My 4th great-grandfather Isaac's FALLIS Pioneer Cemetery near Bellbrook, Greene County, Ohio FOLLIS Families
in the United States of America
by descendant Stanley J. Follis

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All FOLLIS Family in the United States of America web pages are works in progress. I researched most of my Indiana and Ohio families using every source available including, but not limited to personal visits to court houses, libraries, family land, cemeteries, and the internet. Non-Indiana and Ohio families are mostly unconfirmed research of others. My family outlines may be incomplete, contain errors, misstate information, and becomes more incomplete with each step further back in time. Feel free to leave comments in my guestbook or e-mail any submissions, additions or corrections.

The conundrum of sharing this information acquired from years of slow and expensive research while receiving credit for the same is why I have been slow putting up web pages. I am also concerned people will copy these pages without giving credit to those who have worked so hard to find the elusive bits and pieces. A lot of my information is the result of a lifetime of work by deceased relatives whose papers, books and stories have found their way to libraries and personal collections around the country. Please include all sources when copying genealogy information! While family data is not copyright protected, the unique form presented on these web pages is copyrighted. I am aware these pages will be copied, so individuals must copy the entire page with all information as presented. No permission will be given for commercial use of this information!

After reading the RootsWeb Review (Vol. 6, No. 17, 23 April 2003, as well as previous and current volumes) discussing the pros and cons of publishing or not publishing genealogy research, I have decided it is probably better to publish this information. In the unlikely event I were to lose my research in a computer crash or fire at least some of it will be preserved on the internet and in others peoples files. After all, if no one ever gets to see all of this family information what good is it?

While some of the early family research is the work of other researchers the act of compiling this information in this unique form is the copyright of Stanley J. Follis of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have not found time to verify all of their information, so please report any errors or omissions to the comments page or email the webmaster. Contributors of information to this site will be referenced and their email address included where appropriate. Most of my information has been verified at, from or through the Allen County Indiana Public Library, other public libraries, federal census and courthouse documents when listed.

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