My 4th great-grandfather Isaac's FALLIS Pioneer Cemetery near Bellbrook, Greene County, Ohio FOLLIS Families
in the United States of America
by descendant Stanley J. Follis

FOLLIS Family Reunions

Over the years most families have held family reunions at one time or another. Some for many decades.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana FOLLIS family has held irregular reunions over the years such as 1955, 1975, 1990 and a few others. We are hoping to have another FOLLIS family reunion in Fort Wayne, Indiana at some time in the near future. Details will appear later. Another reunion, perhaps to be held later at Dayton, Ohio in order to visit our fourth great-grandfather's Isaac's FALLIS Pioneer Cemetery.

The Daniel FOLLIS family held reunions near Marion, Grant County, Indiana for at least 45 years in the early 1900's.

The Brunson - FOLLIS families in Texas invite me every year, but I have yet to find time to make it down there.

From various sources I have found information on the following families. If you know of any related family reunions of the past or scheduled for future dates please let me know so I can post them here.

The ESSIG family held reunions in early 1900's Elkhart County, Indiana.

The HECKMAN's held family reunion's in early 1900's Clark County, Ohio, North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana, with last one I could find held in 1971 Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

The Missouri PROUGH family has held annual reunions in their area for a number of years. We tried to make it in the 1990's but did not make it. Perhaps someday?

The TIMMONS family, descendants of Lewis TIMMONS, of Hamilton County, Indiana has held September reunions since 1926, although their 2005 flier said they may be coming to an end. Have not heard the outcome.

The Jesse ZEIGLER family has held a summer reunion, and formerly a Christmas reunion, since around 1940. We currently have a potluck dinner the last Saturday in August in local Whitley County, Indiana church halls.

The ZUMBRUN family held reunion's in early 1900's Montgomery County, Ohio and Whitley-Noble Counties, Indiana. At one time they alternated back and forth similar to the related HECKMAN family.