1776 Revolutionary War Veterans


Some of the Find-A-Grave photos leave a lot to be desired. Find-A-Grave relies on volunteers, so something is always better than nothing.

Zachariah ALBAUGH

Confusion exists about this almost centenarian Zachariah ALBAUGH of Licking County, Ohio and my fourth great-grandfather Zachariah ALBAUGH. It appears the Revolutionary War Zachariah ALBAUGH is the son of Johan Peter ALBAUGH son of my first and immigrant Zachariah ALBAUGH and wife Anna DeMuth. Unfortunately, the birth date of October 31, 1758 is given to my third Zachariah and this Revolutionary War veteran. The birth date appears to be supported by NARA data in U.S. National Archives Letter 15 March 1932 in the veteran Zachariah's pension files. More research is needed to clarify this.


Fourth great-granduncle, son of Johann Göttlieb BREININGER, his name is on the Zion Red Church Cemetery DAR Memorial and this alternate photo as a militia member of Captain Jacob Wetston's Company of Brunswick Township, then Lancaster, now Schuykill County, Pennsylvania. Served as 8th Class in Jacob Whetstone's Company with the BRACH PROUGH brothers below. Thanks to distant cousin Robert P. Breininger for his Guestbook Comment pointing out his ancestor Frantz Breininger.

John Brooks

Husband of second cousin five times removed Catherine GRUENENWALT of the KELKER family. 1754 he was enlisted in the British Army and was wounded. He was discharged June 8, 1767. In 1776 he was commissioned 2nd lieutenant in the Pennsylvania Line. In 1778 he was appointed Mayor of York by General Gates along with the rank of Captain. He also held the position of Commissary of Supplies. From Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the American Revolution 1947. More research is needed.

Pvt. Johann Jacob CONRAD

5th great-granduncle Patriot 1717-1798, husband of Maria Katherine RHEYER daughter of Sebastian and Agnes FLOCKIRTH ROYER, of North Heidelberg, Berks County, Pennsylvania and their son Joseph CONRAD a soldier 1759-1822.

John S. Craig

Not a relative, died March 24, 1838 and was buried in the Benjamin Foreman Family Cemetery now called Wragg Tuttle Cemetery in Clark County, Ohio. For some reason was moved in 1906 down the road to the more easily visible Fletcher Chapel Cemetery.


My fifth-great-grandfather 1754-1852 98 years 2 months and 20 days old, my oldest confirmed ancestor, buried near Canton, Stark County, Ohio. His tombstone mentions his service and the local D.A. R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) has a plaque. He volunteered as a blacksmith and was a soldier at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton where General George Washington crossed the Delaware River remembered in the famous painting on Christmas night 1776 during the Battle of Trenton. I visited his grave site at Warstler Cemetery Stark County, Ohio in 2006. Photos and additional information are on Find-A-Grave. Zoom in and scroll to page 223 below to see Simon ESSIG in the Cumberland County Militia 6th Battalion.

# 648 Pennsylvania Archives Series 6 Volume 5 page 223 Cumberland Militia 6th Battalion      
The Battle of Trenton - British Battles The Battle of Trenton - History Central The Battle of Trenton - Mercer County, NJ The Battle of Trenton - New Jersey
The Battle of Trenton - U.S. History The Battle of Princeton - British Battles The Battle of Princeton - History Central The Battle of Princeton - Mercer County, NJ
The Battle of Princeton - New Jersey The Battle of Princeton - U.S. History Washington Crosses the Delaware with map Washington Crosses the Delaware painting story


A fifth great-grand uncle, D.A. R. records indicate he gave money liberally to the cause and is listed on this Stafford County Virginia Revolutionary War Veterans web page. His grandson Daniel James FALLIS' biography says he was a friend of George WASHINGTON. Stafford County, Virginia lists him as filing a public service claim. There is supporting evidence that he could have known George WASHINGTON when Washington began his survey career in the Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia area in 1748 when George FALLIS' father Thomas was buying his Virginia land in the same area.


A nephew of George FALLIS above and his brother, my fifth great-grandfather Jacob FALLIS. Isaac, a son of Susannah MARTIN and Isaac FALLIS, was a 14 years old drummer boy in the 2nd Regiment 5th Pennsylvania line. Isaac FOLLIS was at Valley Forge with General George Washington according to the Valley Forge Legacy The Muster Roll Project - which spells it FOLLIS (supports my assertion FOLLIS is correct spelling not "A") although Isaac is usually found as FALLIS in other documents including his pensions files. Isaac died November 26, 1851 in Mercer County, Kentucky. Listed on at least one web site. has a 44 page Revolutionary War Pension file. See Isaac Follis Fold3 Memorial.


My fifth great-grandfather is claimed by one source as a veteran of the 17th Mounted Militia. I have been unable to confirm this service information so far. Jacob should have been in Virginia. A fourth of Virginia's militia saw active duty and most records have not been found so we may never know.

Several sources claim a December 7, 1775 marriage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which makes no sense since Sarah SPRINGER is listed in the WOOD Family Bible as mother of Susannah FALLIS born in 1766. If you have any documentation, please send me a copy.


My fifth great-grandfather whose father Peter was a Church of the Brethren minister making it hard to believe he was in the Revolutionary War, but that is the claim.

Berks County, Pennsylvania does list Peter and John Heckman and Philip, John and Daniel Zeigler in military companies, but not sure if related. There is a hard to read Peter Heckman 1754-1824 military tombstone. There were several unrelated Peter Heckman's in 1700's Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Ludwig (Lewis) Hering Horing

My fourth great-granduncle-in-law of Berks County, Pennsylvania married to Anna Maria BRACH PROUGH. Ludwig succeeded his father Ludwig as innkeeper of the Brunswick Tavern still standing. Or was it his father Ludwig in the Revolutionary War? Son or father?




Cornelius HINSEY

My third great-granduncle son of John Henry HINSEY below. His name is on the Soldier, Sailors and Pioneers Monument shown on right in Butler County, Ohio serving at Fort Hamilton with General Anthony Wayne in Butler County. The monument includes his son William Hinsey a Pioneer, Albert W. HINSEY and James M. HINSEY in the Civil War. Gallery 19 has lots of photos. Historical Markers Database has photos too. Cornelius data in 1929 Ohio ebook of veterans.

John Henry HINSEY

My fourth great-grandfather left Hamburg, Germany arriving in Philadelphia September 19, 1753 on the ship Leathley. Moved and married in Delaware where he served in the Revolutionary War. Need further research and documentation on this family line.

Anthony KELKER

My fifth great-granduncle, a granduncle of my third great grandfather David KELKER was commissioned August 28, 1775 as a lieutenant in the Second battalion of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania associators, and was in active service during the campaign of 1776. In 1777 he was an officer in the militia at Brandywine and Germantown. He was appointed January 19, 1778, wagon-master of Colonel Greenawalt’s battalion, and the same year was sent on a secret expedition to Virginia and Maryland. Until the close of the war Captain Kelker was an active participant. He was deputy sheriff of Lancaster county in 1781-82, and upon the formation of the county of Dauphin was commissioned the first sheriff in 1785, and subsequently elected, serving until 1788. He was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives 1793-94. Anthony's son Heinrich and Rudolph KELKER are also listed as Revolutionary War Veterans.


My sixth great-grandfather born in 1716 France or Germany died 1809 New Jersey gave Patriotic Service in New Jersey. His stone home built in 1750 is still used as a home. A historical plaque identifies the home Henry as a local Sadler where Lafayette was treated during the Revolutionary War. At least 17 other LANDIS' were patriots.

Casper and George BRACH PROUGH

Fourth great-granduncles, brothers of my Peter PROUGH below. All 3 brothers were in Captain Jacob Whetstone Company. George BRACH was a First Leutienant. Casper 6th Class moved with brother Peter 4th Class to Fairfield County, Ohio.


My fourth great-grandfather born in Berks County, Pennsylvania and died after 1830 in Fairfield County, Ohio. His grandson, my great-great-grandfather, Peter PROUGH proudly wore his grandfather Peter's Revolutionary War medal. Grandson Peter died in 1894 on his way to Missouri from LaGrange County, Indiana and was buried along railroad tracks with the Revolutionary War medal. If you have any documentation on his death and location, please send me a copy. has a 13 page Revolutionary War Pension file.

Casper SCHNERR - Kasper SCHNER

My sixth great-grandfather born in 1732 Germany to 1790 Adams County, Pennsylvania. The tombstone states: "Here rests with God, Kasper Schner. He is born on 1732, 21 April and died on 1790, 30 Marz. My love rest in..." fading into the grass. It appears an American flag is next to his marker, which confirms once source that said he has a Revolutionary War marker next to his tombstone. A Revolutionary War memorial is supposed to be at Bender's Lutheran Church Cemetery. If you have a photo of this memorial, marker, or have document ion please send me a copy. has a reference to Captain Caspar Schnerr in Philip Deily's Revolutionary War Pension file served one year starting June 5, 1775 in Heidelberg, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.



My 3rd great-granduncle, a private in Captain Sutherland's Company of New York, buried in Greenwood Cemetery, LaGrange, LaGrange County, Indiana, one of the first person's to settle in LaGrange County, Indiana. Jason was an uncle of my Barbara THURSTON wife of Peter PROUGH above.


Jason Thurston's wife Betsey Paine, was a daughter of General Edward Paine a hero of the Revolutionary War, namesake for Painesville, Ohio, reburied in 1900 and remembered with a statue in Charter Oak Park. A relative of author Thomas Paine and a Founding Father of the United States. Famous for his pamphlet Common Sense and the quotation: "These are the times that try men's souls." A couple posts mention Thomas' parents in January 11, and 29, 2000. I was unable to determine the Paine Family relationships from page 122 in the Paine Family Records, but General Edward Paine's genealogy is found on Steven Payne's web site who points out the family link to PaineWebber brokerage and others.


My fourth great grandfather born in (Frederick County?) Virginia was a sergeant who served three years in Virginia and was awarded 200 acres May 4, 1810 in Ohio. Referenced as War 4, 374. At least five other TIMMONS' were patriots. More research and documentation is needed. Please send copies if you have them.

George and Peter TIMMONS

Likely brothers to my John TIMMONS who served several months together with Peter TIMMONS in the Virginia 8th Regiment in Colonel James Wood's Company, as well as the 4th and 12th Virginia Regiments because of the Frederick County, Virginia/Hampshire County, West Virginia locations. has over 140 records for Peter Timmons in their files. George Timmons' wife was Rosy Ashby, daughter of Captain Stephen Ashby. George's sister Winnefred Timmons was married to Peter Ashby born in Frederick County, Virginia, brother of Captain Stephen Ashby, my John TIMMONS Captain. has over 135 pages in their George TIMMONS file. has over 175 pages for Stephen Ashby and over 180 for Peter Ashby. The Ashby Mailing List has several pages discussing this Timmons/Ashby family starting in June 2009. Ashby's in Virginia/West Virginia genealogical data from Revolutionary War ..., Volume 2 By Patrick G. Wardell. Yesterday Tuckaways from Hopkins County, Kentucky confirms some this is where these Timmons and Ashby's died.

William VanDIVER

My 4th great-grandfather from Hampshire County, Virginia, now Mineral County, West Virginia. has his 24 page Revolutionary War Pension file, which like most pensions does not list family member names.

Benjamin WOOD

Husband of 4th great-grandaunt Sarah FALLIS of Shenandoah and Page Counties, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley. Sarah FALLIS was a sister of my fourth great-grandfather Isaac FALLIS. A First Virginia Regiment N.S.D.A.R. John Rhodes Chapter plaque was placed on Benjamin's grave in 1970 on his former residence then known as Cedar Point, now Rileyville, Page County, Virginia showing his service March 15, 1781 - August 23, 1783. The Find-A-Grave photo of his grave and D.A. R. plaque are shown on the right. Benjamin's father Nehemiah WOOD is listed by the D.A. r. as a patriot and most of family is buried on their Cedar Point/Rileyville land. Benjamin's brother and my Isaac FALLIS' brother-in-law Nehemiah Wood Jr. moved to Gallia County, Ohio where he built the Nehemiah Wood Homestead in 1820 1253 Jackson Pike Rio Grande, Ohio now on the National Register of Historic Places on December 12, 1987. It was bought by Bob Evans in 1953 for his Bob Evans Farm, where he built his first restaurant, and is now his Bob Evans Homestead Museum with a Virtual Tour online.


My fifth great-grandfather born in Switzerland is thought to be a Hessian Mercenary (or here) meaning he fought with Britain against the United States. As many as a third of Britain's troops were mercenaries. Further research is needed to verify this. If you have any documentation, please let me know.

Hessian FAQ Hessian Mailing List, Archiver, FAQ The book The Hessian Mercenary State, HETRINA Wikipedia Hessian definition
Hessian Resources U.S. Army College Hessian Bibliography    


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If you find research that adds to, or contradicts mine, please leave a Comment on my Follis Families in the United States Facebook page, or send me an Email.

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If you find research that adds to, or contradicts mine, please leave a Comment on my Follis Families in the United States Facebook page, or send me an Email.

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