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Named for William Henry FALLIS, son of John FALLIS and Sarah STRATTON. John, son of Richard FALLIS and Nancy Ann WHITE, buried in Jones Chapel Cemetery, Harrison County, Missouri. Richard, son of Isaac FALLIS and Susanna MARTIN. Isaac was a brother to my Jacob FALLIS. Sixth cousin once removed Patte FALLIS TITUS, descendant of Richard FALLIS and Nancy WHITE, supplied her 2005 photos in March 2006. Some information is on page 241-242 in A History of the State of Oklahoma.

William and Jennie HODGES daughter Blanche FALLIS LUCAS was prominent in early Oklahoma politics, Woman's Suffrage, and League of Women Voters, as shown in the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma & Culture web site.

Fallis Volunteer Fire Department Fallis Community Center

Wikipedia has a page and some other links are Fallis, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, one source said on Fallis Road, but 2006 maps don't show this. FALLIS Post Office, on map, former Indian village, town profile, seen on maps here. Originally named Mission 1892-1894, it was renamed in 1895 for its first postmaster William H. Fallis. William Henry FALLIS may also have been a county Judge. In 1870 he was a hotel keeper in Lawrence County, Missouri. In 1880 a grocer in Joplin, Missouri. Oklahoma Territory was opened for homesteading in 1889, with statehood in 1907.

Guinea hens and game fowl in Fallis Oklahoma Gravel road in Fallis Oklahoma

Guinea hens and game fowl in Fallis, Oklahoma.

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