My 4th great-grandfather Isaac's FALLIS Pioneer Cemetery near Bellbrook, Greene County, Ohio FOLLIS Families
in the United States of America
by descendant Stanley J. Follis

FOLLIS Family Diseases

Diseases in past generations are difficult to determine. Causes of death were not recorded by states on the county level until around 1882. Obituaries were quite detailed in the 1910-1950 time frame, but pretty sparse before and since then. Rural newspapers give more details, practically a short family history at times compared to short concise city newspaper obituaries. Epidemics were common in the 1800's as the population grew with lack of sanitary measures not yet understood as a cause for spreading disease. Nonetheless patterns of death and occasional records of epidemics do occur. Most of the common diseases such as cancer, cholera, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, small pox, typhoid and others have been found in family obituaries and death records. As I review my records I will try to update the information on this page.

Great-grandmother Cora ZUMBRUN PROUGH YODER died in 1927 at age 54 years of organic heart disease

Mazie PURCELL FOLLIS died March 2, 1919 as the only known close family victim of the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1919. It was unusual in mostly infecting those 20 to 40 years old rather the youngest and elderly. Between 20 and 40 million people died worldwide, the most devastating epidemic in recorded history. More people died in 1918 than the Black Plaque during the middle ages of 1347-1351.Her in-laws, my great-grandparents, Thomas Jefferson FOLLIS and Matilda TIMMONS are buried on either side of her in Lindenwood Cemetery.

Second cousin three times removed Roy ZUMBRUN of Brookville, Montgomery County, Ohio died in the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic.

Cousin Mary C. KELKER died December 15, 1919 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana from the Flu Epidemic.

Great-great-grandmother Amanda KELKER TIMMONS died July 16, 1914 of cancer at age 75.

1909 Scarlet Fever struck two children of John KELKER in St. Joseph Township, Allen County, Indiana. Caused by group A streptococcus bacteria causing symptoms similar to strep throat easily treated by antibiotics in the 21st Century.

My great-grandparents Mariah ROYER 42 years old died of tuberculosis in 1898 and husband Jonas ZEIGLER died in 1902 of typhoid fever only 43 years old leaving seven orphaned children. Mariah's father Samuel died of typhoid pneumonia in 1877.

My fourth great-grandfather Isaac FALLIS died in 1858 of "lung fever" now known as pneumonia, generally easily cured today with antibiotics, although at 79 years of age he still may have had serious health problems.

My third great-grandfather George PROUGH died in 1808 at 27 years of age. Father of Peter, family tradition says from an infected thumb most likely Tetanus. Another story is he died during a barn raising, perhaps he fell or did the thumb become infected from a minor accident?