Michael's in Census & Taxpayers Lists Files, Index to Some

Index to Some Michael's in Census & Taxpayers Lists Files

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Considerable census and taxpayer data was collected in connection of a study of the Jared Michael and Mary Kelso family which came to Linn Co., Oregon in 1847. It includes the surnames Michael and some possible variant spellings such as Michaels, Michel, Mikel, etc. It also includes other surnames known to be or possible descendants or ancestors of some Michael lines of interest to me at the time. Although this database is not complete, it is hoped that other researchers will find this a help in their studies

This material is being presented in several files, 1.eastern and midwestern states excluding Indiana, 2. Indiana, and 3. western states. In some cases, there is an alphabetic listing of all names as well as a listing by family.

Caution: This data is not necessarily complete for any one time and location and undoubtedly inconsistent. For instance, Mikel may have been recorded in some places and ignored in others.

Michael's in Census, Eastern And Central States, IL, IA, KS, KY, MD, MO, NB, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV
Michael's in Indiana Federal Census Index by Year & Family
Michael's in Indiana Federal Census Index, Alphabetic
Michael's in Census, Western States, CA, ID, SD, OR, and WA

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