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Michigan Families

The Wolverine/Great Lakes State the 26th state of the United States January 26, 1837

Charlevoix County

My third great-grandparents John CRAMER 1832 Ohio to 1896 and Sarah ESSIG 1833 Ohio to 1899 to Whitley and Kosciusko Counties, Indiana to Charlevoix County, Michigan. Both are buried in the Boyne Valley Cemetery.

St. Joseph County

My third great-grandparents Daniel THURSTON 1781-1836 Washington County, New York to St. Joseph County, Michigan and Margaret BIRCH 1784-1843 Duchess County, New York to Cass County, Michigan.

Thurston Woods Park is at 300 Franks Ave in Sturgis, Michigan. I will have to research further to find who owned the land and which THURSTON it is named for. Right now it sounds like George THURSTON who is written as the earliest THURSTON arrival to the county. Daniel's son Solomon THURSTON and nephews George THURSTON are listed in county histories, and Masaina Paine THURSTON on page 335 of the 1850 census. Masaina's mother was Betsey PAINE a relative of the author Thomas PAINE, famous for writing the call to arms in 1776 called Common Sense and the quote "these are the times that try men's souls".


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