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Was killed when hit by a car while hanging campaign signs.


4th great-granduncle Jacob FALLIS was an early 19th century city councilman in Peru, Miami County, Indiana. He was only 42 years old when he died in a tragic accident falling off a roof. Apparently, he continued a sad family legacy of Jacob FALLIS' who died by their 50's as his father Jacob FALLIS and his uncle, my 3rd great-grandfather, Jacob FALLIS both died after the 1820 Greene County, Ohio census, with no additional census, land deed, or other documentation appearances. Jacob's grandfather, my fifth great-grandfather, Jacob FALLIS of Shenandoah County, Virginia died by his 50's in 1797. The mystery's of these other Jacob FALLIS' causes of death and burial locations may never be known.

Anthony KELKER

Great-great-granduncle Anthony KELKER was a late 19th century city councilman in my home town Fort Wayne, Indiana. With his brother Samuel KELKER, a Civil War veteran, they were part of the late 19th century community drive to establish memorials honoring local military heroes in city parks. Both were mentioned dozens of times in turn of the century newspaper articles concerning their adventures as early railroad engineers serving around 50 years. Their father, my great-great-grandfather, David KELKER ran boarding houses helping feed the laborers as they built the railroads from Pennsylvania to Fort Wayne. Anthony (misspelled) KELLER is listed on a May 30, 2006 stone plague in the former North Side Park, on the eastern side of Spy Run Creek now a part of Lawton Park which has a newer Skate park. The stone memorial honored Anthony's work establishing the Civil War Memorial at the original October 10, 1894 ceremony representing the Fort Wayne Park Department. Anthony was recognized as a talented local horticulturist of early 20th century Fort Wayne and judge of school children's flower shows. I am working on a paper and Power Point presentation to correct his lack of credit in the Fort Wayne park history as the first parks department commissioner. I found Tramp Art in New York on their Rustic Art web page has Anthony's photograph in his turn of the century garden in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Alexander Ramsey

Third cousin four times removed on the KELKER side, the only man to be both appointed as both governor of a territory and then elected as governor of the state of Minnesota. Born September 8, 1815, at Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg, married Anna Earl Jenks, daughter of a member of Congress from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Alexander was reared by his granduncle Frederick Kelker my first cousin six times removed of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His large memorial tombstone is on Find-A-Grave - he is buried in Ramsey County.


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