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Grace Elizabeth Downs Baker Shipp my mother, many found memories surround me in thinking of this writing. My mother was widowed by her first marriage and had children; as my dad was widowed by his first marrriage with children. I was not yet thought of.


My dad and mom were married in a buggy in the preachers front yard only one week after they met; Guess you could say back then they needed each other for the sake of all the children to raise. My mom's favorite food was her chicken and dumplings. Never learned to like them myself no matter how hard she tried.

My mother; my goodness she had a green growing thumb as you call it anything she set out did wonderful. Flowers bloomed in glorious colors and trees sprouted and grew like wild fire. She had many different types of blooming trees. She had a beautiful camelia bush that was taller than she.


My mom and Dad had 3 children all deceased except me. They had 2 boys and 1 girl. So guess this makes them extra special to me.


My mother must have been very special. By this I mean that she helped raise Barney's children by first marriage, Cared for them in sickneess and health. And goodness I am very sure that bewteeen the Baker off-springs and the Shipp off-springs must have had their share of usual children disagreements.


Mom spent a lot of time crocheting. She made bedpsreads, cover quilts and foot booties and all sorts of pillow covers. She made every color of the rainbow, her favorite is light purple.


My mom and dad were church going people and believed the bible and the Lord was always foremost in their minds. They raised their children to do the same.


Now that my mom is gone on to be with her higher place on this earth, she imprinted and instilled many things into my heart, just as my father did.


My mom was always talking about her mama and her papa. She had fond memories of them and as well as her siblings.


Forgot to add that mom loved quilting! Once she started one, she did not want to stop. She just had to quilt and quilt till she got the quilting "frames" up out of her way. Till the next quilt top took its block shape and the backing on she was ready to go again.


Special thoughts mom written by son-Kenneth L Shipp --may 26, 2007 copyrighted


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