Mound and Effigy Building Cultures of North America

Mound and Effigy Building Cultures of North America

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This web page has been created to provide a single point summary of the on line resources available for all those that are interested in these native American cultures. Please contact us if you have on line resources not mentioned below, so that they may be included.

Mound & Effigy Builder related Email & Usenet Discussion Groups

1. An email discussion forum for all facets of mound and effigy building cultures suitable for the those with a casual, amateur, or professional interest in any aspect of these cultures. Click here for information on a free subscription and join the discussion!

2. Modern era Native American mail lists

Mound & Effigy Builder related Websites


1. Oakville Indian Mounds Park and Museum

2. Indian Mounds Speak of Civilizations Past

3. Moundville Archaeological State Park

4. Moundville Archaeological Park


1. Indian Mounds near Heckatoo, Lincoln County, Arkansas

2. The Mound Builders

3. Ancient Monuments in Arkansas

4. Toltec Mounds State Park


1. Indian Mounds you can Visit

2. Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park


1.  Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

2. Pictures of the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois

3. The Ancient Metropolis at Cahokia Mounds

4. Dickson Mounds Museum


1. Toolesboro Indian Mounds and Museum

2. Fish Farm Indian Mounds

3. Toolesboro Mounds History

4. Effigy Mounds National Monument


1. Etowah Indian Mounds State Park

2. Ocmulgee National Monument

3. Etowah Indian Mounds near Cartersville, Georgia with photo gallery

4. Prehistoric Mound Builders



1. The Archaeology of Wickliffe Mounds

2. Archaeology at Mammoth Cave

3. Essential Features of Adena Ritual


1. Indian Mounds Sites of Louisiana Project

2. Soil samples show Indian Mounds 5,000 years old

3. Amateur uncovers oldest Indian mounds in Americas


1. Indian Burial Mounds near Grand Rapids

2. Michigan's Mysterious Indian Mounds


1. Indian Mounds Park Site near St Paul

2. Indian Mounds Park in Dayton's Bluff

3. Indians Mound Park

4. A Sort History of Indian Mounds Park

5. The Jeffers Petroglyphs


1. Indian Mounds of Mississippi

2. A Timeless Indian Legacy



New Hampshire

1. America's Stonehenge


North Carolina

1. Town Creek Indian Mound

North Dakota

1. Plains Woodland Indian Mounds


1. "Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley: A Guide to Mounds and Earthworks of the Adena, Hopewell and Late Woodland People" by Susan L Woodward and Jerry N McDonald

2. Earth works in Southern Ohio: The Hopewell Culture

3. The Newark Earthworks

4. Flint Ridge

5. Fort Ancient

6. Fort Hill

7. Inscription Rock

8. Leo Petroglyph

9. Miamisburg Mound

10. The Octagon Earthworks

11. Seip Mound

12. The Great Serpent Mound

13. Shrum Mound

14. Story Mound

15. The Wright Earthworks

16. Serpent Mound Mysteries


1. Spiro Mounds Archaeological Park

2. Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center

3. Spiro Mounds: Prehistoric Gateway...Present-day Enigma


1. Mississippian House Mounds at Shiloh, Tennessee

2. Much Older Battles Being Studied at Shiloh Battlefield Park

3. History of Citico Mound

4. Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Area

5. Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park

6. Mound Builders

7. Chucalissa Mounds


1. Burial Mounds, Scream Mountain


1. "Indian Mounds of Wisconsin" a book by Robert A. Birmingham and Leslie E. Eisenberg

2. Amazing Indian Mounds

3. Effigy Mound Culture

4. Make the Journey: Selected Mound Sites Open to the Public

5. The Whistler Indian Mounds Park, Hancock, Wisconsin

6. Indian Mounds Webquest

7. Introduction to Aztalan

8. Wisconsin's Ancient Mounds

9. Effigy Mounds at Devils Lake

10. Wisconsin Dells Mounds

11. Indian Mound Gallery

12. "The Antiquities of Wisconsin as Surveyed and Described by I. A. Lapham, Civil Engineer, etc., on behalf of the American Antiquarian Society" Published by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. June 1855. The Electronic Edition

13. Mound Cemetery used by Indians

14 Wehmhoff Panther Effigy Mound in Kenosha County

15. Conical and Effigy Mounds in Kenosha & Racine counties, Wisconsin

General North American Mound and Effigy Builder Related Sites

1. North American Indian Historical Sites:"Mounds, Pyramids, Related National and State Parks

2. The Mississippian and Late Prehistoric Period Cultures

3. Adena Burial Mounds

4. The Mound Builders

5. Amerindian Civilizations

6. Indian Mounds of the United States

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