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Germany to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana

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My great-grandparents Mariah ROYER 1856-1898 Wabash County to Whitley County, Indiana and Jonas ZEIGLER 1858-1902 Whitley County, Indiana. They are buried in the Round Lake Cemetery in Whitley County, Indiana. Maria is on page 621 of the Royer book.

Mariah's parents Samuel ROYER 1819-1877 Montgomery County, Ohio to Servia, Wabash County, Indiana and Mary HINSEY 1823-1895 Pennsylvania to Montgomery County, Ohio to Wabash County, Indiana. Family starts on page 620 in Royer book.

Samuel's parents were George ROYER photo who lived 1786-1876 almost 90 or 100 years old Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Montgomery County, Ohio to Huntington County to Whitley County, Indiana and Sarah SWANK 1797 to 1855-1856 Pennsylvania to Montgomery County, Ohio to Huntington County, Indiana. George is buried in Tunker Cemetery and may have been born in 1776 and was just weeks short of 100 years old. His tombstone is a 20th century replacement and his obituaries give different ages and birth dates. Their land in Montgomery County, Ohio is now part of Sycamore State Park. Unknown where Sarah Swank is buried in Huntington County, Indiana. George went to live with daughter Catherine WISE in Whitley County, Indiana after her death. George's Royer Family starts on page 615 of the Royer book.

George's father is thought to be Christopher Daniel ROYER born after May 4, 1749 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania who may have died young. The ROYER book page 616 discusses HOLSAPPLE'S as perhaps half-siblings indicating Christopher's wife remarried and lived near Trotwood, Montgomery County, Ohio where he lived before moving to Indiana. I am still trying to understand the HOLSAPPLE connection with the family. Any help is appreciated. Christopher is on page 601 of the Royer Book.

An interesting twist in early 2009 was an email pointing to A Biographical History of Darke County, Ohio by The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois in 1900, pages 494-495 about Philip YOUNG married to Elizabeth ROYER claimed to be the daughter of Henry ROYER and Susan SWENK, who besides Elizabeth had sons Henry ROYER and my George ROYER who married a SWANK. This implies my George is not the son of Christopher Daniel ROYER above as stated in the Rev. J. G. Francis book page 615. But Francis does speculate that George could be a son of a Henry ROYER on bottom of page 602 a son of Samuel, son of Sebastian, who the ROYER book does not cover. This Susan SWENK raises the possibility of another connection with my SWANK families. More research will have to occur to confirm or refute this information. Christopher C. YOUNG son of Elizabeth ROYER and Philip YOUNG is buried in Round Lake Cemetery in Whitley County, Indiana where my ancestor ZEIGLER and ZUMBRUN families who helped start the Blue River German Baptist Brethren church in the 1850's and are also buried in this cemetery. An interesting discussion concerning Christopher C. YOUNG on the YOUNG message board led to this discovery. It turns out their daughter Sarah Ann YOUNG married Jeremiah EGOLF and their marriage was performed by my ancestor Joseph ZEIGLER the first elder of the church.

This Elizabeth ROYER YOUNG line adds a lot more relatives to the family tree, particularly EGOLF's in Whitley County, Indiana who lived in the same area as my ZEIGLER and ZUMBRUN families. I have not followed the YOUNG's.. If you know the YOUNG lines please let me know.

If you are a ROYER male and have had or willing to have your DNA tested please let me know the results. If a male from George ROYER and Sarah SWANK line could be tested and compared with males from Sebastian's sons Samuel and George to Christopher Daniel then this could be clarified.

DNA - Need someone to start Royer FamilyTree DNA Project currently part of Roy

Christopher's parents were George ROYER 1710-after 1772 Bohl, Germany to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Elizabeth who died before 1769.

The family starts on page 503 of the Royer book. "III. CHRISTOPHER ROYER, p. 504, cannot be said to be an imaginary personage, nor are we treading on certain ground. We have accounted, we believe, for nearly all the Royers who came to the light of day in Lancaster Co., Pa. A son of the personage about whom we are now writing, IV. George Royer of Indiana, came from Lancaster Co., and late in life joined the Brethren Church, at least suggesting that he was of Brethren lineage. There were three Christopher Royers who were baptized in the Brethren Church in Lancaster Co., in the latter half of the eighteenth century:… The point, however, is established by a letter written to the author July 5, 1891, by Catherine Royer Wise, daughter of IV. George. She says: "My father had one brother that I knew of, named Henry Royer, but he died long before I was born." George was born in Lanc. Co., and his father may have died there. But we surmise that the father moved to Somerset Co., Pa., for IV. George used to speak of crossing over the Laurel Hills when he forsook home. There is a possibility that these two brothers were sons of III. John Royer, son of II. Samuel, Division III., and that their mother was Anna Bolinger, for the author has information that Anna Bollinger, daughter of Daniel Bollinger, who it seems was baptized into the Brethren Church July 30, 1749, was married to John Royer. There is no John Royer, unaccounted for, who would have been of an age to marry said Anna Bollinger, but III. John Royer, son of II Samuel. Daniel Bollinger had but two children, the other being Peter. Now Peter's grandson, Samuel Bollinger, says that his grandfather's sister Anna was married to Bowman. Anna may have married John Royer as her first husband and the grandnephew may have known her only as the wife of Bowman, her second husband.  These Bollinger's were strong in the faith of the Brethren, and this fact would account for the two sons being members of the church. The death of the father, young, the re-marrying of the mother and the removal of the sons to Ohio would also account largely for the loss of connection with the main Royer tree. We have no proof  that the name of the father of these two brothers was Christopher; but we know from church records that two Christopher Royers, and married, were in Lancaster Co., and were of about the age to be the father of these brothers; and as said, there were not many other Royers of that time in Lanc. Co. not accounted for. We are well satisfied that one of these Christophers was a son of II. George Royer. We might also mention that II. Samuel Royer had yet a son III. Henry mentioned in a Lancaster deed, who so far as his chronological setting is concerned might have been the father of these brothers, but we have no indication of his existence other than the mention of him on this deed. With these our views the descendants of IV. Henry Royer and of IV. George Royer must draw their own conclusions. No record in the Lancaster Co. court-house, so far as we are able to find, sheds any further light on the matter. See further remarks on IV. George Royer, p. 615"

George's parents were Sebastian ROYER 1688 to 1758-1759 Bohl, Germany to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Agnes FLOCKIRTH 1685-1758 Bohl, Germany to Berks County now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania daughter of Johann Wendel FLOCKIRTH. Early members of the Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery. In 1746 bought land from William Penn and in 1747 gave 2 to 3 acres to form the Zion Reformed Church.where they are likely buried. Royer book shows location of home on page 15a. Church was used as a hospital during Revolutionary War. Family starts on page 8 of the Royer book. The Emmanuel Lutheran church photo on Royer book page 8a and Zion church on Royer book page 8b, deed Royer book page 14b shows children's signatures transferring land to Brubaker's which became Brubaker's Valley in Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsyvlania.

Sebastian's parents were Hans George and Anna Margarethe of Bohl, Germany according to Winfried Seelinger of Germany.

George's father was Wilhelm who was Burgermeister or Mayor of Bohl, Germany before 1686 and Anna Margarethe KARCH from Royer Rootsweb Mailing List.

ROYER Trivia

Fourth cousin three times removed Joseph ROYER a confectioner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania taught Milton S. Hershey, the chocolate king, how to make candy. This is confirmed by various sources such as the The First Million is the Hardest at the Milton Hershey School and many other web sites. Joseph was also said to have the first glass front store in Lancaster and the first delivery wagon.

History of Royersford, Pennsylvania named for a family not related to my ROYER's, but located near them.

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