes accidently took fire. Not with standing the mediacal attendance which he immediately received and which he continued to receive daily he died from the effects of the burning on Wednesday afternoon. Verdict "Accidently burned to death".

Stamford Mercury Fri 14 September 1860
Child Killed by a Railway train An Inquest was held before Mr White, coroner, on Tuesday last, at the Red Cow, Sedgebrook, on the body of Mary Ann Cartledge, aged about 2 years (daughter of the station master), who on the previous day was on the up-line of the Nottingham and Grantham Railway when the 11.40am express train passed through Sedgebrook station. The engine driver saw the child, blew the whistle, and did all he could to stop the train, but was unable to do so in time. The engine struck the deceased and threw her some yards on the down line. The driver, as soon as he had succeeded in stopping the train, went back towards the station, when he was told the child was not dead; and immediately rejoined the train, went to Grantham and took Mr Shipman, surgeon to Sedgebrook as soon as possible, but in the interval the child died. Verdict Accidently killed.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 28th December 1867
Inquest at Sedgebrook - Suicide by hanging. John Houghton aged 57 hung himself by tying himself to the bedpost by a small piece of cord.

Sheffield & Rotherham Independant Newspaper Friday January 13th 1888
The Shocking Railway Fatality near Grantham: Mr G.W.G. Beaumont, Grantham District Coroner, held an inquest at Sedgebrook School-house on Wednesday evening, upon the body of a man found the previous night in a mangled condition on the Great Northern Railway. The deceased had been identified as George Key, 57, an Insurance Agent, late of Harrow street, Grantham. George Atkins, driver on the Great Northern Railway, deposed that he was driving the 6.53 express train on Tuesday evening from Nottingham to Grantham. He would pass through Sedgebrook Station at the rate of 50 miles an hour and was due in Grantham at 7.25. On arriving at the latter place, Mr Bridge, the locomotive superintendant, informed him that a man had been found on the line at Sedgebrook, and an examination was made of the engine. Some blood and other matter was found on the left buffer. Witness did not feel any concussion of the wheels on passing through Sedgebrook. The night was very dark - Richard Blencome, guard of the train, said he knew nothing of the occurence until told of it that morning. James William Wilderspin, stationmaster at Sedgebrook, deposed to finding the body lying across the rails. The driver of the 7.58 train to Leicester told him there was something on the line. He went to look and found the body of the deceased. The head had been severed from the trunk, and both legs were off above the knee. With assistance, witnesses removed the remains. Two sixpenny pieces, and twopence were found near the body. - After a short deliberation the jury returned a verdict of "Found dead upon the railway". The deceased leaves a widow and nine children.

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