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CHELDON Families

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Ridgeway's are mentioned in deeds, books, and records as associates of my FOLLIS/FALLIS families
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6th great-grandmother Elizabeth of Frederick County, Virginia now Hampshire County, West Virginia in 1755 was the wife of Thomas FALLIS in his 1755 will, born before 1710 possibly Ireland or Wales to 1755-1756 to New Jersey to Frederick County, Virginia. It is quite possible Elizabeth was a second wife and a first wife may have been Jane CHELDON. The first 2 sons were George and Thomas, with a likely sister Margery FALLIS married to Joseph HORNER in 1748 New Jersey and likely died in childbirth or illness. The next 3 sons Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are biblical names and could indicate a different wife/mother. No confirming information has been found for this commonly repeated scenario. Montana Samuel FALLIS supplied Jane CHELDON's name. Johanna FALLIS believes Montana, an architect in Denver, Colorado in the late 1800's, was very detailed and would not make mistakes as described in my FOLLIS Information page. There is a descendant or two whose middle name is Cheldon or Chilton depending on whose records are used.

The SHELDON Family Association had no information on anyone named CHELDON several years ago when I met their secretary who lives here in Fort Wayne. Their web site lists over 70,000 names and they still have no information the last I looked.

Most searches find Elizabeth Jane CHELDON as the wife of Thomas Richard FALLIS. William Stuart FALLIS in his 1956 family tree Partial Record of the FALLIS Family Record in America pointed out 'Richard' was a mistake, but it continues to be repeated decades later, which shows why you should document your sources and not repeat information without sources.

The Family International Genealogical Index - Continental Europe has various spellings of Chalden, Cheldon, Childen almost entirely in England censuses with just one Chalden in 20th century New York and a few Chalden in Illinois.

If you can provide confirming evidence or additional information for this family please Email me!

Genealogy research often contains errors, so let me know if your research contradicts mine. My Indiana and Ohio family research comes from conversations with relatives, scrapbooks, library research, online records, courthouse visits, and multiple visits to final resting places on family farms and cemeteries. Families in other states rely mostly on the research of others. Links to other web sites often change then won't work, so if you find broken links, have additional information on any families, corrections, photos, or anything to add to the history of our families, please leave a Comment in my Guest book, join my Follis Families on Facebook page, or send an Email. Read Dick Eastman's discussion of Unverified Data.

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