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Military Service Veterans


The sad irony well known by anyone searching for documents in the Colonies is the all too familiar refrain that the records were lost in the Civil War or destroyed by the British in the Revolutionary War or War of 1812. Anger rises to hear that British or Civil War soldiers used church and courthouse documents to start their morning coffee on the campfire or simply out of spite. How ironic they destroyed documents of their own ancestors and relatives who moved west a generation or more before. A similiar situation is encountered in Europe when reading accounts of how records back into the thirteenth and fourteenth century were lost in the Allied bombing of Germany in World War II. This is particularly frustrating when it is realized most public records were kept in local churches and not courthouses as in America.

In the 21st Century during the Iraqi Freedom and War on Terror era, we often hear how the Vietnam veterans, of my generation, were dishonored by society on their return from war. A fair share of the blame goes to veterans of World War I and II, named by Tom Brokaw as the Greatest Generation, who refused admission to their political veteran associations such as the American Legion to "peacetime" veterans such as my father. My orphaned father joined the Air Force at age 17 in the late 1940's during the so called "Cold War" peace time, when the Air Force became a separate branch of service, who along with other peace time veterans were denied admittance to the various "veteran" organizations by the "war veterans." So it never became a family tradition to watch the various parades like 1,000's did lining the streets of cities and towns early in the 20th century. A lot of those who served in war, preferred to forget what they experienced, which also contributed to today's Memorial and Veterans Day celebrations drawing small crowds compared to earlier generations. Most people don't realize that 1,000's lined along and marched through the streets of cities across the United States including my home town, Fort Wayne, Indiana to Lindenwood Cemetery where large crowds spent the day listening to speeches and remembering their deceased friends and family members. Memorial Day, originally Decoration Day was started May 30, 1868 after the end of the Civil War, with Veterans Day formerly Armistice Day in rememberance of World War I. Anthony and Samuel KELKER, brothers of my great-great-grandmother Amanda KELKER helped to raise funds to purchase and install several stone war memorials in late 1800's and early 1900's Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We glorify the past we never knew, especially in the era of movies, television, and now the internet where history is rewritten to glorify a past that never was. Too many take movies and television as fact, when it is mostly fictional enactment loosely based on historical events. Anyone who studies history, especially genealogy, quickly discovers that the majority of the population never served in any war. Service in the "great" wars of our history such as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars often had service times as short as three months with the ability to pay someone else to serve in your place common until the 20th Century. Even those who served three months in those great wars could serve without ever firing a shot at the enemy! Most American's never learned this part of our war history, assuming the past was similar to the present with multi-year and even non-voluntary extensions of service common today.

French and Indian War 1754-1763

From Wikipedia: "Fort Forman (also spelled Furman or Foreman) was a stockade fort erected by Captain William Forman at the beginning of the French and Indian War situated three miles north of Romney on the South Branch Potomac River near Vance on WV 28. Fort Furman was in use from its construction in 1755 until 1764. Later, from Hampshire County in 1777, William Foreman led a company to the Ohio River for the relief of Fort Henry at Wheeling. Forman’s party fell into an ambuscade by Native Americans at "McMechen Narrows" on the Ohio near Moundsville. Twenty-one of the Virginian's were killed at the first fire and several men were badly wounded. This ambuscade is known as "Foreman’s Defeat." Captain William Forman is certainly related to my Foreman ancestor's, but recent research shows he is not the brother to my line as originally thought, but is likely a cousin.


1776 Revolutionary War Veterans


Some of the Find-A-Grave photos leave a lot to be desired. Find-A-Grave relies on volunteers, so something is always better than nothing.

General Anthony Wayne connection with FALLIS, KELKER's and LANDIS

2nd great-granduncle Anthony Wayne KELKER, buried with his parents David and Mary HOUSER KELKER in Lindenwood Cemetery in my home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was likely named for our namesake General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, from Pennsylvania, who built the actual Fort Wayne in 1794, now Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. Anthony Wayne KELKER's great-granduncle Anthony KELKER, in Pennsylvania, found below, served under General Anthony Wayne at Brandywine. French aristocrat and major-general Marquis de Lafayette was injured at Brandywine and spent 2 months recuperating at my ancestor Henry Landis' House. It raises the question did Anthony Wayne KELKER intentionally move from Pennsylvania in the 1850's to Fort Wayne to see the fort and town named for his namesake General Anthony Wayne? The KELKER's were railroaders moving from Pennsylvania through Ohio to Indiana helping to build the original railroad beds, house and feed the workers, with Anthony and 2 of his brothers becoming railroad engineers by the time they came to Fort Wayne. General Anthony Wayne aided the infamous Benedict Arnold during the unsuccessful invasion of Canada. General Anthony Wayne led the forces that spent the 1777-1778 winter at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and led the troops at the Battle of Monmouth and surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, that included first cousin 6 times removed Isaac FALLIS. A small world afterall!

Zachariah ALBAUGH

Confusion exists about this almost centenarian Zachariah ALBAUGH of Licking County, Ohio and my fourth great-grandfather Zachariah ALBAUGH. It appears the Revolutionary War Zachariah ALBAUGH is the son of Johan Peter ALBAUGH son of my first and immigrant Zachariah ALBAUGH and wife Anna DeMuth. Unfortunately, the birth date of October 31, 1758 is given to my third Zachariah and this Revolutionary War veteran. The birth date appears to be supported by NARA data in U.S. National Archives Letter 15 March 1932 in the veteran Zachariah's pension files. More research is needed to clarify this. DAR has problems with at least one previously accepted paper # A000925.


Fourth great-granduncle, son of Johann Göttlieb BREININGER, his name is on the Zion Red Church Cemetery DAR Memorial and this alternate photo as a militia member of Captain Jacob Wetston's Company of Brunswick Township, then Lancaster, now Schuykill County, Pennsylvania. Served as 8th Class in Jacob Whetstone's Company with the BRACH PROUGH brothers below. Thanks to distant cousin Robert P. Breininger for his Guestbook Comment pointing out his ancestor Frantz Breininger. DAR has no information.

John Brooks

Husband of second cousin five times removed Catherine GRUENENWALT of the KELKER family. 1754 he was enlisted in the British Army and was wounded. He was discharged June 8, 1767. In 1776 he was commissioned 2nd lieutenant in the Pennsylvania Line. In 1778 he was appointed Mayor of York by General Gates along with the rank of Captain. He also held the position of Commissary of Supplies. From Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the American Revolution 1947. DAR confirms as a Major and acting Provost Marshall of Yorktown # A015028.

Pvt. Johann Jacob CONRAD

5th great-granduncle Patriot 1717-1798, husband of Maria Katherine RHEYER daughter of Sebastian and Agnes FLOCKIRTH ROYER, of North Heidelberg, Berks County, Pennsylvania and their son Joseph CONRAD a soldier 1759-1822. The DAR confirms Jacob Reyer Conrad for Patriotic Service as A025131. The DAR confirms Joseph Conrad a corporal # A025138.

John S. Craig

Not a relative, died March 24, 1838 and was buried in the Benjamin Foreman Family Cemetery now called Wragg Tuttle Cemetery in Clark County, Ohio. For some reason was moved in 1906 down the road to the more easily visible Fletcher Chapel Cemetery. The DAR confirms # A027238.

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My fifth-great-grandfather 1754-1852 98 years 2 months and 20 days old, my oldest confirmed ancestor, buried near Canton, Stark County, Ohio. His tombstone mentions his service and the local D.A. R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) has a plaque. He volunteered as a blacksmith and was a soldier at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton where General George Washington crossed the Delaware River remembered in the famous painting on Christmas night 1776 during the Battle of Trenton. I visited his grave site at Warstler Cemetery Stark County, Ohio in 2006. Photos and additional information are on Find-A-Grave. Zoom in and scroll to page 223 below to see Simon ESSIG in the Cumberland County Militia 6th Battalion. DAR says Future Applicants Must Prove Correct Service # A037212.

# 648 Pennsylvania Archives Series 6 Volume 5 page 223 Cumberland Militia 6th Battalion      
The Battle of Trenton - British Battles The Battle of Trenton - History Central The Battle of Trenton - Mercer County, NJ The Battle of Trenton - New Jersey
The Battle of Trenton - U.S. History The Battle of Princeton - British Battles The Battle of Princeton - History Central The Battle of Princeton - Mercer County, NJ
The Battle of Princeton - New Jersey The Battle of Princeton - U.S. History Washington Crosses the Delaware with map Washington Crosses the Delaware painting story
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A fifth great-grand uncle, D.A. R. records indicate he gave money liberally to the cause and is listed on this Stafford County Virginia Revolutionary War Veterans web page. His grandson Daniel James FALLIS' biography says he was a friend of George WASHINGTON. Stafford County, Virginia lists him as filing a public service claim. There is supporting evidence that he could have known George WASHINGTON when Washington began his survey career in the Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia area in 1748 when George FALLIS' father Thomas was buying his Virginia land in the same area. DAR confirms Civil Service, Patriotic Service # A038402.


A nephew of George FALLIS above and his brother, my fifth great-grandfather Jacob FALLIS. Isaac, a son of Susannah MARTIN and Isaac FALLIS, was a 14 years old drummer boy in the 2nd Pennsylvania Brigade 5th Pennsylvania Regiment Capt William Oldham Company. At battle of Monmouth and surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781. Isaac FOLLIS was at Valley Forge December 1777 to June 1778 with General George Washington according to their Muster Roll - which spells it FOLLIS (supports my assertion FOLLIS is correct spelling not "A") although Isaac is usually found as FALLIS in other documents including his pensions files. Isaac died November 26, 1851 in Mercer County, Kentucky. Listed on at least one web site. has a 44 page Revolutionary War Pension file. DAR confirms in Capt William Oldham and Job Vernon and  Col. Johnston, 5th Regt Continental Line # A038403.


My fifth great-grandfather is claimed by one source as a veteran of the 17th Mounted Militia. I have been unable to confirm this service information so far. Jacob should have been in Virginia. A fourth of Virginia's militia saw active duty and most records have not been found so we may never know.

Several sources claim a December 7, 1775 marriage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which makes no sense since Sarah SPRINGER is listed in the WOOD Family Bible as mother of Susannah FALLIS born in 1766. If you have any documentation, please send me a copy. DAR has no information.


My fifth great-grandfather whose father Peter was a Church of the Brethren minister making it hard to believe he was in the Revolutionary War, but that is the claim.

Berks County, Pennsylvania does list Peter and John Heckman and Philip, John and Daniel Zeigler in military companies, but not sure if related. There is a hard to read Peter Heckman 1754-1824 military tombstone. There were several unrelated Peter Heckman's in 1700's Berks County, Pennsylvania. DAR has no information for Hickman either.

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Ludwig (Lewis) Herring Horing, Sr.

Ludwig, Jr, my fourth great-granduncle-in-law of Berks County, Pennsylvania married to Anna Maria BRACH PROUGH. Ludwig succeeded his father Ludwig as innkeeper of the Brunswick Tavern still standing. His father Ludwig Herring Sr. was in the Revolutionary War. Confused with son information. DAR confirms Patriotic Service # A054410.




Cornelius HINSEY

My third great-granduncle son of John Henry HINSEY below. His name is on the Soldier, Sailors and Pioneers Monument shown on right in Butler County, Ohio serving at Fort Hamilton with General Anthony Wayne in Butler County. The monument includes his son William Hinsey a Pioneer, Albert W. HINSEY and James M. HINSEY in the Civil War. Gallery 19 has lots of photos. Historical Markers Database has photos too. Cornelius data in 1929 Ohio ebook of veterans. DAR does not have information.

John Henry HINSEY

My fourth great-grandfather left Hamburg, Germany arriving in Philadelphia September 19, 1753 on the ship Leathley. Moved and married in Delaware where he served in the Revolutionary War. Need further research and documentation on this family line. DAR confirms as Private in Capt. Isaac Grantham Militia # A055425.

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Anthony KELKER

My fifth great-granduncle, a granduncle of my third great grandfather David KELKER was commissioned August 28, 1775 as a lieutenant in the Second battalion of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania associators, and was in active service during the campaign of 1776. In 1777 he was an officer in the militia at Brandywine and Germantown. He was appointed January 19, 1778, wagon-master of Colonel Greenawalt’s battalion, and the same year was sent on a secret expedition to Virginia and Maryland. Until the close of the war Captain Kelker was an active participant. He was deputy sheriff of Lancaster county in 1781-82, and upon the formation of the county of Dauphin was commissioned the first sheriff in 1785, and subsequently elected, serving until 1788. He was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives 1793-94. Anthony's son Heinrich and Rudolph KELKER are also listed as Revolutionary War Veterans. DAR confirms as Lieutenant Wagon Master of Col. Greenawalt # A064246.


My sixth great-grandfather born in 1716 France or Germany died 1809 New Jersey gave Patriotic Service in New Jersey. Henry Landis is listed in the DAR Patriot Index, 1979, and any of his descendants may be eligible to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. There is a note on his DAR file “Future applicants must prove correct service.” His stone home built in 1750 is still used as a modern home. The 2005 historic sign stated "LANDIS HOUSE Built about 1750 by Henry Landis, local saddler. Lafayette, stayed here while being treated by Dr. Gershom Craven." Valley Forge Muster Rolls say Major General Marquis de Lafayette Commissioned Officer "was appointed a major general in July 1777, was wounded in the leg at the Battle of Brandywine, and rejoined the army after two months of recuperation." Perhaps this is when he was treated at Henry LANDIS'? At least 17 other LANDIS' were patriots. The blog Showcase Persons: Heinrich Landis and George Washington - on the March 22, 2010 Miller Bechtold Families blog mentions an effort to clarify Henry Landis' Revolutionary War status. DAR states FUTURE APPLICANTS MUST PROVE CORRECT SERVICE # A068444.

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Casper and George BRACH - BROUGH - PROUGH

Fourth great-granduncles, brothers of my Peter PROUGH below. All 3 BRACH brothers were in Captain Jacob Whetstone Company. George BRACH was a First Lieutenant from the book "Pioneers and Patriots Over the Blue Mountain Vol 2" 1998 by F. Richard Turnbach. Casper 6th Class moved with brother Peter 4th Class to Fairfield County, Ohio. DAR cofirms Johann George BROUGH # A203174, no DAR information on Caspar or Peter.


My fourth great-grandfather born in Berks County, Pennsylvania and died after 1830 in Fairfield County, Ohio. His grandson, my great-great-grandfather, Peter PROUGH proudly wore his grandfather Peter's Revolutionary War medal. Grandson Peter died in 1894 on his way to Missouri from LaGrange County, Indiana and was buried along railroad tracks with the Revolutionary War medal. If you have any documentation on his death and location, please send me a copy. has a 13 page Revolutionary War Pension file, but DAR has no information on Peter.

Casper SCHNERR - Kasper SCHNER

My sixth great-grandfather born in 1732 Germany to 1790 Adams County, Pennsylvania. The tombstone states: "Here rests with God, Kasper Schner. He is born on 1732, 21 April and died on 1790, 30 Marz. My love rest in..." fading into the grass. It appears an American flag is next to his marker, which confirms once source that said he has a Revolutionary War marker next to his tombstone. A Revolutionary War memorial is supposed to be at Bender's Lutheran Church Cemetery. If you have a photo of this memorial, marker, or have document ion please send me a copy. has a reference to Captain Caspar Schnerr in Philip Deily's Revolutionary War Pension file served one year starting June 5, 1775 in Heidelberg, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. No DAR information.

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My 3rd great-granduncle, a private in Captain Sutherland's Company of New York, buried in Greenwood Cemetery, LaGrange, LaGrange County, Indiana, one of the first person's to settle in LaGrange County, Indiana. Jason was an uncle of my Barbara THURSTON wife of Peter PROUGH above. No DAR information.


Jason Thurston's wife Betsey Paine, was a daughter of General Edward Paine a hero of the Revolutionary War, namesake for Painesville, Ohio, reburied in 1900 and remembered with a statue in Charter Oak Park. A relative of author Thomas Paine and a Founding Father of the United States. Famous for his pamphlet Common Sense and the quotation: "These are the times that try men's souls." A couple posts mention Thomas' parents in January 11, and 29, 2000. I was unable to determine the Paine Family relationships from page 122 in the Paine Family Records, but General Edward Paine's genealogy is found on Steven Payne's web site who points out the family link to PaineWebber brokerage and others.

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My fourth great grandfather born in (Frederick County?) Virginia was a sergeant who served three years in Virginia and was awarded 200 acres May 4, 1810 in Ohio. Referenced as War 4, 374. At least five other TIMMONS' were patriots. More research and documentation is needed. Please send copies if you have them. DAR confirms a Sergeant from Hampshire, Virginia died in Pickaway County, Ohio # A115793.

George and Peter TIMMONS

Likely brothers to my John TIMMONS who served several months together with Peter TIMMONS in the Virginia 8th Regiment in Colonel James Wood's Company, as well as the 4th and 12th Virginia Regiments. Frederick County, Virginia/Hampshire County, West Virginia were/are neighboring locations. has over 140 records for Peter Timmons in their files. George Timmons' wife was Rosy Ashby, daughter of Captain Stephen Ashby. George's sister Winnefred Timmons married Peter Ashby born in Frederick County, Virginia, brother of Captain Stephen Ashby, my John TIMMONS Captain. has over 135 pages in their George TIMMONS file. has over 175 pages for Stephen Ashby and over 180 for Peter Ashby. The Ashby Mailing List has several pages discussing this Timmons/Ashby family starting in June 2009. Ashby's in Virginia/West Virginia genealogical data from Revolutionary War ..., Volume 2 By Patrick G. Wardell. Yesterday Tuckaways from Hopkins County, Kentucky confirms some of this and where these Timmons and Ashby's died. DAR confirms George of Frederick County, VA then to Hopkins, KY # A115791, but no DAR records for Peter.

William VanDIVER

My 4th great-grandfather from Hampshire County, Virginia, now Mineral County, West Virginia. has his 24 page Revolutionary War Pension file, which like most pensions does not list family member names. No DAR information.

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Benjamin WOOD

Husband of 4th great-grandaunt Sarah FALLIS of Shenandoah and Page Counties, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley. Sarah FALLIS was a sister of my fourth great-grandfather Isaac FALLIS. A First Virginia Regiment N.S.D.A.R. John Rhodes Chapter plaque was placed on Benjamin's grave in 1970 on his former residence then known as Cedar Point, now Rileyville, Page County, Virginia showing his service March 15, 1781 - August 23, 1783. The Find-A-Grave photo of his grave and D.A. R. plaque are shown on the right. Benjamin's father Nehemiah WOOD is listed by the D.A. r. as a patriot and most of family is buried on their Cedar Point/Rileyville land. Benjamin's brother and my Isaac FALLIS' brother-in-law Nehemiah Wood Jr. moved to Gallia County, Ohio where he built the Nehemiah Wood Homestead in 1820 1253 Jackson Pike Rio Grande, Ohio now on the National Register of Historic Places on December 12, 1987. It was bought by Bob Evans in 1953 for his Bob Evans Farm, where he built his first restaurant, and is now his Bob Evans Homestead Museum with a Virtual Tour online. DAR confirms as VA Batt Private # A127732.


My fifth great-grandfather born in Switzerland is thought to be a Hessian Mercenary (or here) meaning he fought with Britain against the United States. As many as a third of Britain's troops were mercenaries. Further research is needed to verify this. If you have any documentation, please let me know.

Hessian FAQ Hessian Mailing List, Archiver, FAQ The book The Hessian Mercenary State, HETRINA Wikipedia Hessian definition
Hessian Resources U.S. Army College Hessian Bibliography    


Betsy Ross Homepage Flags of the American Revolution American Revolution Brigade American Revolutionary Soldiers
American Revolutionary War Veterans National Society Daughters of the American Revolution New Jersey in Revolutionary War Revolutionary War Music
More Revolutionary War Music National Society Sons of the American Revolution Rootsweb Message Boards Revolutionary War Records - requires a subscription or occasional FREE period

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From From

War of 1812


George W. ESSIG

Fourth great-grandfather from Stark County, Ohio, son of Simon ESSIG a Revolutionary War Veteran, died in Whitley County, Indiana. Brothers Pvt Adam and Corp. Jacob served in Capt George Stidger's Company probably from Stark County, Ohio. They served on the Northern Frontier and were in the Battle of Lake Erie. George was wounded in an engagement with the Indians near Put-in-Bay. Have to wonder who is the George ESSIG granted land in Starke County, Indiana for service in the Ohio Militia.


Fourth great-grandfather served from Greene County, Ohio was in Captain William Stephenson's Company serving from October 24 until December 22, 1812 or from September 20, 1812 until March 20, 1814, although Robinson's History of Greene County, Ohio says he was in Captain Robert McClellan's Company. No one knows why the flags are back in the corner. They should be next to Isaac FALLIS in front on the west side, Austin WEBB on the north side and probably for brother Jacob FALLIS who has no tombstone in Greene County, Ohio.


Probably the brother of Isaac FALLIS was a paid substitute for someone else according to Robinson's History of Greene County, Ohio. Nothing is known of Jacob after the 1820 Federal Census when he had a wife and 9 children. Several children are thought to have moved to Hamilton and Cass Counties, Indiana.


Most likely second cousin five times removed, usually known as Jonathan, son of Quaker's John FALLIS and Mary ANTRAM of neighboring Clinton County, Ohio served August 22 until September 22, 1812 and May 25 until November 24, 1813 in Captain Robert McClelland's Company. May have also been a member of the militia as a private along with Isaac Follis, and or in the 1st Regiment (4th Brigade, 1st Division) Ohio Militia, or both?

Captain Thomas FALLIS


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Fourth great-grandfather served September 23 until October 30, 1812 in roll of Captain Zechariah Ferguson's Company probably from Greene County, Ohio. This is somewhat surprising since the KINGERY's were pacifist Anabaptist German Baptist Brethren now "peace church" Church of the Brethren.

Jacob Martin Sr.

Could be father of Jacob Martin married Elizabeth FALLIS daughter of Isaac FALLIS and Mercy VAUGHAN. Jacob Jr. would have been 16 years old if he served in Captain William Stephenson's Company so could be his father or him?

George ROYER

Third great-grandfather served as a substitute in Stark County, Ohio. He joined the German Baptist Brethren and belonged to the conservative Old Order Brethren who listed his age as 99 years, 10 months and 8 days in his 1876 Vindicator obituary. In the Royer Book it says when just 16 years old he served with General Anthony Wayne in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Third great-grandfather has a G.A.R. medallion next to his tombstone. A newspaper account says David TIMMONS War of 1812 is buried in the West Side Cemetery Delphos, Ohio with Edmond and son Lewis. Lewis had a son David born in 1861. Edmond died in 1866 at 76 years of age so it is unlikely he fought in the Civil War in 1864-1865 rather he was the War of 1812 veteran. Edmond apparently was in Captain Collins Company, 26th Regiment, United States Infantry in the War of 1812, May 6, 1813 to February 28 18?, enlisted at London, Madison County, Ohio and received bounty land in Van Wert County, Ohio where he lived the remainder of his life. He may have also been in Captain Dawson's Mounted Calvary Ohio Volunteers a private?

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Was a private on roll of Captain James Crother's Company July 27 to August 16, 1813, probably from Ross County which is next to Greene County where John lived, so he could be the husband of Phebe FALLIS, sister of my Isaac FALLIS above.

Thompson and William VAUGHN

Sons of Isaac's sister Phebe FALLIS and John VAUGHAN above, served August 22 until September 22, 1812 and May 25 until November 24, 1813 in Captain Robert McClelland's Company. probably from Greene County, Ohio. William may have also served in Captain William Stephenson's Company from October 24 until December 22, 1812 or from September 20, 1812 until March 20, 1814. William was tall like his father John and died in 1838 from lingering effects of the hardships and exposure during the war. He is buried on the John Vaughan Farm now the Sugar Creek Metro Park.

Austin WEBB

My fourth great-granduncle, son of James and Lucy WEBB, uncle to Hannah KINGERY, enlisted in Washington Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. Was a Corporal April 25 to October 26, 1812 on roll of Captain Robert Gilchrist's Company. An uncle of Hannah KINGERY wife of Jacob FALLIS son of Isaac FALLIS. One of the 3 flags in the Fallis Pioneer Cemetery is likely honoring Austin Webb.

Henry WEBB

Most likely my fourth great-granduncle, son of James and Lucy WEBB, uncle to Hannah KINGERY. A corporal he served August 22 until September 22, 1812 and May 25 until November 24, 1813 in Captain Robert McClelland's Company, probably from Greene County, Ohio.

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Turner WELCH

Second cousin five times removed, husband of Esther FALLIS of Clinton County, Ohio a physician and surgeon in the War of 1812.


My fourth great-granduncle was a private in Captain William Knox Company Frederick County, Maryland Militia, buried KUNS Cemetery, Montgomery County, Ohio.


George's brother, my fourth great-grandfather was in Watkins Command, Maryland Militia. Henry lived near Taneytown, whose most famous son is Francis Scott Key who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner in 1814 during the War of 1812 after the Battle at Fort McHenry which is now a National Park. Buried Landis Cemetery, Montgomery County, Ohio. Star-Spangled 200 celebration in 2012.

David and Jacob ZUMBRUN

According to Roy KISER in his comment July 25, 2007, Johann ZUMBRUN had a son Jacob (1793 - 1868) (another brother of George and my Henry). Art Rierson added a brother David and Jacob as a soldiers in the War of 1812 in Captain John Galt's Frederick County Militia formed August 31, 1814 immediately after the burning of Washington D.C. by the British (presumably when we lost much of the 1790, 1800, and 1810 census records). Both were stationed at Hampstead Hill in the defense of Baltimore, Maryland and his unit was near Fort McHenry during the bombardment (that led to the Star Spangle Banner). His daughter Margaret married Roy's second great grandfather William Kiser. Jacob was a saddle maker and at one time a justice of the peace in Carroll County, Maryland.

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Civil War Veterans 1861-1865

One in four soldiers - 620,000 people (perhaps 850,000) - died as a result of the Civil War. That’s 2 percent of the population - 6.14 million people in today’s terms, which is twice the size of Chicago.
But most of them didn't die in battle.

Civil War flags

Both Confederate and Union Troops sang the song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home".

Civil War flags
From SavageCivilWar Clip Art From

The G.A.R. Grand Army of the Republic became the largest organization of veterans of the Civil War. Many veterans of the Civil War have G.A.R. medallions next to their tombstones which should contain a new flag every fourth of July.

U.S. Highway 6 crosses 14 states starting in 1925 Provincetown, Massachusetts extending to Bishop, California by 1937 as the Roosevelt Highway. In 1953 it became designated the Grand Army of the Republic GAR highway with signs in all 14 states. As many as 100 signs in Indiana. There is a Route 6 Tourist Association on Facebook.

The Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana is looking for any military records and photos to share on their Genealogy Center Our Military Heritage web site. If you have material to share as well as provide a backup copy so you don't lose irreplaceable historical materials contact Curt Witcher the manager of the Genealogy Center.


A first cousin five times removed, killed in active duty, husband of Matilda ZUMBRUN of Montgomery County, Ohio.


A second cousin four times removed, son of Elizabeth KINGERY and Henry EIKENBERRY of Preble County, Ohio. Abraham was married to Lydia KINGERY his first cousin once removed. Abraham was killed at Chickamauga, Georgia September 18-20, 1863 with 34,000 total casualties in a Confederate victory.

National Park Service Battle of Chickamauga Battle of Blood Chickamauga Campaign Chickamauga Summary

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Samuel David FALLIS

A second cousin five times removed from Switzerland County, Indiana, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Indiana 50th Regiment Company I, he died February 16, 1862 in Nashville, Tennessee. His parents Samuel FALLIS and Rebecca ADAMS are buried in the FALLIS Cemetery in Mount Sterling, Switzerland County, Indiana. His father Samuel was a first cousin to my fourth great-grandfather Isaac FALLIS of Greene County, Ohio.


Of Sugarcreek Township, Greene County, Ohio an Infantry private in Company H, Regiment 34 from George F. Robinson's book, After Thirty Years: A Complete Roster by Townships of Greene County Ohio Soldiers in the Late Civil War. Not clear how related. Likely son of Isaac FALLIS Jr. whose marriages and children remains a confused mess waiting for clarification.


A great-granduncle was a blacksmith from Somerset, Wabash County, Indiana who died and is buried in Marion, Grant County Indiana. He may have served with his father Thomas below. He was in the 153rd Indiana Infantry.


I have NOT found any confirming records for my great-great-grandfather from Wabash County, Indiana. He is listed in the Indiana Civil War Records from the Adjunct General as Thomas FOLES. The National Archives have no records for him. I still need to check with the state of Indiana and the Wabash County, Indiana Historical Society's new museum might have records I haven't seen.

I have a separate page of FALLIS - FOLLIS men who served in the Civil War. Isaac is on this list, Samuel and Thomas are not. Not all veterans made it to the federal lists of names. The commanders of the various regiments were required to submit names to the Federal Government as they were recruited and after the war was over. Not all units were properly accounted for as terms of duty were as short as 3 months and many men transferred to different units as some were disbanded and new ones formed.

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David HART

Husband of my great grandaunt Sarah Emma PROUGH, David born in Ohio was raised in LaGrange County, Indiana, spent three years service in Company H 44th Indiana Volunteers retiring as a sergeant.

Albert W. HINSEY

First cousin four times removed of Butler County, Ohio Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company H and a yet to be indentified James M. HINSEY 12th Regiment Company G Ohio Volunteer Infantry.


A second great-granduncle, his tombstone says he was in Company B 179th Ohio Infantry and newspaper obituary says Company K 101st Ohio Regiment. A railroad engineer, he was apparently injured since he spent 30 years in the National Soldiers Home in Marion, IN probably from the time of its 1888 opening. Henry also may have been in 11th Regiment Ohio Calvary and 181st Regiment Ohio Infantry.

Samuel S. KELKER

A second great-granduncle, brother of Henry KELKER, he was in the 11th Indiana Battery. May have also served in 9th Regiment Indiana Infantry for 3 months in 1861 and when 11th Battery consolidated November 21, 1864 with the 18th Battery Indiana Light Artillery.


A first cousin three times removed was a Corporal in Company B 12th Indiana Infantry buried in Coesse, Whitley County, Indiana.

George NEFF

A first cousin three times removed, son of Lydia KINSEY NEFF BURKETT, died at Chickamauga. See Abraham EIKENBERRY for Chickamauga. information.

William J. OLIVER

A first cousin four times removed, died June 18, 1899 served in Company D Indiana 18th Regiment Volunteer Line from LaGrange County, Indiana


Husband of second cousin four times removed Sarah Ann ZIEGLER of South Bend, Indiana.

Merridth Washington TIMMONS

A second cousin three times removed of Pyrmont, Montgomery County, Ohio.

"Jerry" Jeremiah M. VAUGHN

Second cousin four times removed of Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana, son of John VAUGHN Jr. and Mary RAMSEY, married to Nancy FOLLIS his first cousin. Jeremiah was in Company F, 16th Infantry Regiment Indiana died on February 22, 1863 at Young's Point, Louisianna. Some Regiment history is here and Wikipedia. A quick glance at "The Civil War in Louisiana" by John David Winters indicates Jeremiah may have died of disease while thousands were digging canals connected with the Mississippi River where "From time to time Pemberton's guns would drop a shell into the working crews, leaving a few dead, others maimed and all frightened." "Epidemics of smallpox, measles, mumps, dysentery, and swamp fever raged through the camps." Jeremiah was likely buried along the river. Grant's Canal is seen in northeast Louisianna map.


Husband of Mary KINZIE a first cousin three times removed, joined Company E, 17th Indiana Mounted Infantry, with which he served through all its marches and engagements until mustered out at Macon, Georgia, in August, 1865, having taken part in the battles of Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta and Selma.

My 2nd great-grandfather Joseph ZEIGLER was a Brethren minister and founding family of the Blue River German Baptist Church in Whitley County, Indiana and his father David was River Brethren, both known as "Peace Churches" opposed to military duty and war, yet had six family members serve. Son Daniel served and two brothers died: Henry and Moses, thus his father David lost 2 sons. Joseph had two ZUMBRUN nephew's enlist, brothers Jacob ZUMBRUN died at Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Levi enlisted with Joseph's son Daniel ZEIGLER in Allen County, Indiana. Joseph's third cousins Israel KINSEY and Mary KINSEY's husband David WAUGH were also veterans from Whitley County, Indiana.

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Benjamin ZIEGLER

First cousin four times removed, son of Philip "Lykens Valley" ZIEGLER of Lykens Valley, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania killed in the Civil War


A great-granduncle, son of Saba KINSEY and Joseph ZEIGLER , enlisted in Allen County, Indiana with his first cousin Levi ZUMBRUN


My second great-granduncle, son of Marie EHINGER and David ZIEGLER, according to his half-brother Abraham, brother of Moses below, wrote in his journal "fell in service in the Civil War" records show died before August 19, 1865. Henry's wife Lydia JOHN settled his estate in August 1865 in Montgomery County, Ohio where his family stayed and Noble County, Indiana where his siblings my Joseph, Philip, and Elizabeth COOK lived and Henry apparently was planning to move.


My half second great-granduncle, son of Lydia FRANTZ and David ZIEGLER, died June 1, 1864 near Cold Harbor, Hanover County, Virginia in Company I 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry or Company B 86h OH Volunteer's. 15,500 total troops died, 13,000 were Union troops.

Battle of Cold Harbor Battle of Cold Harbor Medicine Cold Harbor Battle Summary Cold Harbor Photos
Cold Harbor, Virginia Cold Harbor Wikipedia


My second great-granduncle, of Company G, 44th Indiana Regiment, rank of Private, son of Judah KINSEY and Henry ZUMBRUN, died January 21, 1863 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee of pneumonia caused by Typhoid Fever. Fought at Shiloh and Stone River, "Was a good and faithful solider. None better." Likely reburied in unmarked grave at Stones Run Cemetery Murfreesboro, Tennessee established a year after his death March 29, 1864.

Stones River Civil War Relics Stones River Fortification Photographs Stones River National Cemetery Stones River National Park
Stones River National Park Service Stones River Photographs Tennessee Center for Historic Preservation Find A Grave


A second great-granduncle, brother of Jacob above, enlisted in Allen County, Indiana with his first cousin Daniel ZEIGLER

1864 Lee vs Grant VA mentions cemetery Battlefield of Cold Harbor - book Battle of Cold Harbor Historical Marker Cold Harbor VA 15,500 lives lost
Cold Harbor National Cemetery Cold Harbor, VA National Park Service Grant's Overland Campaign Hanover County, VA Historical Markers
Hanover County, VA Profile


A second cousin four times removed died at Andersonville the notorious Confederate Prison in Sumter County, Georgia where 13,000 Union troops died. It is now a national park.

Andersonville Prison History National Park Service Andersonville Civil War Prison Civil War Prisons Crime Library
GraveMatters recent photos Includes Live Prisoner Skeleton Photo Local Georgia site National Park Service
Search the government records Survivor's Story    


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Spanish American War

Library of Congress information

William H. BERTCH

Husband of first cousin twice removed Daisy Ann ZIEGLER of Mishawaka-South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, served in Company F, 157 Indiana Volunteer Infantry, her parents were Hulda GEIGER and Daniel ZIEGLER of Whitley County, Indiana.


A granduncle of Wabash County, Indiana was the first son of Thomas Jefferson FOLLIS Jr. and his first wife Cynthia HUDDLESTON. He was an Eagles Lodge state president in 1935 and local secretary, belonged to the Moose Lodge, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.

David Kinsey WAUGH

A second cousin twice removed he served in Company G 160th Indiana Infantry under Captain Joseph R. Harrison. His name is on the large concrete war monument at the Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana Courthouse.

World War I 1917-1919

Andrew and Frank J. DEITSCHEL

Second cousins once removed, nephews of the Schneider's, they were born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their parents were born in Germany before they arrived in America in 1881. The brothers fought in France quite possibly against their German cousins and their parents former neighbors?

Leland Othneal 'Lee O' EIKENBERRY

Fifth cousin once removed, was an aviation pioneer from Carroll County, Indiana. Served from Howard County, Indiana. Uncle of Merle EIKENBERRY who ran the Eikenberry Funeral Home. Lee was friends with Eddie Rickenbacker, Capt. Jimmy Doolittle and Col. Roscoe Turner, with over 15,000 hours of flying in 32 years. A World War I pilot, he owned the first plane in Carroll County in 1920. He carried passengers and stage air shows at Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky fairs. He died November 17, 1970 age 77 years and is buried in Flora, Carroll County, Indiana. "The Indiana book of records, firsts, and fascinating facts" by Fred D. Cavinder states "was the first man to fly a plane with retractable landing gear." Also "was the greatest barnstorming pilot on record. He made 17,000 flights carrying 32,000 paid customers during the 1930's...also set a record in a Waco 3-place biplane by flying it 928 hours without an overhaul in an era when overhauls were required after 100 hours in the air." He also set the endurance record for keeping a Piper Cub aloft by a Hoosier set in Muncie circa 1925 keeping the plane aloft for 3 weeks by refueling with 5 gallon cans of fuel hoisted from a moving pickup truck. Buried in Flora, Carroll County, Indiana.

Charles Arthur FALKENBURG

Second cousin three times removed, served in the Mexican Border Campaign, of my Whitley County, Indiana ESSIG families. Buried in South Park Cemetery near Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana.


First cousin once removed son of Arthur FOLLIS who was in the Spanish American War, Wabash, Wabash County, Indiana, belonged to the American Legion, was past master Rubecon Lodge No. 495 FAM Detroit, Michigan. He is buried in Falls Cemetery Wabash, Wabash County, Indiana.

Frederick J. GRANT

Sixth cousin once removed, served in U.S. Army in Rome, France, and Rhineland campaign through my KINSEY Families.

Thomas Ira GRANT

Thomas Ira GRANT, brother of Frederick J. GRANT, sixth cousin once removed, served in U.S. Army in Rome, France, and Rhineland campaign through my KINSEY Families.


Granduncle was in the U.S. Navy not sure if he was in W.W.I., he died in 1922. Buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


Granduncle, brother of Fred SNYDER, died January 20, 1935 a Chief Boatswain Mate buried in the Arlington National Cemetery section 17 in Northampton County, Virginia. His tombstone photo is on Find-A-Grave after I requested in spring 2010 that someone take his tombstone photos.

Last Surviving World War I Veterans listed by Country

Harry Patch, the Last of Britain’s Army Veterans of World War I, Is Dead at 111

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World War II 1941 - 1945 - Red names killed in action

Wikipedia reports over 100 million military personnel, 20 million military casualties and 40 million civilian casualties fighting the Adolph Hitler Nazi attempts to rule the world. The World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. opened July 4, 2010. Wikipedia and others have photos.

Local Heroes - Frank Gray Column - June 14, 2009 'Just Dad' D-Day Hero

Allied bombing destroyed many German cities including churches where family births, marriages, and deaths were recorded as far back as the 13th century. This forever prevents our discovering our German ancestry, as much as three-fourths of my ancestry, as far back as once would have been possible.

Servicemen killed in action receive posthumously receive Purple Hearts.

Allan E. EGOLF

Fifth cousin died in action on the battlefield in France March 20, 1945, related through my ROYER Families, of Churubusco, Whitley County, Indiana. He wrote his wife a letter the day before that he was near the Alps mountains in Italy. He has a tombstone at Christian Chapel Cemetery, Merriam, Noble County, Indiana with hundreds of other relatives. Read his 2 obituaries here.


Uncle of Fort Wayne, Indiana served in the army building landing strips in New Guinea and the Philippines where he contracted malaria and took several years to recover. He is buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


Uncle of Fort Wayne, Indiana and Coral Springs, Florida. Served three years, 1943-1946 in the Pacific Theater in the U.S. Marine Corps, his tombstone is at Covington Memorial Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


Second cousin once removed, enlisted in 1942 Wells County, Indiana buried in Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana.


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Half second cousin twice removed killed June 13, 1945 in India, a Second Lieutenant, he was a pilot on a B-24 bomber in the Army Air Force. Related through my ZEIGLER Families.

William "Bill" A. HIVELY

Fourth cousin once removed, killed March 9, 1945 in Belgium and buried in Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, related through my ZUMBRUN Family.

Gerald A. KELKER

Third cousin killed at the Battle of Luzon his name is listed among the missing buried at sea on the "Tablets of the Missing" at the Manila American Cemetery in the Manila, Philippines. Related through my KELKER Families.



Joseph Parrett

Third cousin once removed staff sergeant in the Army Corp of Engineers, wife Mary was related through my ROYER Families.


Third cousin twice removed, enlisted August 28, 1943, killed September 20, 1944 in action with the 359th infantry of the Third Army near Metz, France. His tombstone is at Eberhard Cemetery Whitley County, Indiana. Related through my CRAMER Families.


First cousin once removed from Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana was killed in France August 25, 1944. Was awarded a Purple Heart. His brother Paul REIKENSMEIER was my first source for the Thomas Jefferson FOLLIS father and son generations. Their tombstones are at Lindenwood Cemetery. Related through my FOLLIS Families.

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Eugene D. ROYER

Second cousin twice removed was a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force in WWII where he served as a fighter pilot, then joined the Air National Guard, was called to active duty in the Korean Conflict 1951 to 1953 and in the 1961 Berlin Crisis retiring in 1965. Eugene died January 18, 2005 and is buried in Prairie Grove Cemetery Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. Related through my ROYER Families.

Medrith Snyder

Fifth cousin once removed, from Adams County, Indiana, served in the United States Coast Guard from September 14, 1942 through November 15, 1945. He was stationed in Seattle, Washington and Ketchikan, Alaska. More information is on Find-A-Grave. Related through my PROUGH Families.


First cousin twice removed, an Army Sergeant, 323rd Infantry 81st Division, killed in the Southwest Pacific October 22, 1944, awarded a purple heart, he died weeks before his brother, both from Marion, Grant County, Indiana. Buried in the Manila American Cemetery at Fort William Mckinley, Manila, The Philippines Plot F Row 16 Grave 78. Related through my Lewis TIMMONS Families.


First cousin twice removed, Army Private, enlisted March 16, 1944, was killed in Europe December 12, 1944 along with his brother Lloyd from Marion, Grant County, Indiana. Related through my Lewis TIMMONS Families.


Third cousin once removed, from 1943 to 1946 in the Army, related through the KINSEY families, was shot and killed in Fort Wayne, Indiana November 5, 1972 when leaving his brother's house he tried to stop an armed robber from stealing his girl friends purse.

Benjamin ZEIGLER

Uncle of Whitley County, Indiana won a purple heart as a medic. Related through my ZEIGLER Families.


Third cousin once removed died July 9, 1944 in Arizona in an army plane crash. He was an air force flight instructor. Related through my ZUMBRUN Family.

Before You Go - tribute song video to the aging and dying World War II veterans.

American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) - Memorial Cemeteries around the world - by state

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Cold War - Peace Time

My father served in between wars from 1946-1949 in the Army Air Force. He was stationed at Dayton, Ohio and Mitchel Air Force Base, Long Island, New York, were he was appointed a corporal March 24, 1949. The Air Force became a separate branch of the military September 17, 1949. Our FOLLIS ancestors and many other families lived near Dayton in Montgomery County, Ohio in the 1800's. 4th great-grandfather Isaac FALLIS and family are buried on their pioneer farm in the FALLIS Cemetery just a few miles east of Dayton, Ohio. Our FOREMAN ancestors lived on Long Island when they came from England to the new world in the 1600's.

Korean War

"The Forgotten War"

Robert P. GAGNON

Husband of my first cousin Colleen WORRELL of New Haven, Allen County, Indiana a Marine Corp veteran, past commander VFW Howard Bandelier Post 2457. Both are deceased.

Vietnam War

Vietnam Wall

Before You Go - tribute song video to the aging Vietnam Veterans

Thomas Michael Connell

Thomas Michael Connell name on Vietnam WallA college friend whose brother Thomas went to Vietnam where he was killed May 13, 1969 and never came home. See his name on the Vietnam Wall at

Klaus Dieter EGOLF

Fifth cousin, 20 year old medic who was in Vietnam less than a month when his parents received word he was killed in action. From Churubusco, Whitley County, Indiana. Buried in Christian Chapel Cemetery, Merriam, Noble County, Indiana.

David Scott Griffin

6th cousin related through my PROUGH families. Specialist Four 114TH AHC, 13TH AVN BN, 1 AVN BDE, Army of the United States, 11 April 1947 - 26 October 1967, Tampa, Florida, Panel 28E Line 074. Killed in a helicopter crash in a rice paddy, killing all four on board on October 26, 1967. Read his virtual wall memorial.

Roy Dewitt PRATER

Roy Prater name on Vietnam Wall

His body was returned June 15, 2010 for the 38 year old 6th cousin-in-law through his wife Carol Joann JAGGER, related through the ZUMBRUN families. Roy died April 6, 1972 in the Vietnam War. Roy Prater photoIn March 2010 his son Dennis was notified Roy's remains had been discovered and would be returned for proper burial in Blue River Cemetery, Whitley County, Indiana. He had been honored locally in 1976, June 2, 1979 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base Dayton, Ohio and in 1997 at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. Frank Gray of the Journal Gazette had his story "Downed pilot’s return ‘bittersweet’ for son." June 17, 2010 "Procession for Airman to Arrive in Whitley." June 18, 2010 "Fallen Hero Comes Home 38 Years Later." June 20, 2010 "Farewell to Dad, at last" covers his honoring by hundreds of well wishers returning his final remains to the Blue River Cemetery near Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana. He was honored with Prater Hall Building 1213 in 1979 on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He has a 1997 memorial in Section 34 Site 680-A at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia shown on Find-A-Grave. I added some comments and links to his story on the Vietnam Wall.

James Henry ZUMBRUN

James H Zumbrun name of Vietnam WallFifth cousin once removed, a 26 year old, 3rd voluntary tour of duty, Silver and Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Special Forces Green Beret killed January 10, 1970 when his observation plane was shot down over Vietnam. Name on Vietnam Wall at and My Armed Forces

2001-present Afghanistan and the War on Terror and the Taliban

Allen County, Indiana 21st Century Veterans' Honor Roll

Fifth cousin General Karl EIKENBERRY, certainly is not following the non-military pacifist ways of the Church of the Brethren origin of our EIKENBERRY ancestors. His father's obituary October 12, 2006 helped connect him to the family tree, using census records and the Peter EICHENBERG family history book.

Genealogy research is never complete, important details might be missing, and often contains errors, so let me know if your research contradicts mine. My Indiana and Ohio family research comes from conversations with relatives, scrapbooks, library research, online records, visits to courthouses, final resting places on family farms and cemeteries. Families in other states rely mostly on the research of others. Links to other web sites often change then won't work, so if you find broken links, have additional information on any families, corrections, photos, or anything to add to the history of our families, please leave a Comment in my Guest book, join my Follis Families on Facebook page for updates and new discoveries, or send an Email. The Wayback Machine archives most old web pages so copy and paste the broken URL address to find the missing 404 pages that disappeared. Read Dick Eastman's newsletter on using Unverified Data from the internet. This web site is designed to work with JavaScript and the latest browsers. If you experience display problems you may need to update your browser.

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