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This page has links to my family genealogy which is under construction. As you know, genealogy is a never ending search for one's roots.This really is true in my search for my mothers kin! If you have information to share please contact me.



This is a poem I composed several years ago for my Mother.


My Mother was a very unique mother .Of course I could never make any of

you understand.But Yet You would need to know my mother.As I myself did.

And I am Very thankful that I had this "Blue Eyed Lady".We had a special

understanding of each other.That day and time seems so long ago. That my mother

taught me what few mother's teach their children this day and time.At that time I am

very sure I felt like most every other little girl . Gosh, Why do I have to learn all this

housework, cooking, and ironing. My mother also taught me to always try to help

others. Now that I am grown lady,Oh mom, what in the world would I have ever done or

survived If It had not you. For you taught me when times were hard and not many frills.


But with lots of love and you were determined that I would know.I sit here tonight

Remembering all of those things with such warm thought of love and understanding

that "Only the TWO of us Know".I am sure that there are those out there that will

never know how Great a Mother and Daughter Relationships can be. I am thankful for

ours. I remember everyday.Dedicated and written for my mother Cora Elizabeth

Underwood Lindsey.

written and copy rite January 31,

2002 by Estelle Lindsey Shipp


Mom's family is till being chased all through the census pages, and all the places

dusty, musty and lost records. However this page is about my "family"

My Name Is EstelleLindsey Shipp, I grew up In Arkansas, with my Mom and Dad

Times were hard and I do mean hard. However we were a happy three

people family In our little house Arkansas.Located not far from town and the

railroad tracks.and the grade school and the ole time meat markets and the ole A&P

store where It smelled oh so good with coffee, sugar,flour and other things and amazed

gosh all these things were for sale. Never forget the A& P bacon-oh so good.The family

meat market home owned up on Divison Street was Moore's. The best meat for this area.

They made their own home made sausage and seasoned it oh so right~! One of our family's

favorite meals anytime was this pan fried sauasge patties in the ole cast Iron skillet and

mama's home hot biscuits and home made gravy! All gone any time she cooked this meal.

My mom was a wonderful cook,[picture pretty home made pies and cakes] oh so good.

My dad andKenneth loved It when my mom fried them up a skillet full of squirell and

gravy and hot biscuits. Ask Kenneth how much he looked forward to mama's


My mom, worked all of her life, alot of It she worked In the defense plant known then as D&Z she

she worked on a dangerous line,God was with her daily, because there were many that received

serious injury on this line. They packed the then "yellow colored" powder into bombs for WWII.

My mom left the defense plant because of the amount of work that the line was expected to

turn out In a 8 hour shift.My dad and I were so thankful when she left such a daily danger

zone. Her hands were yellow for many months after this job. She went to work in the

local grade school cafeteria.She loved cooking and seeing the smiling faces of the school

children come through the line with their tray for food. She quickly learned which child really'

liked what food.She worked hard all day, and when she arrived home she immediately

changed her work clothes and aprons to her house hold dress and the way she made all

her many many aprons. She cleaned the house, and started cooking the family meal for "supper"

She mowed the yard, with the help of my self and my dad If he got home before dark and then

our family each night,although not a fancy meal/costly/ we savored every bite. Sometimes not

much but we had something to eat.

My mom, I can never forget, for all that she did for me and I think of her every day of the

world and wish that time would turn back to the family we had such a long time ago.

Note that moms relatives on another page for I felt she and my dad deserved a

page of our family.








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