Pearl Heads of Households Cautions and Limitations

Some Pearl Heads of Households
From Federal Census Data


Compiled by Clyde M. Senger, 1990,
coded for the Internet
April 8, 2001,
html update December 2005

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This material is being made available in this way to assist other researchers, not for profit or honor. Please understand that it is incomplete but is doing others no good while in my computer. Also, loss due to fire or other disaster is always a possibility. I would rather others have some benefit from my work that to have it lost.

The initial lists were taken from published census index volumes that were available in the 1980s. I recorded most of the family members and other data for nearly all these households. Obviously, there were errors in some of these lists. I was unable to locate a few listings and I believe I found a few individuals that were not listed in the index. In addition, the 1880 and 1900 soundex was scanned. In many cases, only the spelling PEARL was recorded but later, other possible variants such as PERL, PURL and PERRIL were recorded. The microfilmed census records for a few non-indexed years, counties and townships were scanned for names of interest.

These lists were generated by BASIC programs developed by me and may have OMISSIONS and ERRORS. I am sorry but careful cross checking is more than I am willing to undertake.
The absence of a name in the 1880 census year may only indicate the individual was not in the soundex. I believe that only households with children 10 and under were included.
Since most of the 1860 and 1870 records were from scanned microfilm, a lack of a particular name is of NO SIGNIFICANCE.
Keep in mind that the coverage of other possible spellings is very spotty. I am sorry but if I have notes on which names were search for in each state, I do not now know where they are.

Don't knock it. It's better than nothing.

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