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England to Massachusetts and possible Mayflower Descendants

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My sixth great-grandparents Mercy CARY 1685/6 Rhode Island or Massachusetts and David THURSTON 1688-1759 of Massachusetts. See page 65 in the book John Cary the Plymouth Pilgrim

Mercy's parents were James CARY 1653-1706 Massachusetts to Rhode Island and Mary SHAW or STANDISH about 1652-1735/36 Massachusetts to Rhode Island. Many different researchers list her as SHAW or STANDISH. If STANDISH many claim her as a granddaughter of Myles STANDISH who came from England on the Mayflower. I will have to do a lot more research before I can accept what I have found so far.

David THURSTON's parents were Hannah CARY 1661-1718 of Massachusetts and John THURSTON 1656-1711 of Massachusetts. Hannah is an aunt to Mercy CARY, David THURSTON's wife, sister of Mercy's father James CARY above which makes Mercy CARY and David THURSTON first cousins.

James and Hannah's parents were John CARY 1610-1681 England to Massachusetts and Elizabeth GODFREY 1620-1680 of Massachusetts. See page 62 above in John Cary the Plymouth Pilgrim. His descendants in 1905 erected a monument on his homestead in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

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