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Charles Thomas Lindsey

Charles Thomas Lindsey born Tennessee and died Arkansas ..Married Cora Underwood. My dad was a "jack of all trades", he was self taught multi-talented in many different trades.Which I have to say he enjoyed them all. One of the things I do think about so often, was when times were really tough but we always made it from week to week sometimes we did not know where or how but we did.

WWII was on going and I think about all the little pieces of foil wrappings from inside cigarette packages, gum, some candy we saved for the war to be recycled into what ever the goverment did with it.

Oh yes, cannot ever forget the Air Raid Drills at night time all lights out.The period of gasoline ration coins, and food ration coins, especially sugar, coffee, and so many things that I could not even began to think of at one time. We were in hard times in so may ways.

Our house was a old house, about the fourth house on the location to built in war time era before we fixed one area at a time-and I mean not weekly, more like every 6-9 months.We finally got a "fancy bath tub" instead of a #3 Wash Tub. Wow, we were so excited that we are finally got this comfort of a real bathroom finished.

My dad, worked in the oil fields , many years around the oil wells in Arkansas, like Lou Ann Arkansas, Smackover . etc. He logged in the log woods for many years, he was mechanic on chain saws, and automobiles. And later, he bought an18-wheeler which he leased to a local pipe manfacture. He later bought a second one despite my mom's and my objections. He hired mama's half brother to drive that truck. Endless expenses of truck tires, and oil, gasoline, and all the up keep was too much for him to continue with this. So he sold them both but lost a lot of money as with anything you sell most of the time.

My dad and my mom and I went dowtown every Satrurday afternoon and sat in the car on the main street and watched people and cars go down the streets. Needless to say, we window shopped every window because we sure could not afford to buy anything-Except a bag of popcorn from Kresses or Newberry's. On the way home we stopped once in a while and got a hambuger at a drive- in. My dad hated to go inside. Mom and I did not care which way we got it they were all so good.

My dad and I were very close and he loved football and I played in the high school marching band [school owned istrument] and he went to the games with me, and mom would come to see the band march and then back home she went. Finally he was able to buy me a used band instrutment- I was as thrilled as if it had been brand new.He finally was able to buy a new instrument. Thrilled I was. I still have that instrument today and it is priceless to me. It is among my Prized Things.

When I married Kenneth, my mom and dad gained a "son" because that was how they really felt about him and the same for Kenneth. In the years that they lived, they never had a crosss word with one another. Kenneth and my dad loved to go squirrel hunting and always cleaned them and mama would wash them and If early enough, she would fry them that night. If not,the next night we would have fried squirrel, hot home made biscuits and homemade gravy. They never left a morsel. Mom did not like squirrel neither did I so we had what ever we did not want to cook.

When our daughter was born, they were thrilled and from minute one they bonded very close to her. Spoiled her rotten, but she loved to help mama clean house, and eat mama's lunch and cake with her right at the table.

We always enjoyed the holidays with each other- always at mom and dad's house. Kenneth was really going this time of the year -waiting to eat what ever the main courses were so he could get his pie mom made for him--homemade pineapple, he loved it as well as her hot homemade rolls; and oh yes, Jam cake made from scratch.

My dad was kind to all, perhaps sometimes too kind, family members would need a few dollars and for some reason they knew he was good hearted and always had an excuse that they could never repay him. Until mom and I set our foot down and they found out the easy picking was over. Mom and I both met them at the door when they would just drop by and send them on-Telling no more money or anything else.

We use to rotate Sunday dinners when I was a kid with mama's sister--way in the country. The next Sunday, sister and her spouse and her truck load of kids were at our house to eat. Always had the chore of washing dishes.

I miss my dad and my mom very much as Kenneth does also. They were great parents, I loved them dearly and thank them for the values they instilled in me. I know both are in heaven as they should be. Most of all I know they are happy.

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