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Just a few snippets of news and information about the folk from Sedgebrook.

The Perfect English Country House, by Candida Lycett Green & Christopher Simon Sykes
In the Domesday Book, Sedgebrook is valued at £8 having with it 3 mills, 60 acres pf meadow and land for 9 plough teams. It's owners were then called Malet, subsequently Lords of Eye in Suffolk.

In 1613, Symon Ecoppe rented lands from John Gybson of Sedgebrook, as shown by the following counterpart of a lease (Lincs Archives 1 PG/2/3/3).
(1)John Gybson of Sedgebrook, yeoman.
(2)Simon Ecopp of Denton, husbandman, and William Ecopp of the same, husbandman.
Messuage or tenement in Denton, the cottage with the appurtenances only excepted, together with five oxgangs of land, meadow and pasture in the fields of Denton, with all commons and commodities belonging.
From Michaelmas next for three years
Rent: £14 p.a. (£1386 in 2005)
(1) to have entry to premises for pulling down and rebuilding part of the buildings.
Signature of Simon and mark of William Ecop 22 June 1613. [Thanks to Janey Hawkins - nee Ecob for that entry],

In the Lincolnshire Archives can be found many documents relating to Sedgebrook inhabitants. In particular in the catalogue Thorold [THOR 2 - THOR 13]
Under Family Settlements and entitled "Lease for a year" Thor 2/4/1 29th July 1730

Property mentioned:
the capital messuage at Sedgebrook in the occupation of Mary Turney & her son John. Annis Farm in the occupation of Mr. George Annis and spinney & Turnhill Meadow. The farm in the occupation of Thomas Cam, the farm called Alleyns Farm in the occupation of Eliz. Alleyn, the close called Moore Close in the occupation of Edward Garton, John Lunn and John Brett, the farm called North Crookdikes in the occupation of Henry Squire, the house in the possession of Elizabeth Fountain, widow, the farm called Robert Annis' Farm, lands and cottages called Sandlands, Ten Acres, Outmeadow, Lawfild, Ash Close, Hanleys Cottage, Sewell's Cottage, Grotox Homestead, in the occupation of Rhoda Mason, widow, the farm called Crookholmes and Deveys Closes in the occupation of John Robinson, the farm and lands called Lane Close, the Holme, Barrowby Meadow, Abbot Close, Great Musson Close, Machin Plot and Meadow, Coxe's Little Walk, Listers Dale and Mill Field in the occupation of Mary Waring junior, widow, the mill called Hoe Mill, part of Mill Close and Pingle in the occupation of Thomas Jessop, the close called Far Tunhill in the occupation of Michael Stephenson, closes called Berry Field and Northorns Sallowong and west part of Longlands in the occupation of John Mason, the two Gossey Closes, Deweys Thorolds Close, Fountains Thorolds Close, Robinsons 12 acre plot part of Dixon's farm, part of Dobbey's farm and Sheep Cott Close which are in the occupation of John Hollingworth, and all lands and appurtenances in Sedgebrook, Casthorpe (in Barrowby) and Barrowby. Also Elizabeth Ayton's third part in the capital messuage in West Herrrington where Samuel Ayton lived, farms etc in the occupation of William Clarke, William Tweddle, Thomas Usher, Robert Fairbone, William Blackstone, Anthony Blackstone, Matthew Reed, Catherine Cragg, John Greenwell, Thomas Ram, Anthony Denton, John Dixon, Robert Hall, Joseph Matthew, Jacob Watson, in East, West, and Middle Herrington, co Durham.

Bargain, sale, release & confirmation, - ref THOR 2/4/2 date 30th July 1730
A third of the undivided third part of the manor of West Herrington and the premises in East and West Herrington, Middle Herrington, Great Lumley, Silkworth, Harraton, and Harraton Outside, Offerton, Grindon and the two capital messuages in Barrowby, Sedgebrook and Casthorpe in the occupation of Mary and John Turney and George Annis to Elizabeth Ayton for life as jointure in lieu of dower.

File - Lease for a year - ref THOR 2/4/5 date 27th April 1757
Messuages in Sedgebrook, Newboe, Casthorpe, Barrowby, Denton, Allington, Benington, Manthorpe, and Gonerby now or late in the occupation of John Turney, William Leeson, George Annis, Ralph Whittle, John Hollingworth, William Bayne, Thomas Cam, William Turney, William Newcomb, Robert Collingwood, John Robinson, John Allen, Miles Peck, Thomas Turney, Thomas Leeson, Thomas Williams, Thomas Howett, John Stennett, Richard Leeson, Robert Squire, John Lunn, John Bret, Robert Hutchin, Richard Portwood, Richard Dewey, John Handley, Edward Pearson, ---- Morris, widow, Richard Allam, William Dennis, John jessop, Thomas Dewey, John Grey, John Richardson, Henry Chester, John Chester, Francis Dennis, John Welbourne, William Palin and William Lowe.

File Deed of revocation of settlements and declaration of new uses ref. THOR 2/5/1/ date 11th September 1770
.....the manor house of Sedgebrook, the capital messuage of Newboe, and lands etc. in Sedgebrook, Casthorpe, Newbo, Barrowby, Denton, Allington, Bennington, Manthorpe and Gonerby, now or late in the tenure of Mr. William Leeson, Edward Leeson, William Bayne, Benjamin Wade, William Turney, John Hollingworth, William Newcombe, Robert Hollingwood, widow Allen, John Robinson, Joseph Hardy, Thomas Leeson, Thomas Williams, Thomas Howett, William Twelch, John Stennett, Samuel Sanders, William Leeson, Thomas Read, widow Chester, John Goy, John Richardson, Thomas Dennis, John Welbourne, Thomas Jackson, and William Palin, the rents amounting to 1232.8s. from premises in Sedgebrook, Barrowby and Casthorpe not being limited to Dame Eliz Thorold for life

1 Pearson-GregoryCatalogue Ref. 1 PG
Pearson-Gregory family of Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire
Title Deeds. Harlaxton, - ref. 1 PG/2/1 - Purchases of George de Ligne Gregory, cont.
File - release - ref. 1PG/2/1/17/18 - date 5th April 1796
Mary Leeson of Newark upon Trent, Notts, spinster, and Richard Fisher of the same, mercer, and Frances Fisher, his wife, late Frances Leeson, spinster, which Mary and Frances are the two surviving children and coheiresses at law of Edward Leeson, late of Sedgebrook, grazier, deceased, and devisees in fee simple in reversion expectant upon the death of their mother, Hannah Leeson, which has happened, named in the will of the said Edward Leeson, who was the last surviving son and heir at law of William Leeson, sometime since of Harlaxton, grazier deceased, William Leeson and Robert Leeson, the two other sons of the said William Leeson of Harlaxton having died without issue, which Edward Leeson was devisee also in fee simple named in a codicil to the will of the said William Leeson of Harlaxton, his father, deceased.

File - Deed to make a tenant to the precipe ref THOR 2/7/8 date 22nd June 1811
The manor of Sedgebrook, capital messuage or manor house, the manor of Newboe, capital messuage or Manor House, the manor of Casthorpe, and farms, messauges, closes etc in Sedgebrook, Newbow, Casthorpe, Barrowby, Denton, Allington, Benington,Manthorpe and Gonerby in the occupation of William Turney, John Clark, Joseph Ward, Willam Lee, John Turney, William Wing, Edward Mabbot, the Very Reverend George Gordon, John Allen, John Eminson, Elizabeth Gray, Joseph Burroughs, Elizabeth Bullock, Francis Fields, Gervas Rider, James North, Anne Lane, James Auckland, Richard Warren, John Footit, Thomas Jackson, Elizabeth Saunders, John Handley the elder, Elizabeth Richardson, Joseph Pulling, John Handley the younger, Ann Simon, Thomas Welbourn, Joseph Scrimshaw, Robert Barnes and George Clark.

File - Grant, bargain, sale, release and confirmation - ref THOR 2/7/16 - date 4th May 1841
The Manor of Sedgebrook and manor house, the manor of Casthorpe and lands, farms etc. in Sedgebrook, Casthorpe, and Barrowby containing by survey 2625 acres, 2 roods, 3 perches in the occupation of Sir John Charles Thorold, John Auckland, Mary Allen, Eleanor Bainbridge, Mark Burroughs, William Burton, John Brewster, Francis Cant, George Dennis senior, George Dennis junior, John Downing, James Exton, Francis Fields, Richard Lee, the Reverend Dean Gordon, John Gibson, William Green, Ann Handley, William Handley, John Handley, John Handley junior, Richard Hubbard, William Lee, Richard North, Charles North, Rebecca Pullayn, John Robottom, William Ryder, Joseph Richardson, William Scholefield, Joseph Simons, John Stennett, William Shipman, John Savidge, Stephen Ashwell, Joseph Ward, John Wing, James Wing, Richard Warner.

For further details of these contact:- Linconshire Archives

In 1821 the parish contained 39 houses and 230 inhabitants.

Stamford Mercury Fri 25 Nov 1825
TO be sold by auction by Messrs Cooper & Wood, on Thursday 1st December 1825, upon the premises of Mrs Turney, at Sedgebrook, in the county of Lincoln.
All her live stock and implements in husbrandry, together with the hay, straw and grass keeping; consisting of 170 fat shearlings, 4 good fat bullocks, 4 fat heifers, 2 steers rising 3 years old, 2 heifers rising 3 years old, 2 steers rising 2 years old, 3 heifers rising 2 years old, 2 milch cows in profit, 6 calves, a cart foal, 1 three year old colt, 1 three year old filly, 1 2 year old blood filly got by Golumpus, 1 draught mare in foal, 1 aged draught horse, and 1 aged pony, a sow in pig, 2 narrow wheel waggons, 1 narrow wheel cart, 1 broad wheel ditto, 1 light cart, ploughs, harrows, tackle for horses &c. The grass, hay and straw keeping, comprises 2 hay stacks and 1 clover ditto, standing in the home yard; 14 acres of grass and a stack of hay standing in the close, 14 acres of ditto, 12 acres of ditto with ditto,and straw for keeping 6 beasts.
Ninety acres of Grass Keeping to Let, exclusive of the above.
Credit, upon approved joint security, for all bargains above 5 pounds, until the 25th March 1826 or 2 and a half discount for ready money. The keeping will be let til the 25th of March 1826. Sale to commence precisely at 11 o’ clock. November 18th 1825.

Stamford Mercury Friday 31st March 1826
Valuable Household Furniture, Glass, Linen, China, Books, Dairy & Brewing Utensils, Grand Piano-forte, Electrifying Machine, Patent Steam Kitchen, Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Cows, Horse, Gig and Harness, Hops, Bacon &c. To be sold by Auction, by Mr P Smith [for ready money and without reserve]. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 3rd, 4th, & 5th April 1826 on the premises of the late Mr TURNEY of Sedgebrooke, near Grantham. To commence each day precisely at Ten.

First Day’s Sale, Monday April 3- Valuable dining and drawing room furniture, including handsome sofas, mahogany dining, card, and other tables, sets of mahogany chairs, Wilton and Kidderminster carpets, hearth rugs, brilliant toned grand piano by Broadwood, pier glasses, sideboards and cellarets, knife cases, excellent electrifying machine by Jones, London, sets of window curtains, brass mounted and steel fenders, highly polished fire irons, barometer, prints and pictures, very valuable patent steam kitchen, by Downer and Sanders, London, with roasting and warm closets, kettles steamers, and complete culinary apparatus, capital eight day clock, wainscot desk, bookcase, 2 capital guns, writing desks, large salting lead and kitchen requisites of every kind, slipper bath &c &c.
Second Day’s Sale, Tuesday April 4th – 8 excellent goosecoat and other feather beds, four post and camp bedsteads, with moreen, chintz, and dimity furniture, hair and wool mattresses, blankets, Marseilles quilts, counterpanes, seven sets of mahogany drawers, very handsome mahogany wardrobe, sets of window curtains, stair, passage and floor carpets, pier and dressing glasses, wash stands, toilet and other tables, and a general and extensive assortment of bedroom furniture; 120 volumes of valuable books on different subjects; superb cut glass and china, valuable dessert, table and tea services, handsome paper tea trays, tea urns, ivory hafted knives and forks, handsome plated articles, 20 rich damask table cloths, large quantity of sheets and other linen (nearly new), handsome earthenware, &c &c.
Third Day’s Sale , Wednesday April 5th – 2 capital dairy cows in full profit, valuable 6 year old mare, quiet in harness, neat gig and harness; the whole of the valuable farming implements, comprising 2 good wagons with raves and sideboards, six inch and narrow wheeled carts, ploughs, ox and other harrows, scuffler, very good horse tackle and gearing, winnowing machine and barn utensils, sacks &c, 5 dozen stack fence trays, chaff cutting machine, potatoe-washing ditto, wool scales and weights, stone and other troughs, and a large variety of other agricultural requisites; also 5 saddles, 11 bridles, 2 side saddles and 2 pillions, brewing and dairy utensils, 24 good hogsheads and other ale casks, cheese presss, milk leads, churns, cheese vats, ---oes &c &c; half a bag of good North Clay Hops, quantity of bacon, mangle, washing machine, melon frame and glasses, hand glasses, garden roll, garden tools, 14 dozen glass bottles &c &c.

Catalogues may be had at Mr Ridge’s, printer, Grantham; at the place of sale; & of the auctioneer, Caythorpe.
N.B. All persons having any claim or demand upon the estate and effects of the late Mr Turney, are desired immediately to send in particulars therof to Mr Benjamin Turney, the executor, at Sedgebrook.

Stamford Mercury 16 september 1842
Sedgebrooke Near Grantham
Exceedingly valuable live Farming Stock and Implements of Agriculture late the property and upon the premises of Mr Joseph Ward deceased, at Sedgebrook aforesaid, To be sold by auction by Messrs Wood on Thursday the 6th day of October 1842. Comprising 306 Sheep bred for 40 years from the justly celebrated flock of Mr W Hand of Woolsthorpe, 38 shothorn beasts, 13 agricultural horses and 1 pony. 10 Pigs, Waggons, Carts and the usual routine of implements required for an extensive farm. Particulars by bills and future advts.

Stamford Mercury Fri 2nd Sep 1842
Sedgebrook near Grantham, to be sold by auction by Messrs Wood upon the premises of the late Mr Ward at Sedgebrook on Thursday the 22nd day of September 1842. The whole of the said deceased's truly valuable live farming stock, implements of Agriculture and other effects of which particulars will be published next week.

Stamford Mercury Fri 21st October 1842
Furniture Sale at Sedgebrook near Grantham. To be unreservedly sold by auction by Messrs Wood
Mr William Wards Affairs of Spanby
On Tuesday next the 25th October 1842. The neat, well conditioned and useful household goods and furniture, brewing and dairy requisites and other effects, late the property of Mr Joseph Ward deceased, particularised in bills. Sale to commence owing to the great number of lots, precisely at 11 o’ clock in the morning and continue without intermission to the close.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 7th April 1843
WATER CORN MILL, MALTING OFFICE. &c near Grantham – To be Let All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, consisting of an excellent Dining Room, Kitchen, Scullery, and Watere Closet on the grounf floor; Drawing Room and two bedrooms, on the second story [sic], with three attics over them; good Cellars, Back kitchen detached with Chamber over it, Dairy, Coal House, Brewhouse and other convenient attached and detached Out-buildings, such as two, three stalled stables , one fitted with two loose boxes, Saddle-house, Cart and Cow Sheds, Piggery, &c. A well established Water Corn Mill on the River Witham, constantly supplied with water, commodiously and well arranged for conducting business upon a very extensive scale; consisting of 2 water wheels, three pairs of French stones, one pair of Derbyshire stones, and one pair of shelling stones, with a moveable crane for raising them, two dressing machines, two corn screens, a blower, a bean splitter, a pair of malt rollersw, a bone mill, with riddle, sacktackle, &c. Also a 12 Quarter Malting Office, which from its situation may be worked at any season of the year. And likewise a walled garden and shrubberies, planted with choice fruit trees and shrubs, Paddock, Pingle &c, containg in the whole nearly 5 acres of land. The premises are situate at Spittlegate, adjoing the improving market town of Grantham, forming a desirable situation for carrying on a very extensive business. Arrangements may be made for early possession.
Apply to Mr William Shipman, Sedgebrooke, near Grantham.
Grantham 5th April 1843.

Stamford Mercury 5 September 1845
Sedgebrook Rectory, near Grantham. To be sold by Auction, by Messrs Wood. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th days of September 1845 , at the aforesaid Rectory (by direction of the Executors of the late Very Rev G Gordon, D.D. Dean of Lincoln.) The whole of the neat, useful, and well-conditioned Drawing, Dining and Bedroom Furniture, Kitchen, Dairy and other requisites; the truly valuable library, embracing numerous scarce works, and upwards of 2000 volumes; Cabinets, containing rare coins, Minerals &c, Microscope, Telescope, a quantity of prime old wine and other effects. Also a Share in the Grantham and Nottingham Canal. The sale will commence each morning at 11 o’ clock. The Books, Wine and Canal Share will be sold on Tuesday the 23rd – Catalogues may be had by applying at the office of the Auctioneers, Grantham

Dundee Perth & Cupar Advertiser 14 October 1845
A Precious Volume- A curious circumstance occurred last week at the sale of books of the late Dean of Lincoln, at Sedgebrook Rectory, near Grantham. Amongst the persons attracted by the advertisement of the sale was Mr John Deighton, the eminent bookseller of Cambridge. He was looking over the lots shortly before the auction commenced when, on taking up a copy of Donne’s Death, Judgement, Heaven & hell, he thought the volume felt very ponderous; and, on examining it he discovered that in the bookbinder’s “fly leaf” at the beginning, several coins were sewed. He called the attention of the auctioneer (Mr Wood) to the circumstance; and it was speedily ascertained that a manuscript letter was fastened to the leaf, and that 7 guineas and 2 half guineas, of the reign of Charles the Second, were strongly sewed within it, like so many buttons. The coins were bright and fresh; and though many of the books in the library were sadly damaged by damp and neglect, this volume and its contents had escaped injury from the lapse of one hundred and sixty years. The letter had no signature, but from its style seemed to be the writing of a father to his son at one of the Universities. The lot, made interesting by this circumstance, was withdrawn from the auction -

Stamford Mercury Fri 27 Feb 1863
Notice – In consequence of Mr Monks of Sedgebrook having taken another farm, his SALE (advertised in last weeks Mercury) by Messrs Wood will not take place.

Stamford Mercury Fri 20 February 1863
Sedgebrooke near Grantham
To be sold by Auction By Messrs Wood On Thursday 26th March 1863 upon the premises of Mr Monks at Sedgebrook, aforesaid. His valuable working horses, pigs, implements of Agriculture etc.

Stamford Mercury 20th October 1882 Messrs Creasey and Wildgoose have received instructions to sell by auction on Tuesday next October 24th 1882 upon the premises of the late Mr John Burton, Rectory Farm, Sedgebrook, the whole of the valuable Household furniture, grass and root keeping Hay and Straw (to go off), Farming Implements and other effects. Fully particularised in bills in circulation and to be had of the Auctioneer, Sleaford. Sale to commence with the Household Furniture at 10.30 prompt.

Stamford Mercury 6 March 1885
Sedgebrook Rectory, Thursday next, Nottingham & Grantham Railway. To be sold by Auction by Henry Escritt, On Thursday next March 12th 1885 under the powers of a bill of sale. The whole of the fine old Oak Furniture, the bed-room requisites, the extensive classical Library, Engravings &c., the property of the Rev Canon Drake, Catalogue of the Auctioneer, Grantham. Sale to commence at Eleven o’ clock.

In 1888 the village was, in form, a scattered hamlet (probably not much different from preceeding centuries), comprising the Manor, Church and Rectory in a group to the North of the Green, 5 farmsteads, 2 adjacent schools (boys and girls separately) a smithy and the "Abbey House". There was, documented a pub called the Red Cow in the village mid 1800's but it does not appear as such on either OS 1888 or 1904.
What is now the A52 Trunk road follows approximately the line of the former Nottingham-Grantham toll. There was a station to the North from 1850 and a stream "Old Beck" continues to run south/north along the eastern boundary of the village, the crossing was known as "Washdyke Bridge". Willow Bridge crosses another tributary which fed the moat to the Manor and runs along the eastern boundary of Chestnut Farm.

Nottingham Evening Post 27th March 1893
Sale by Auction by Mr Henry Escritt Sedgebrook Thursday next at 11 o’ clock. To be sold by auction by Henry Escritt on Thursday next, March 30th by instructions from Mr R O Johnson who is leaving the “Chestnuts” Farm, Sedgebrook, the following:-
172 Sheep: 90 lambed and in lamb Ewes, 45 Sheder Hogs, 37 Tup Hogs. Etc.

The Times Newspaper January 3rd 1920
Preliminary Notice by direction of His Grace, the Duke of Rutland K.G.
Leic, Linc, Notts - an important sale of a large portion of the Belvoir estate comprising an area upwatds of 13,300 acres - in the parishes of Bottesford, Muston, Redmile, Granby, Sutton, Plungar, Stathern, Rose, Harby, Eastwell, Eaton, Goadby, Marwood, Waltham, Stonesby, Thorpe Arnold, Scalford, Sedgebrook & Casthorpe, consisting of numerous farms, small holdings, residences, cottages, Licenced Houses, and accomodation lands to be sold by auction by Escitt & Barrell early in 1920.

The Times Newspaper November 10th 1925
Sir J.G. Thorold has requested Messrs Escritt & Barrell (Grantham) to sell the village of Sedgebrook five miles from Grantham, in that town on November 21st with the rest of the 1,730 acres of the Sedgebrook estate. Among the lots is a well preserved 14th century manor house, which has a richly panelled oak hall.

The Times Newspaper November 16th 1925
Sales by Auction - Saturday next
The important, valuable freehold & tithe free estate comprising the whole of the village of Sedgebrook and known as The Sedgebrook Estate and containing 5 very desirable mixed farms with good farm houses and excellent Farm premises including the very fine 14th century Manor House with magnificent Oak Panelled Hall and Bedrooms in a thorough state of preservation. Several lots of Accomodation, Pasture and Arable land, Cottages and Cottage Holdings. Three parcels of valuable Woodlands, known as Shipman's Plantation, The Debdales and Keeper's Plantation. The whole extending to a total area of 1,730 Acres. To be sold by auction by Escritt & Barrell at the Estate Sale Rooms, Elmer House, Grantham on Saturday November 21st 1925 at 2 o' clock precisely.

The Times Newspaper November 24th 1925 Results of Auctions
Sedgebrook, Lincs - 1,616 acres .........£33,681.
Times Newspaper 16 November 1925
The village of Sedgebrook was until its offer for sale in 1925 (subsequently withdrawn pre auction), wholly owned and controlled by the Sedgebrook Estate from the 1400’s by Markham, by Thorold 1716-1842 and a succession of other families but being in the name of one R.O. Johnson at the time of the abated disposal.

The Times Newspaper May 3rd 1968
Preliminary Announcement
Sedgebrook Manor - Grantham on the Lincolnshire, Leicestershire Borders & in the heart of Belvoir country. An exeptionally attractive XVIII century county property ideal as a hunting box or small residential estate. Entrance Hall, drawing room, sitting room, dining room, modern domestic offices. 5 bedrooms, dressing room, 2 bathrooms, self contained staff flat with bathroom. Garaging for 4 cars. Ample stabling, main services, central heating, beautiful gardens & grounds.
2 modernised bungalows, over 15 acres in all. Freehold, for sale by Auction in the summer [unless sold privately]
Auctioneers John D Wood & Co. Land Agents Smith Woolley & Co. Collingham, Newark, Notts.

Throughout the newspapers I find references to sales of wood from the various plantations in the Sedgebrook area. Whilst the adverts themselves do not have much in the way of interest to them they do tell us who lived where. For this reason I am collecting a list of the owners or managers of these plantation's which may help in the future when researching.

Mr Robinson's "prize farm" at Sedgebrook Mill's near Grantham, mentioned on the 25/Oct/1844 by the Waltham Agricultural Society.
Mr John Robinson's farm was the place for a sale of Ash, Larch & Faggots from the plantation on 29/Feb/1848.
George North, assistant woodman at Debdale plantation on the 14/Jun/1870, the property belonging to Sir J H Thorold, Bart.
1937 Roland J Thorp lived at the Manor Farm

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