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In a 1997 Fort Wayne, Indiana newspaper obituary, Fallis N. Aldridge born in Trimble County, Kentucky passed away. His son also named Fallis Aldridge did not know of any connection with any FALLIS family. Probably a connection with the town of Fallis, Henry County, Kentucky. George Fallis Aldridge of Henry County, Kentucky died in 1950 according to his family history in the book Henry County Families and is most likely related to these Fallis Aldridge's. Additional May 8, 2002 posting and May 9, 2002 posting. Their family can be seen in this photo

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Here are family members with "Fallis" as a given name provided by Johanna FALLIS:

Unknown is Fallis E. Ward who wrote a manuscript "The status of salaries of Indiana high-school principals for the year 1932-33".

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