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Colonial Maryland Families

Maryland State Flag

Old Line State seventh state in the United States April 28, 1788

Carroll, Frederick, and Washington Counties

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My fourth great-grandfather John TIMMONS 1757 Maryland or Virginia to 1834 Pickaway and Madison Counties, Ohio and unknown wife. John was a three year sergeant in the Revolutionary War from Virginia.

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Carroll County

My fifth great-grandparents Elizabeth ANGEL before 1754-1821 and Johann ZUMBRUN before 1755-1819, to Taneytown, Carroll County, Maryland, about 10 miles south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with the historic 1776 Dobbin House Tavern nearby. John ZUMBRUN is listed as an Elder in history of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. Interesting to note in this history at the 1811 dedication of the first brick church, that a German speaking pastor hoped English would NEVER be spoken in his church! My how times change.

1750 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church YouTube video in Tawneytown


Elizabeth's parents Philip Karl ANGEL (Charles ENGELL) about 1723 Palantine to before 1811 Carroll County, Maryland and Juliana between 1727-1737 to between 1783-1786 of Carroll County, Maryland. Daughter Julia Anna married George Michael Renneker. Philip Karl Angel age 20 arrived September 2, 1743 on the Ship "Loyal Judith". They were active members of the Dutch Reformed Church of Silver Run, Frederick County, Maryland established in 1762 now the St. Mary's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Carroll County, Maryland. The church was established in 1762 and many early burials in the cemetery across the road lack tombstones and early records to 1848 were lost. Some tombstones inscriptions are online. Several Angels are buried in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Taneytown, Carroll County, Maryland where Jacob Zumbrun is also buried.

Philip Angel was likely the son of John and Margaret Angel of Frederick County, Maryland.

There are ANGEL's and ZUMBRUN's from an 1889 reading buried in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery - Taneytown

Taneytown's most famous son is Francis Scott Key who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner in 1814 during the War of 1812 after the Battle at Fort McHenry which is now a National Park.

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Frederick County

My sixth great-grandparents Zachariah ALBAUGH came to Hunterdon County, Maryland in 1734 from Flammersfeld, Germany and Anna DUMAT 1698-1773 Preussen, Germany to Frederick County, Maryland. Their son my fifth great-grandparents Zachariah ALBAUGH about 1737-1782 Hunterdon County, New Jersey to Frederick County, Maryland and Susannah ULLREY 1736-1821, Hunterdon County, New Jersey to Frederick County, Maryland.

My third great-grandparents Henry Sylvester ZUMBRUN 1812-1883 Frederick County, Maryland to Whitley County, Indiana and Judah KINSEY 1816-1891 Montgomery County, Ohio to Whitley County, Indiana. Henry was a member of the Church of the Brethren and along with my ZEIGLER, KINSEY, and other families from Montgomery County, Ohio formed the Blue River German Baptist now Church of the Brethren Church in Whitley County, Indiana.

Henry's parents Henry ZUMBRUN 1783-1857 Frederick County, Maryland to Brookville, Montgomery County, Ohio and Susanna REAM 1785-1846 Frederick County, Maryland to Montgomery County, Ohio. Their land is now part of Sycamore State Park.

Washington County

My sixth great-grandparents were Wendell ESSIG about 1700-1799 Switzerland to Washington County, Maryland and Ann MATTE about 1700-1772 of Washington County, Maryland.

My third great-grandparents Sarah WINDER 1789-1860 Washington County, Maryland to Fairfield County, Ohio and George PROUGH 1781-1808 Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania to Fairfield County, Ohio. Sarah remarried Nicholas SIDENER. Son Peter immigrated to Indiana with a couple of his SIDENER half-brothers.

Genealogy research is never complete, important details might be missing, and often contains errors, so let me know if your research contradicts mine. My Indiana and Ohio family research comes from conversations with relatives, scrapbooks, library research, online records, visits to courthouses, final resting places on family farms and cemeteries. Families in other states rely mostly on the research of others. Links to other web sites often change then won't work, so if you find broken links, have additional information on any families, corrections, photos, or anything to add to the history of our families, please leave a Comment in my Guest book, join my Follis Families on Facebook page for updates and new discoveries, or send an Email. The Wayback Machine archives most old web pages so copy and paste the broken URL address to find the missing 404 pages that disappeared. Read Dick Eastman's newsletter on using Unverified Data from the internet. This web site is designed to work with JavaScript and the latest browsers. If you experience display problems you may need to update your browser.

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