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Welcome to Estelle's Dogwood Patch, Please note that this site is still under construction. at this time. As you know genealogy is never ending search for ones roots. These are hard to find due to so many records being unable to read. faded census records and many we were told that fire destroyed. It seems not too many people are researching this particular line. It is our hope to indeed find futher information. If you have information or corrections, please advise me.



From Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas,Texas.

The Lindsey Boys/Lensey/Lindsley/Lindsay/ Boys have lead us on quite a search. Work is still in progress. What a search these folks have put me though. You will note the name Lindsey was spelled with many varations~

Leonard Lindsay Lindsey born abt 1730 Granville Co N.C. and died 1785 N.C. Granville Co N.C. +marriage 1755 Granville Co North Carolina to Sarah Searcy born abt 1737-Died 1783- Granville Co North Carolina.


Susanna Lindsey

John Lindsey

Temperance Lindsey

Jemina Lindsey

Elisha Lindsey


Elisha Lindsley married Elizabeth Lloyd Wilson Co Tennesse

Note copies of Wills obtained from North Carolina Archive Library recorded Granville Co N.C. Will Book 2 --page 301-Elisha Lindsey wills to his wife Elizabeth all of his estate for her lifetime-widow hood/ then to be divided bewteen the two sons Wiatt and John Lindsey. Written November 16 ,1791 August Court 1792

Granville Co N.C. Will Book 1 page 281 March 11, 1780. John Guest bought 287 acres of land from Elisha with condition that John Guest is to be maintain by Leonard Lindsey and wife Sarah for their lifetime. Witnessed Reuben Searcy and Elisha Lindsey.

Elisha Lindsey married Wyatt Linsy[Lindsay] b 1784 Proably TN died 1822 Wilson Co Tn.

+Marriage to Betsy Ann Miller born abt 1788 thought to be Wilson CO Tennesee.

Mary Ann"Polly "Lindsay

Margaret "Peggy" Lindsey

John Lindsay

Elisha Lindsey

Wiatt Lindsey

Joseph Lindsey



1850 Census District 10 Wilson Co Tennesee


Joseph Lindsey 1822 Tennessee, and died unknown, married Nicy Ann Cates January 24, 1847 Wilson Co Tennessee

Paulden[Paulding] -Paul- born 1859 Wilson co Tenn

Mary Lensey 10 months old Wilson Co Tenn.

Note Joseph or Nicy Ann Lindsey[Lensey] are not located in the Census again, nor death records-during this period of time this area suffered from floods and diseases of all sorts. We pick these 2 children up living with Nicy Ann Cates family. No futher definite proof found.

Mary sister of Paulding[Paul]. They are found in the 1860 Census District 11 WilsonCounty Tennessee.

Paulding[Paul] Lensey,Lindsey, Lindsay, married Measey Barkley this would be marriage two for Measey, will note this late. Apparently Paul's first wife. They were married abt 1890 Wilson Co Tennessee. Paul and Measey had the following children

1] Joe H.Lensey[Lindsey] born 1892 Pecan Gap Ky

+ Nellie Robinson Underwood

2] Robert LLindsey born 1895 Tennessee

+ Edith Underwood married 1925

3] Charles Thomas Lindsey born 1897 Tennessee

+Cora E Underwood married 1925


1920 census 2 Pct Bowie County list:

Measey Lindsay born 1861-WIDOW age 59

+ Robert L Lindsey age 24

+Charles Thomas Lindsey age 18

What happened to Paul?


1930 Census Roane Co Lafayette Arkansas list:

Measey Living with son Robert L and Charles T and families.Added Note. Measey Barkley was married prior to Paul to John Owen 1870 Cenus District 21 WilsonCo Tennessee

+ Measey Barkley Owen age 19 Married to John Owen

They are living with his parents household Owen,Marvell

+ Catherine1831

+John age 18

+Peyton age 12-twin


. Age 12 -twin

John Owen And Measey Barkely had son named Walter Owen. Apparently, she divorced John and Measey picks up the name Barkley again till she marries Paul. Walter Owen is found in Harris Co Texas Census + Rosa age 33 he worked as a rid read operator. It is proven by letters that Walter was in close contact with his mother Measey. until her death. It is listed in her obit that she had 4 living sons. She died in Bettie Texas. and burial was in Gilmer Texas.

Children of Joe Lensey[Lindsey] marriage to wife Nellie Robinson Underwood

Second marriage for Nellie thought to be marriage+1 Joe Lensey.

1. Murill Lensey[Lindsey] b 1926 M+1Doc Dean, killed in train/car wreck/m+2 Denson

Woodrow Mears. m+1 and had three children --marriage +2 had 4 children

Children Doc Dean and Murill are

.Nellie J-1942 +M Robert Renfro

1. Danny Wayne Renfro

2. Robert Dale Renfro

3.Lena Ann Renfro

4. Kevin Renfro

5. Tina Jean Renfro

Martha Ann had 4 children with Ivy DaleSmith and 1James Lee

1.Ivan Dale Smith Jr

2.Nellie Smith

3. Mildred Smith

4. Billy Smith

5.Darryl Lee

Harold Franklin b 1950 d 1974 no children

Freda Jean 2 children with Doug Fowler

Jonathan Fowler

Jessica Lynn Fowler

Murliene no children

David Wayne M+1 Darlene Renee Sanger

1.Brittany Michelle

2. Jayson Harold

Joe Harrison died as infant


3. C.B.Lensey[Lindsey] b abt 1932 not known names wifes and children.

4.Shirley Jean Lensey[Lindsey] unkown spouse name believed that she had any children.

5.Eddie Lidge Lensey[Lindsey] b 1928 d 1997 numerous marriages with children.


Leonard Lindsey at 1730-1785 Granville N.C.+ Sarah Searcy died Granville County N.C. Have copy of North Carlonia Arhcive Wills.

1. Elisa Lindsey

2. JohnLindsey

3.Susanna Lindsey

4. Susanna Lindsey

5.Temperance Lindsey

6.Jemina Lindsey

Elisha Lindsey m+Elizabth Loyd

1.Wyatt Lindsey



Also have Copy of North Carloina Granville Co Archives

Elisha left his estate for wife and two sons.

Wyatt Lindsey





The Barkley Family,which directly ties to these family lines were located in1850 Census District 11 Wilson County Tennessee.

Head of household Benjamin G.Barkley -1797 Va+ Ann E.- 1805 Va+ list the following children of which one ties to the Lindsey Family by Marrriage.

Ann E-1806-Va

Joseph H-1820-Tn

Lucindia-1821- Tn

Martha Ann- 1822 -In

Artmesiesia- 1823 -Tn


James D. 1835-Tn*Father of Our Measey[M.A.] Barkley

In 1860 Wilson Co Tennessee District 10 household number 1109, we find

*Barkley, B.G. age 62 -m + Ann age 53 parents of JAMES D. BARKLEY

Barkley 1860 District # 10 WilsonCo Tennessee House hold # 1110

Barkley, James D.-age 25

Barkley, Jane-age 23

Barkley,George-age 5

Barkley,Thomas-age 3

Barkley,Measey-age 10 1/2


BRUCE FAMILY[ M.A.Measey Barkley]

1850 Cenus District # 6 Wilson Co Tennessee

Bruce, Charles-1805 Va

Bruce, Sarah-1816-Tn

Bruce,Mary J- 1836 Tn*Measey's Mother

Bruce, Darhtera-1838 -Tn

Bruce,John-1840 Tn

Bruce, Frances-1842-Tn


Bruce, William-1846-Tn

Note Parents of Mary Jane Bruce in 1850 Census lives 4 houses from James D.Barkley

1870 District # 3 WilsonCo Tennessee

Bruce,Charles 75 -Va

Bruce,Sarah 48 -Tn


NOTE Measey A. BarkleyLindsey was married prior to marriage one

1880 Census Wilson Co Tennessee District 21.

Owen M-head household male 50 N.C.+ Owen C, age 50 born N.C.+Children

John Owen-age 18 Tn+ M.A.Barkley Owen age 19 -Tn Married John

April 04, 1880 one child named WALTER+ married Rose in 1880 Texas Census

M.A,[Measey assumed Barkley name after birth of son Walter]




The Underwood Family is THE hardest family roots to trace thus far. Too many years of missing or unreadable census pages from Tennesee where this line of Underwood's were more than likely where roots lie.

Murray A.Underwood gives his birth place as Serville Tennesse, on his draft card filled out when they lived in Carthage Texas.. It is apparent that he and his wife and children moved very frequently. His occupation is listed as a Farmer. He may have been married previosuly prior to Nellie Robinson, but unable to prove that theroy, except based on number of children listed in census versus what he told the draft board.

He was married to Nellie Robinson, born1894 and died 1963. She did marry again after either Murrray's death or seperation/divorce/no information is known. No death record fouund on Murray A Underwood.

Murray A Underwood and Nellie Robinson had the following known "Underwood" siblings.


Bill Underwood born 1920 Texas -Served WWII, and died December 26, 1950 in motor vehicle accident

+ Cora Gene. Daughter- No futher is known

Mary Katherine Underwood born 1918,most likely Kentucky, married 1.Charlie Mattson of Arkansas .They had about 10 children, at least 5 are known dead. Charlie Mattson and deceased children buired Shiloh, Miller Co.

Mary Katherine did marry 2. Oliver Lawler, born in Arkansas. He was married and widowed with children of wife 1. They are buired at East Memorial Gardens.

Charles Amos [per census] Underwood born about 1914 in Texas Panola Area.death about 1992

Charles Andrew Underwood.

Snooky Charles Underwood- died early age buried Shiloh, Miller Co.

Claude Underwood born 1940 died 2002-

Jerry Underwood . Not known about.

Francis Underwood- Deceased


Cora Elizabeth Underwood Born 1913 Texas and died 1994 Burial Shiloh, Miller Co, married Charles T. Lindsey[Lensey]. They were married 1925 and Charles T Lindsey died April 16, 976 . Burial Shiloh, Miller County, Arkansas.

Edith R Underwood, born 1895 Texas ands died 1935 Arkansas , marriage to Robert L.Lindsey[Lensey] died 1938 both buried at Shiloh Miller County

Children for Robert L Lensey [Lindsey] + Edith R Underwood

1. Marjorie Lindsey b abt 1926 Arkansas married Eddie B.Fields

Children born

1.Tommie Fields-Tx

2. Steve Fields-b Tx died Tx Burial Ark[killed on birthday]

3. Ronnie Fields b-Tx

4.Beverly Ann Fields b Tx


2.Imogene P.Lindsey b abt 1932 Arkansas married + Bobby Mosby -Ark

Children born

1.Cleveland[Cleve] Mosby born Arknasas no futher known

2.Darla Kay Mosby born Arkansas, married+ Houston Area


Imogene Lindsey Mosby -deceased Houston Texas Smith Co. Cremated ashes todaughter Darla, who says they were disposed of in a Lake in Arkansas. Bobby remarried Edith Unknown Houston Area.

This line of Underwoods we are still searching. Seems as though this line has grown cold-but in genealogy you keep on digging. It is our hope that you enjoyed what little we actually can PROVE on this line. Note Nellie Underwood marriage 2 to Joe Lensey[Lindsey} will be in Lindsey Section of ancestors.

Music is America the Beautiful.





The Family of Nellie Robinson .Remember that the search is still on going for Nellie's kin.They are a diverse group to follow with many things yet to really be proven to be the things that belong to this group. There are other kin of Nellie's that we will be putting up as we accquire it. At the present time this site is still under construction.

So Will start with the first five generations of the ROBINSON FAMILY.

Stephen Robinson Sr. Born Virginia. + Elizabeth Holland

John Robinson born 1798 Nashville Tennessee and death October 16, 1877 Smith Co Tennesee

+ Eliza J. Harris, born Jan 01,1802 Virginia and death Jan 21, 1884 DeKalb Co Tennessee.

+ Nicholas Smith +Sarati Comptom[no futher is known on these at this time]

Dr.Archibald M.Robinson, Born 1825 Death 1859 Married May 23, 1849 Smith Co.Tennessee+ Mary Jane Smith Born December 17, 1827

Dr.William Henry Robinson Born November 26, 1850 Liberty Tennessee +Alice B.Stark born Febuary 05, 1861 and death March 15, 1938.

Listed below are the children of Dr William Henry Robinson and Alice Stark. Marriage date was January 08, 1878.

Note Dr.WilliamHenry Robinson born at Temperance Hall Tennessee burial was in Liberty Tennessee Cemetery. It is very possible that his wife Alice B.Stark is buried at Liberty Tennessee also.

Lola Robinson-born October 1879 Liberty Tennessee

Walton Robinson- born March 1881 Liberty Tennessee

James Robinson-born ca 1874 -1900 Liberty Tennessee

Oscar Robinson-Born May 1884,Liberty .Tennessee.

Frank Robinson- born February 1886 Liberty Tennessee

Mary Robinson- born July 1888 Liberty Tenneessee

William Robinson-October 1890 Liberty Tennessee

Eva Robinson- May 1892 Liberty Tennessee

Nellie Robinson -born 1894 Liberty. Tennesee, Died in Arkansas

Samuel Robinson born January 1896 Liberty Tennessee.



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