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These are some of the Ancestors of Kenneth Shipp

Please join as we go back to the "good old days".

Barney Gibbs Shipp Sr, born in Bowie County Texas about 1896. Barney Died 1980 Bowie Co Texas. Barney was married to wife 1-Virgie Belle Strickland, born 1896 and died 1925 in Bowie County Texas -The following Children were by Virgie Belle Strickland Shipp.

1.Mary Geneva Shipp-born in Tx abt 1916-Married Leonard Dension Burke.and2. Oscar LeRoyRamsey.

2. Thelma I Shipp- born in Tx abt 1917

3.James Hanser Shipp -born 1919 and died 1934

4.Barney Gibbs Shipp Jr.--born Tx 1920 and died 1920

5.Evelyn Lorraine Shipp-born 1922-born Tx,Married H.B.McAllister

6.Joe Weldon Shipp --born 1924-born Tx,Married Jane J.Phiffer



Barney Gibbs Shipp Sr- Marriage 2 Grace Elizabeth Downs Baker Grace was born in 1898 in Missouri and she was one year old when she and her parents and sibblings crossed the Red River in a coverd wagon , the day Grace turned one year old. The Downs family camped for the night just below todays's Richnond Road by a spring is the story that her family told to her as she grew up.They Settled in Liberty Eyalu Area today~


The following Children were born to Barney And Grace.

1.Barney Ray Shipp -born and died 1928 Texas

2.Billy Raymond Shipp -born and died 1930 Texas

3.Infant Female Shipp, stillborn Ocotber 31, 1930 Texas

4.Kenneth L Shipp, born 1930 Texas Married Estelle L.Shipp

Richard C. Shipp

John Henry Shipp,born 1846 Ga Married 1.Mary J.Spears. Died?

Married 2-Mary Susan Stringfellow born 1854 in MS and died Bowie CoTexas

John Henry and and Mary Susan- Children were twelve children as listed.

1.JohnHenry ShippII born 1870 Texas, and died1939 married Elvia Virginia Markham.born1875 and died 1939 Texas.

2Minervia J.Shipp b 1872 d1927 M+1 Joseph Holmes,m+2 Tilam McAdam Cantrell

3. Jame R.Shipp b ca 1876 Tx d- 1951 M+1 Rebecca Mae b 1878 d 1941 Tx

4.Lenora F. b 1879 Tx d- 1941 Tx m+1 Elbert Jackson b 1868 d 1954 Tx.

5.Jessie Shipp- b 1881 d 1935 M+1 Naomi Mederith b1886 -d 1944.

6.William Cullen Shipp- b 1883 Tx d- 1883 Tx M+1 Ella Pearl Grower b 1883 d 1971 Tx

7.Joseph Robert Shipp b 1885 Tx d 1954 Tx M+1 Ida Mae Lindsey d 1955.

8.DeeO'Powderly Shipp -b 1887-d 1943 M+1 Annis Jessie Harrison

9. Homer S.Shippb- 1889 d 1914 unmarried

10. Rebecca E.Shipp-b 1892 d 1962 Tx M+1 Ross Akin

11.Pleasant Shipp-b 1894 Tx d 1962 Tx-M+1 Minnie Mosley B 1898.

12.Barney Gibbs Shipp Sr, b 1896 Tx and d 1980 Tx M+1 Virgie Strickland b 1896 d 1925 M+2 Grace DownsBaker b 1898 d 1990 Tx.

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