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From the Mahala Self Line of Alabama
contributed by Cousin Julia

Mary Jane (York) Beggs (ABT 1851 -     )

Mary Jane (York) Beggs
Born about 1851 in AR
Daughter of Thomas and Mahala (Self) York
Mahala Self was born about 1832 in AL.  We don't know who her parents were--do you?

Some of the Beggs Family

Some of the Beggs Family:
Mary Elizabeth (Beggs) Sims and baby James, Thomas Hilroy Beggs, Lilly Mae (Beggs) Cotten
The Sims and Beggs families had other marriages, too:  for example, Lola Mae Wilson,
daughter of Mary Margaret (Beggs) Wilson and granddaughter of Mary Jane (York) Beggs
married John Lewis Sims.

Samuel David Beggs

Samuel David Beggs

Death Certificate of Samuel W. Wilson

Death certificate of Samuel Watson Wilson,
husband of Mary Margaret (Beggs) Wilson, who was
the granddaughter of Mahala Self

Census record of Samuel Watson Wilson's family

Census record (Eastland, TX) of Samuel Watson Wilson's family

Dove Wilson's Death Certificate

Dove Wilson's death certificate

Dove and Lilly Wilson

Dove and Lilly Wilson
Other unidentified family members

Tombstone of Lillie Alice Cotten
Aug. 25, 1892 - July 2, 1942

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