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Sedgebrook - Lincolnshire - Wills
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Wills found in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Will of John Machet[t] Yeoman of Sedgebrook Lincs. 24 June 1659 PROB11/292
Will of Sir Robert Markham of Sedgebrook Lincs. 6 March 1691 PROB11/404
Will of Thomas Hand, Grazier of Sedgebrook Lincs. 22 June 1833 PROB 11/1817
Will of Mary Stennett, widow of Sedgebrook Lincs. 4 April 1829 PROB11/1754
Will of The Very Rev. George Gordon, Doctor in Divinity, Dean of Lincoln & Rector of Sedgebrook, Lincs. 22 October 1845 PROB 11/2025
Will of William Wing of Sedgebrook Lincs. 23 June 1843. PROB 11/1982
Will of John Laine, Groom of Sedgebrook Lincs. 3 Dec 1805 PROB 11/1435
Will of Reverend Thomas Twells, Clerk Rector of Sedgebrook Lincs. PROB11/1195
Will of William Turney, Hosier of Wood Street London 21 February 1800 PROB 11/1338
his wife Judith Turney, widow of Stockwell Place, Surrey 3 May 1802 PROB 11/1375
Will of Benjamin Turney of Glouc Place, Camden Town, Middx. 4 Nov 1830 PROB 11/1778
Will of John Turney, Surgeon of Pudding Lane, City of London. 24 April 1818 PROB 11/1603
his wife Elizabeth Turney, widow of Shoreditch, Middlesex. 10 Sep 1827 PROB 11/1703

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Wills found in Lincolnshire Archives

William Handley - Husbandman Admon/ LCC ADMONS/1685/195 Thomas Lune - Inventory INV/194/120 8 Nov 1699
Elizabeth Allen-Wid-Sedgebrook 1735/4
Thomas Allen-Victualler-Sedgebrook 1717/1/2
John Barnes-Farmer-Sedgebrook-1706/25 [also from Lincs to the Past Reference Name INV/200/54 Inventory/Farmer 23rd Jan 1707 ]
William Burton-Tailor-Sedgebrook-1702/13 also Lincs to the Past Inventory INV/196/272
Jane Dodson-Widow-Sedgebrook-1710/1/23
Thomas Warren - Admon LCC ADMONS/1730/154
Richard Hollingworth-Yeo.-Sedgebrook-1743/106
Thomas Hollingworth-Yeo.-Sedgebrook-1729/1/209
Hammond William Lincs to the Past Admon & Commision LCC ADMONS/1730/81
Henry Morris-Sedgebrook-1742/141
Francis Robinson-Lab.-Sedgebrook-1742/174
William Turney-Yeo.-Sedgebrook-1730/266
Robert Warren - LCC ADMONS/1730/153
Thomas Warren-Yeo.-Sedgebrook-1737/218
Richard Dewey - Yeoman LCC ADMONS/1767/36
Thomas Allam - Admon LCC ADMONS/1747/2
Thomas Saywell (1768) - Admon LCC ADMONS/1768/68 Labourer
William Bayne-Grazier-Sedgebrook-1773/10
Robert Burton-Grazier-Sedgebrook-1793/28
Robert Collingwood-Husb.-Sedgebrook-1774/49
Robert Collingwood-Sedgebrook-1787/36
William Dunsmore-Grazier-Sedgebrook-1781/67 also Lincs to the Past Inventory LCC ADMONS/1796/31
Ann Grubb-spinster-Sedgebrook-1799/1/87
John Hollingworth-Grazier-Sedgebrook-1778/99
Edward Leeson-Grazier-1775/110 also Lincs to the past Attested copy of will of Edward Leeson of Sedgebrook, grazier copy dated 2nd May 1796. Date 13th Feb 1775. 1-PG/2/1/17/21
William Newcome-Sedgebrook-1782/165
John Robinson-Grazier-Sedgebrook/1791/122
John Turney-Grazier-Sedgebrook-1784/218
William Turney-Grazier-Sedgebrook-1774/190
Thomas Williams-Yeo.-Sedgebrook-1771/226
Mary Turney-Grantham-1801O000/LCC WILLS/1801/11/237
Elizabeth Bristow-Sedgebrook-1817O000/LCC WILLS/1817/34
Joseph Burroughs-Sedgebrook-1837O000/LCC WILLS/1837/64
John Clark-Sedgebrook-1818O000/LCC WILLS/1818/58
Elizabeth Gray-Sedgebrook-1817O000/LCC WILLS/1817/105
John Jackson-Sedgebrook-1804O000/LCC ADMONS/1804/54
John Lee-Sedgebrook-1848O000/LCC WILLS/1848/252
William Lee-Sedgebrook-1837O000/LCC WILLS1837/247
Joshua Pulling-Sedgebrook-1822O000/LCC WILLS/1822/190
Rebecca Pulling-widow-Sedgebrook-18661012/WILLS/1866/99
John Robinson-Sedgebrook-1854O000/LCC WILLS/1854/307
Elizabeth Saunders-Sedgebrook-1812O000/LCC WILLS/1812/267
Margaret Scrimshaw-Muston-formerly Sedgebrooke 1846O000/LCC WILLS/1846/297
Ann Shipman-Sedgebrook-1834O000/LCC ADMONS/1834/67
John Stennett-Cottager-Sedgebrook-18590511/WILLS 1859/1/599
Mary Stennett-Sedgebrook-1829O000/LCC WILLS/1829/287 Will Missing. (see PRO entry)
Martha Stevenson-spinster-Sedgebrook-18590617/WILLS/1859/1/637
John Turney-Sedgebrook-1825O000/LCC WILLS/1825/277
Joseph Ward-Sedgebrook-1816O000/LCC WILLS/1816/224
William Ward-Sedgebrook-1842O000/LCC WILLS/1842/385
Richard Warren-Sedgebrook-1838O000/LCC WILLS/1838/356
John Wing-Sedgebrook-1847O000/LCC ADMONS/1847/123
Francis [Frances] Turney-Grantham-1854O000/LCC WILLS/1854/367

Edward Leeson of Sedgebrook, grazier 13th February 1775. Proved Lincoln 19th Apr 1775 - Lincs Archives
Attested copy of will - ref. 1 PG/2/1/17/21 - date Copy, 2nd May 1796

4th August 1802 Office copy of will. Thor 1/2/X23/15 Lincolnshire Archives: Testator: Mark MacKinder of Syston, yeoman.
1. Sister Alice, �5. 2. Joseph Ward, of Sedgebrook, farmer, �10. 3. Wife Elizabeth, plate, linen, china and furniture. 4. Friends, Thomas Worth of Marston grazier, and Thomas Frisby of Waltham, county Leicester grazier, capital stock in the public funds, ready money and securities for money and all goods, chattels, personal estate. Executors: Thomas Worth and Thomas Frisby.

Will of Jane Nixon of Newark, spin DD/T/118/86 9th January 1813 Nottinghamshire Archives. To be buried at Barkstone Lincs.. To half-brother William Nixon of Barkstone, and to each of his children, 20 guineas. To Mrs. --- Smith of Sutton, sister to William Lathorpe, decd., and to each of her 2 sons, 20 guineas. To Mrs. --- of Fulbeck Lincs., sister to W.L. above, 20 guineas. To Harriett Burrows, Sedgebrook Lincs., and her daughter Elizabeth, 20 guineas. To servant Mary Sentance, 100 guineas and her full year's wages if still in service, also 10 silver spoons and sugar tongs. To Daniel, son of William North of Newark, publican, 100 guineas. To William North, 20 guineas. To Mrs. Emma Branston (formerly White) of Bath, 100 guineas. To sons and daughters of William Ashton of Brandon Lincs., 20 guineas each. To Mary Lang, d. of James Lang of Newark, plumber, 20 guineas. To Richard Kean of Long Bennington Lincs., formerly servant to Mrs. Charlton, decd., 20 guineas. To wife of William North, silver teapot and stand, and 6 silver spoons. To poor of Barkstone, �5. All household goods, furniture, plate, linen, clothes, etc., to Mrs. North, Mary Sentance and Elizabeth Burrows share and share alike. To Thomas Bland of Newark, surgeon, and William Ashton, all money, stocks, etc., and residue of personal estate equally as tenants in common, they to be executors.

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Post 1858 Wills

Mary Turney 17 May 1887 Administration with the Will. Sedgebrook Lincs.

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