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World War II 1941 - 1945 - Red names killed in action

Wikipedia reports over 100 million military personnel, 20 million military casualties and 40 million civilian casualties fighting the Adolph Hitler Nazi attempts to rule the world. The World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. opened July 4, 2010. Wikipedia and others have photos.

Local Heroes - Frank Gray Column - June 14, 2009 'Just Dad' D-Day Hero

Allied bombing destroyed many German cities including churches where family births, marriages, and deaths were recorded as far back as the 13th century. This forever prevents our discovering our German ancestry, as much as three-fourths of my ancestry, as far back as once would have been possible.

Servicemen killed in action receive posthumously receive Purple Hearts.

Allan E. EGOLF

Fifth cousin died in action on the battlefield in France March 20, 1945, related through my ROYER Families, of Churubusco, Whitley County, Indiana. He wrote his wife a letter the day before that he was near the Alps mountains in Italy. He has a tombstone at Christian Chapel Cemetery, Merriam, Noble County, Indiana with hundreds of other relatives.


Uncle of Fort Wayne, Indiana served in the army building landing strips in New Guinea and the Philippines where he contracted malaria and took several years to recover. He is buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


Uncle of Fort Wayne, Indiana and Coral Springs, Florida. Served three years in the Pacific Theater in the U.S. Marine Corps, his tombstone is at Covington Memorial Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


Second cousin once removed, enlisted in Wells County, Indiana buried in Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana.

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Half second cousin twice removed killed June 13, 1945 in India, a Second Lieutenant, he was a pilot on a B-24 bomber in the Army Air Force. Related through my ZEIGLER Families.

William "Bill" A. HIVELY

Fourth cousin once removed, killed March 9, 1945 in Belgium and buried in Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, related through my ZUMBRUN Family.

Gerald A. KELKER

Third cousin killed at the Battle of Luzon his name is listed among the missing buried at sea on the "Tablets of the Missing" at the Manila American Cemetery in the Manila, Philippines. Related through my KELKER Families.



Third cousin twice removed killed September 20, 1944 in action with the 359th infantry of the Third Army near Metz, France. His tombstone is at Eberhard Cemetery Whitley County, Indiana. Related through my CRAMER Families.


First cousin once removed from Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana was killed in France August 25, 1944. Was awarded a Purple Heart. His brother Paul REIKENSMEIER was my first source for the Thomas Jefferson FOLLIS father and son generations. Their tombstones are at Lindenwood Cemetery. Related through my FOLLIS Families.

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Eugene D. ROYER

Second cousin twice removed was a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force in WWII where he served as a fighter pilot, then joined the Air National Guard, was called to active duty in the Korean Conflict 1951 to 1953 and in the 1961 Berlin Crisis retiring in 1965. Eugene died January 18, 2005 and is buried in Prairie Grove Cemetery Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. Related through my ROYER Families.


First cousin twice removed killed in the Southwest Pacific in November 1944 along with his brother from Marion, Grant County, Indiana. Buried at the Manila American Cemetery in the Manila, Philippines Plot F Row 16 Grave 78. Related through my TIMMONS Families.


First cousin twice removed was killed in Europe December 12, 1944 along with his brother from Marion, Grant County, Indiana. Related through my TIMMONS Families.


Third cousin once removed, related through the KINSEY families, was shot and killed in Fort Wayne, Indiana November 5, 1972 when leaving his brother's house he tried to stop an armed robber from stealing his girl friends purse.

Benjamin ZEIGLER

Uncle of Whitley County, Indiana won a purple heart as a medic. Related through my ZEIGLER Families.


Third cousin once removed died July 9, 1944 in Arizona in an army plane crash. He was an air force flight instructor. Related through my ZUMBRUN Family.

Before You Go - tribute song video to the aging and dying World War II veterans.

American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) - Memorial Cemeteries around the world - by state

Genealogy research is never complete, important details might be missing, and often contains errors, so let me know if your research contradicts mine. My Indiana and Ohio family research comes from conversations with relatives, scrapbooks, library research, online records, visits to courthouses, final resting places on family farms and cemeteries. Families in other states rely mostly on the research of others. Links to other web sites often change then won't work, so if you find broken links, have additional information on any families, corrections, photos, or anything to add to the history of our families, please leave a Comment in my Guest book, join my Follis Families on Facebook page for updates and new discoveries, or send an Email. The Wayback Machine archives most old web pages so copy and paste the broken URL address to find the missing 404 pages that disappeared. Read Dick Eastman's newsletter on using Unverified Data from the internet. This web site is designed to work with JavaScript and the latest browsers. If you experience display problems you may need to update your browser.

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